Nikon D4 Firmware Update Tip

Nikon D4 Menu - Network Connection

The process to update the firmware on the D4 is straightforward, but if you are unfamiliar with it, Nikon has a PDF document on their website to assist you. However, it fails to mention a critical piece of information that may affect you. If you have been shooting tethered to a computer, you must turn off the the Network connection. Otherwise, the camera will not recognize the update file on the CF card or the XQD card and you will not be able to finish the install. If you have not enabled a network connection or you have already turned it off, you should not have a problem.

When you go to install the update, you should see the following window with “Update” as an option:

Nikon D4 Menu - Firmware Update

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Nikon Still Shipping D4 with Sony 16GB XQD Card and Reader

Sony 16GB XQD Card and Reader

While the first batches of the Nikon D4 cameras included a free Sony 16GB XQD card and reader, it was reported later on that the new shipments of the D4 did not include the card or the reader. Early speculation was that only the initial shipments to Nikon Professional Services (NPS) members included the XQD card and the reader.

Sony 16GB XQD Card and Reader

Today, I received my D4 and included inside were the card and the reader, so I called the store where I bought it and was told that Nikon is still shipping some with them. They said that their Nikon rep indicated that there is no different part number or special order number differentiating between camera only and camera with XQD card bundle. The representative indicated to them that he does not know when or how the card/reader promotion will end.

It appears that there may be an inconsistency in how Nikon is handling the Nikon D4 shipments. For now, I can confirm that some of us are still receiving the Sony XQD card and the reader, at least here in the US.

We will have a full review of the Nikon D4 within the next few weeks.