What is the Sensor Gel Stick?

I have shot this video a couple of weeks ago and have not had a chance to post it due to my crazy schedule. Basically, it is some detailed information and history about the Sensor Gel Stick and how it works when compared to other sensor cleaning solutions. Since our readers have been wondering about the tool and asking questions about it, I thought it would be a good idea to share it. This is the first part of the video, where I talk about the stick. The second part on how to actually use it will be posted tomorrow, with some detailed instructions for reference.

If you have already purchased yours, you might want to watch the second instructional video before you attempt to use it on your sensor. And to those that are waiting for their shipments – we have been busy inspecting each sensor gel stick and preparing all the shipping materials so that we could get everything out on Monday morning. All orders heading out to US should arrive before Christmas, while orders going to Canada might take a little longer due to customs, etc.

Hope you enjoy the videos!

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  1. 1
    ) George

    Are you going to have the sticky paper as a supply item also?
    What is the life of the product?

    • Yes George. Expecting a shipment for the sticky paper soon. The included paper will last a long time, if it is used properly. Will post a video on how to clean tomorrow (sorry for the delay!).

  2. Avatar of eric
    ) eric

    thank you Nasim. I order one of your magic stick and can’t wait to see your second video. Im sure it is quite simple to use, but I just want to make sure I don’t screw up my sensor!

    • Eric, yes, best that you watch the upcoming video before doing your first cleaning :)

  3. 3
    ) David White

    Is this available in the UK?
    I feel a bit left out here over the water!


    • 9
      ) Gert Thomsen

      For European Photographers I’ll recommend to buy the stick at amazon.de where the price is 26.50 €,
      At amazon .co.uk the price is 35£ !

      I’ve got mine, but not tested it yet.

    • David, Amazon UK is probably the best way to go for now. Looks like shipping is expensive and I am still trying to find out for sure what happens at the customs. I don’t know if the UK customs will take “gifts” very well, especially when they are shipped in many numbers!

    • 33
      ) Peter Looper

      The original Eyelead product, not the copies, are available here in the UK:

      —Link removed—

      Very quick delivery.

      • Peter, I am sorry, but I had to remove the link to eBay. Anything you find on eBay is FAKE – this is coming from the owner of the company. The only legitimate link where the product is sold is on amazon.co.uk and amazon.de.

        • 35
          ) Peter Looper

          Hi Nasim,

          Thanks for the heads up, it really looks genuine to me. I have ordered another from amazon.de and I will compare them both when it arrives. If it is a fake then I will be making a complaint to the seller. I will let you know what happens.

          • 36
            ) Marco

            Just a quick question: is the gel stick any good in removing oil spots from the sensor? Or should a normal sensor swab be used before? Many thanks in advance for any infos provided in this regard!

          • 38
            ) Marco


            @Peter: did you receive your second order from Amazon.de? If so, did you notice any difference with the previous gel stick ordered from eBay? I’ve found an eBay seller based in Germany who would appear to me as a legit distributor of the original Eyelead’s products (not only the gel stick).

            • 39
              ) Peter Looper

              Hi Marco,

              I have received it and the only difference between the two is the instruction sheet, everything else looks 100% identical. If I were to mix up the cleaners I would not be able to tell the difference. Nasim assures me that all eBay ones are fakes and I am awaiting a reply to my email to the seller for their comments.

  4. Thanks for this;)

  5. 5
    ) Steve E

    Thanks, I pre ordered 2.
    What prevents residue from the paper from sticking to the gel?
    I’ve asked this before but is it possible to clean the gel?

    • I fixed the comment, Steve ;) Nasim will answer you shortly.

    • Steve, you use the sticky side of the paper, which has a non-adhesive glue on it, so there is no residue. All the dust will stay on the paper…

      • 13
        ) Steve E

        Thanks, any thoughts on cleaning the gel stick?
        I look fwd to receiving my order.
        Thanks for doing the videos!
        When will you post the second one?

        • Steve, sorry for the delay – will post the video tomorrow (been super busy!). As for cleaning the gel stick, use the included paper. Don’t try to clean it with any other solution, since you could make it non-sticky and useless!

  6. Nasim,

    Thanks a ton for compiling these videos! Can’t wait to get my hands on the gel stick I ordered recently.

