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I'm Adam, a Colorado-based wedding, music, and portrait photographer. I also love talking about the business side of photography. When not taking pictures, I'm probably out hiking with my wife (OK, I take pictures on the hikes too). My work can be found on Instagram.

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HoldFast Money Maker Dual Camera Strap Review

If you’ve spent time around wedding photographers, you’ve probably seen the camera straps I’m going to discuss in this article. HoldFast is a small company that makes a variety of (primarily) leather camera accessories. They take pride that all their gear is made at their facility in Oklahoma, USA.

How to Photograph a Wedding Without a Problem

Photographing a wedding can feel overwhelming. There are must-capture moments with no option for a re-do. There are clients who may be extremely stressed, other vendors who are trying to do their jobs, and drunk guests at the reception. Welcome to the crazy world of wedding photography!