Are you ready to be “Packed”?

A friend of mine sent me a video from the WSJ called “Don’t Forget to Pack a Photographer” (link to the video, link to the article). Seems like there is a new trend in higher-end markets, where people are hiring professional photographers to photograph their vacations. It is certainly an interesting concept that could create potentially good business for us photographers (if priced right and done right).

Pack a Photographer (Photo by Helene Havard)

I can see how this could work for photographers that live in resort areas, but it is probably a good idea to start offering these kinds of services no matter where you live, especially to people that you have already done business with. Why not send out a note about travel photography and how you could make their experience memorable by being there? Tickets are paid for, food is paid for and you get to visit some awesome places.

What do you think? Are you ready to be “Packed” for taking vacation photos?

  • Shyam

    interesting stuff! :D

  • Ralph

    Wow. I have this in my photography business plan :)

  • David

    Go on a trip to an exotic place, get free room and board and end up with a little cash in your pocket? Or stay here and bake in the heat of the summer…..hmmmm, tough call. Let me think about it and get back with you.

    • Allan Wood

      With you there!

  • Francisco

    Yup! I’ve heard war stories, here and there… possibilities are there, but pretty high-end indeed!

  • Quazi Ahmed Hussain

    Great idea. However, in this severe depression period it may not be a frequent event nevertheless, surely some affluent parties will always be there. And they will certainly love their exceptionally cheerful moods captured by a pro.

    Thanks Nasim.

    • AMusingFool

      It’s far from a severe depression for the rich, right now. Luxury goods makers are doing just fine. So it’s probably as good a time as any to look for this kind of business.

      • Quazi Ahmed Hussain

        I fully agree with you. The affluent class has never been hit by depression rather; they are the cause of it. They are richer because money has flown from the middle class’s pockets to theirs.

        However, the middle class constitutes the largest market for any product/service. That’s why I am of the opinion that in a non-depression period this particular opportunity for photographers would have been much wider.

        • AMusingFool

          Well, they were hit by it (mostly because of real estate), but for them, it lasted less than six months and has long since recovered.

          But I’d disagree about the middle class being the largest market for everything. Some things are just too expensive, and I would expect that to be largely the case for this (unless you’re hiring someone who lives at your travel destination, perhaps). Or if you’re going to call someone at the 95th percentile (~$150k income) middle class, which seems like a stretch to me.

          • Quazi Ahmed Hussain

            Too expensive things are not products for the middle class where I belong to. For example, a yacht, a Mercedes car or a Rolex watch has never been on my shopping list. These are not very common items either. Thus we are not the market for this kind of “everything”.

            However, I don’t curse myself for not being a member of the affluent class. In fact that would have narrowed down my working and socialization jurisdiction significantly. Happy to be able to mingle with everyone regularly other than that class.

  • coastcontact

    How nice to be that rich!

  • Jagan bontha

    For a gig like that I’ll leave my day job :)

  • Alpha Whiskey Photography

    I’ve sort of already done this, albeit for a friend, but we made a nice portfolio for her. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  • Bo

    Oops…….as the “photographer” among my friends I do this very often…but I do not charge..:) Very enjoyable and it reminds me of why I start to love taking photos everytime…

    BTW Nasim, if ever you are going to China for a visit, especially to Shanghai, let me know and I am pretty sure I will save you a lot lot of efforts in doing research to visit that complicated country…..:))

  • Allan Wood

    Where do I stand in line?!

  • Miguel

    Problem with having an in-house photographer in a resort is that you’ll most likely end up with the same photos as hundreds of other “less artistically inclined” people. It’s weird the trend of wanting better photos for your social networks. In my opinion, if you want better photos, become a better photographer yourself. Not quite buying into this yet.