  7. 10
    ) Paul Witzig


    Your order form will not handle orders from Australia !
    Please advise.

    thanks, Paul

    • Paul, looks like shipping will be between $15-17 dollars when shipping through USPS. Is that something that will be fine for you in terms of cost? We will be opening up shipping internationally, but some countries are quite costly to ship to and there might potentially be issues with customs. Do you know if it is OK to ship such products from the US to Australia? Would it pass customs?

      • 14
        ) Cheng


        I am from Australia and I would be happy to pay that amount for shipping. I can’t see why it wouldn’t pass customs.
        By the way I have learned so much from Photography Life, thank you and your team so much!

        • OK good news guys. Got some word today about the shipping and looks like we will be able to open up shipping to Australia and New Zealand! Stay tuned!

  8. 15
    ) paul witzig

    Nasim, DHL has a Global Priority Mail service from US to Australia. The charge is a flat rate of $4
    for up to 500 grams. There will be no problem with customs if you describe the item as photographic equipment and declare the correct value. Regards, Paul.

    • Paul, the biggest issue is customs. For each item we have to fill out a customs declaration form, which is a big pain! Each one has to be done separately too. I will have to check with DHL and see if there is any way to automate the process. If everything has to be done one by one, it might not be worth the effort…

  9. 16
    ) senthu vj

    Ones paul got his delivery I would be next in the line. :) btw Thanks for all the help doing great postings for us. Learned a lot mate.

  10. Can you shipping it to Brazil?

    • Francisco, please see my responses above. Will have to check with customs and see if we can get shipping cleared. International shipping is very painful due to customs forms and declarations…

  11. 18
    ) Dubstep A.

    Sorry if this has been answered, but I need some clarification.

    Does the gel stick ever wear out or become ineffective? Or is it a permanent tool providing I have a supply of the sticky paper to collect dust from the gel?

    • If used properly, the stick should last a couple of years maintaining its “stickyness”. This is not a one time use product…

  12. 19
    ) Steve

    Nasim, the video you are producing pertaining to the usage of the gel stick, please reference a good illuminated loupe – if we need one – to make cleaning more thorough, as some of us are not tethered to our computer when doing a lengthy field shoot. Also, in the future will you have additional tack paper available for separate purchase or will the gel stick need replacing when the included paper is exhausted? Thanks.

    • Steve, absolutely! Trying to make the video thorough and it is taking time to make it! And yes, additional paper will soon be offered in the store, along with a couple of other cleaning products.

  13. 20
    ) Mikhail

    Nasim/PL, I’m wondering about the AA filter. Do you think this stick is safe and won’t damage it? I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this question – I’ve searched through the comments and couldn’t find anything.

    • Mikhail, that’s exactly what it cleans! All sensors are protected by a filter of some sort, so you are not actually touching the sensor. There is no damage to the filters in front of the sensor, as long as you don’t do something stupid like applying too much force or moving the gel side by side while it is on the sensor. All this will be explained in the upcoming video :)

      • 40
        ) Mikhail

        Nasim, what I didn’t realize, is that the entire filter stack is actually behind glass… for some silly reason (note to self, research before asking stupid questions) I thought that the filter is some sort of a bendable/flexible thin film in front of the sensor, in which case you would never use a gel stick. Anyway… :) pre-order mine already and very excited to try it. Thank you for making it available.

  14. 31
    ) Marco

    Hi Nasim,

    could you please advise if the gel stick would also address the issue of the infamous oil spots on the latest Nikon cameras. I’ve noticed some oil spots also on my relatively new D800E, even though not as extended as notoriously reported for the D600. I’d be relieved to know that the gel stick can be used also to effectively remove these oil spots from the sensor. Many thanks!

  15. Nasim,

    When can we expect the part 2 of the video to be published?


  16. 37
    ) paul witzig


    Thanks for your new reply to my questions about postage to Australia.
    I hope that DHL can provide a simple solution. I do buy fairly stuff often from US
    and DHL Global Priority Mail is inexpensive & fast enough. The customs declaration is
    primarily for Australian Customs purposes, and ‘photographic equipment’ is totally accurate
    without having to go into detail…,

    Kind regards,

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