Amazon Gift Card Pop-Ups – We Have NOT Been Hacked!

Dear readers, it looks like some of you might have been subjected to seeing spam pop-ups that congratulate you of winning an Amazon gift card. Please note that this pop-up ad does NOT come from us and it has nothing to do with Photography Life! The source is banner ads, specifically, those that run on the iPhone when using the Safari browser. Please note that although we are trying to eliminate this advertiser from being able to run ads on our website, it is not us who picks it in the first place – the ads come from an advertising network comprised of tens of thousands of advertisers and we are literally dealing with one or two bad ones that should be banned from being able to advertise.

Update: We have temporarily disabled ads on the iPhone. If you see this pop-up scam again, please let us know as soon as possible!

This is what the Amazon gift card pop-up scam looks like. Do not click “OK”
when you see it.

How to Stop Amazon Gift Card Pop-Ups

We would like to request our readers to help us eliminate this bad advertiser, so we are requesting that whenever you see this spam on your iPhone, please submit a form on this page (note that you must use the Safari browser to submit the issue) of our advertising network to let them know when you saw the pop-up and on which page it originated. Once the issue is submitted, someone will review the incident and try to identify the abuser and hopefully eliminate them from the system completely.

If you would rather not deal with this at all, then simply start using a better and more secure browser than Safari – my recommendation would be to switch to Google Chrome for iOS. I use Chrome pretty much exclusively now on my iPhone and I have not yet seen a single pop-up like this. I know many resist using different browsers, but in this particular case, it is only the combination of the iPhone and Safari that causes the pop-up ads to appear.

Lastly, please report if you have been affected in the comment section below. We would love to hear some feedback from you. And big thanks to everyone who has sent me an email about this problem and letting me know.