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Photography Life is proudly represented by a number of dedicated and talented individuals. Here is our team that works hard every day to bring out the best photography content to our readers:

Nasim Mansurov is the author and founder of Photography Life, formerly The Mansurovs. While he spent the majority of his adult life pursuing technology, he discovered photography as his true passion after the birth of his first child. Not happy with pictures from a point and shoot camera, Nasim decided to purchase a Nikon DSLR to preserve memories of his family and that’s what started his journey into the world of digital photography. Nasim is married to Lola, his partner in life and photography world. When not doing photography, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading books and kicking paddles (being a black belt in Taekwondo). Nasim is on 500px, Google+ and Facebook.
LolaLola Elise is the author and co-founder of Photography Life. Lola manages a successful wedding photography business in Colorado and she is also the author of Lola Elise Photography, where she frequently posts images from weddings and various photo shoots. Visit Lola’s Facebook fan page to see examples of her beautiful work. In her free time Lola also runs a food blog called Arbuz.
Bob VishneskiBob Vishneski works in the media software industry and is an avid photographer. He has held management and technical positions during his career in such areas as computer manufacturing, imaging software and document management systems, enterprise systems development, and consulting. Bob rediscovered his love for photography in 2007, after picking up a Pentax K10D and realized that his background in the computer industry could prove useful in the age of digital photography. When he is not focusing on the challenges of the software development industry, he spends time traveling with his wife, Tanya, and family, golfing, and honing his photography and Photoshop skills. He is a member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers. Bob and his family reside in the Pittsburgh area. His work can be found at 500px.
Tom ReddTom Redd grew up in Texas, but the love of nature and the mountains lured him and his family to Colorado, where he and his wife raised their kids enjoying the beauty and activities that surround them. It is that beauty of both wildlife and landscape that made Tom want to capture and preserve these experiences through photography. He became serious about photography in 2008 and continues to learn and refine his skills. Some of his photos can be found at 500px.
Romanas NaryškinRomanas Naryškin is a student and a wedding photographer based out of Lithuania, with a passion for cinematography and writing. You’ll see him buying film even when there’s no food in the fridge. Follow him on Google+, Facebook or visit his website to see some of his beautiful work.
John BosleyJohn Bosley is a portrait and wedding photographer in Colorado who loves creating warm, clean and honest images with his clients. He has a soft spot for functional antiques. You might see him writing with a fountain pen from his collection or shooting with one of his many film cameras. You can view his work on his website or see what he’s been up to lately on his Facebook page.
Laura-Murray aboutLaura Murray is the lead photographer and owner of a very successful boutique photography studio in Denver, Colorado. She love documenting love, seeking it, and making a conscious choice to live with it. For Laura it is very special to celebrate their most happiest of days with her clients and friends. Laura is a great contributor to Photography Life. To see more of her spectacular work, visit her Facebook page.
Thomas StirrThomas Stirr is a photographer/videographer based in Grimsby Ontario Canada. Tom’s passion for all things visual began over 3 decades ago. After leaving corporate life and opening his business Tom has continued to pursue his creative passions with photography and videography. He creates and produces a wide range of posters including safety, wellness, anti-bullying, and respectful workplace, as well as a wide assortment of inspirational posters He specializes in industrial photography and safety and corporate videos doing work primarily for business-to-business clients. His work also extends into landscape and nature photography, as well as experimenting with photo art. You can view Tom’s work on his website and his YouTube channel.
Spencer CoxSpencer Cox is a student photographer from Franklin, Tennessee. In his free time, you will find him chasing the “intricate landscape” with his nature images, or perhaps being eaten by unusual insects as he practices macro photography. He is planning to major in an engineering field when he starts college in the fall of 2015. You can view more of Spencer’s work on his website or follow him on Facebook.
Francois MalanFrancois Malan works on image processing and visualization software in science, and as freelance events photographer. Originally from South Africa, he has spent the last six years living in The Netherlands. In his free time Francois enjoys travelling, cycling, hiking, and adventure. His interests cover the technology of camera systems as well as the aesthetics of the created image. Some of his work can be seen on 500px and his website.

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