Impact Fluorescent Cool Light Kit Review

This is a review of the Impact Flourescent Cool Light Two Fixture Kit. When most people think of studio lighting, they think of flash or strobe lighting. There is another option, though. Continuous light sources are a great alternative. They allow you to see exactly how the light is going to fall on your subject, you can see the ratio of light to shadow, and they are much easier to use if you’re using multiple lights and don’t have a lot of studio experience. Additionally, you can use them to light video. I was very excited to test out these Impact fluorescent lights in my studio to see if they’d be something I could add to my lighting arsenal.

1) Product Specifications

Input Voltage – 120VAC
Lamps – 5 (per head)
Ballast – In each bulb of choice
Reflector size – 18.5″
Mounting – Standard 5/8″

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Impact Quickbox Softbox Review

This is a review of the Impact Quickbox Softbox. It’s a 24”x24” collapsible softbox that’s made to be used with any hot shoe mountable flash unit. I was pretty excited to use this softbox, as I’ve never had a light modifier for my Speedlights that I felt was suitable for portraits. Would this be an acceptable, more portable replacement for my studio lighting kit?

1) Product Specifications

Size – 24 x 24″ (61 x 61 cm)
Shape – Square
Compatibility – Shoe-mount flash
Removable Front Face – Yes
Removable Interior Baffle – Yes
Accepts Grids – Yes
Required Speed Ring – Included
Weight – 2.8 lb (1.270 kg) [entire system]

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Impact 7″ Grid Set Review

This is a quick review of the Impact 7” Grid Set. This grid set comes with 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° grids that fit into standard 7” reflectors. I was happy to find that they work perfectly with my Alien Bees and I’m sure they would work just fine with most other lighting systems that use 7” reflectors (although they apparently don’t work with Broncolor or Profoto systems). I typically grid my lights to add a controlled splash of light on a background. I also use them when I shoot with a hair or rim light on my subject and want to avoid light spill and flare.

Impact Grid Set-1

1) Product Specifications

- Includes four 7” grids (10/20/30/40-degrees)
- Each grid has a tension spring to ensure a tight fit in the reflector
- Each grid has a tab specifying the grid size, which is also used to remove the grid from the reflector

2) Packaging and Field Use

The first thing I noticed about this grid set was that the 40° grid was packaged in a different box than the rest of the grids. It’s box is a sturdy brown cardboard while the rest are packaged in flimsy white cardboard boxes. If all of the boxes were made of the sturdy brown cardboard, they would be perfect for storage and transportation. Instead, you’ll probably want to find an alternate way to store your grids when they’re not in use so that they don’t get damaged.

Impact Grid Set-8

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Impact Air Cushioned Heavy Duty 13′ Light Stand Review

This is a quick review of the Impact Air Cushioned Heavy Duty 13’ Light Stand. As soon as I received this stand, I started using it in my studio. I thought it looked great and felt like it would be sturdy, but how would it hold up under actual use?

1) Product Specifications

Minimum Height – 44 in (112 cm)
Maximum Height – 13 ft (4 M)
Closed Length – 42 in (107 cm)
Footprint Diameter – 36 in (91 cm)
Leg Tip – 25mm
Weight – 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Maximum Load – 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Attachment Size – 5/8″ stud with 1/4″-20 threaded top
Accepts Wheels – Yes
Air Cushioned – Yes

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Impact 52” Collapsible Circular Reflector Review

This is a review of the Impact 52” Silver/White Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc. It is commonly used for bouncing natural light or flash onto subjects when taking their portrait. I use reflectors with almost all of my portrait work and consider them to be an indispensable tool that I always have with me. I’m used to using a smaller, 30” Lastolite TriGrip by myself, so I was curious to see if I’d still be able to use such a big reflector without the help of an assistant.

Impact 52 inch reflector 1

As you can see, with a little creativity it can definitely be used without an assistant! This should also give you an idea of the size of this reflector.

This reflector has two sides, a white side that’s great for adding some fill light, and a silver side that can provide enough light to act as a key light or just add some much needed fill light to a portrait. I typically use a soft silver reflector (which has both silver and white lines on the same side), so I wasn’t sure which side of this reflector I’d end up using the most. I knew that because of the size of the reflector, I’d get some nice soft light, but would the white side give me enough light? Would the silver side be too harsh? There’s only one way to find out, so I took the plunge and started using it.

1) Product Specifications

1. Shape – Circular
2. Size Open – 52”
3. Size Collapsed – ⅓ open size (18”)
4. Surfaces – Silver, white reflective

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Impact Background Support System Review

This is a review of the Impact Background Support System, along with the Impact Muslin Background, used in a studio environment or in remote locations for portrait and product photography. When taking pictures of people or products, it is often desirable to have a smooth background with a certain color. While you can accomplish this with a “Do It Yourself” (DYI) setup using a white sheet secured on a large wall, sometimes it is either impossible (in a tight space) or inconvenient to do that. Other times, some people are not either uncomfortable with potentially damaging their walls with nails in order to secure a white sheet, or want a setup they can travel with. For those situations, a collapsible and lightweight background support system can be invaluable. The good news is that you can get a good background system without breaking the bank, and the Impact Background Support System is no exception.

Impact Background Support System

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Impact Master Century C-Stand Review

This is a review of the Impact Master Century C Stand Kit, used for holding studio lights, softboxes, flags, bounce cards and other accessories. Unlike the multiboom light stand that can only hold light reflectors and cardboard flags, C-stands are almost entirely made of metal and are designed to be very tough and sturdy, capable of holding fairly heavy equipment. The shortened term “C-Stand”, which means “Century Stand”, comes from the early days of motion picture production. Back then, filmmakers heavily relied on reflectors to light actors. The most popular one was the 100 inch or “century” sized reflector, so the stand that held this reflector was often referred to as “century stand”.

Impact Master Century C Stand

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PocketWizard Plus III Announcement

PocketWizard has just announced an update to their PocketWizard Plus line of radio transceivers. The new PocketWizard Plus III is the latest generation radio transmitter/receiver that adds a boatload of new features, but best of all, comes at a much more affordable price of $139 (the old PocketWizard Plus II units are priced at $159).

PocketWizard Plus III

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Impact Posing Stool Review

This is a quick review of the Impact Posing Stool, used in studio environments for seating clients and models to photograph headshots or half-body portraits. When photographing subjects in a studio, especially when doing corporate photography, a simple posing stool is often required. Regular chairs have backs and arms that are problematic for half-body shots, while bar stools can be too high and inconvenient to use, so an adjustable posing stool is ideal in such situations. While there are plenty of adjustable stools available from various manufacturers, most of them are quite expensive. The Impact Posing Stool accomplishes the same task, but at a much more affordable price.

Impact Posing Stool

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Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder Review

This is a review of the Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder, used in studio environments for holding lights, reflectors, flags and other light accessories. If you do any studio work, whether it is for photographing models or your clients, it is often necessary to use light reflectors to bounce the main light for softer shadows. Other times you might find yourself in a situation when you have too much light spill and you need to block some of that light with a black card, also known as a “flag”. It is great if you have one or more assistants for these kinds of situations, because they can assist in holding reflectors and flags. But what if you work alone or need to hold multiple reflectors and flags? That’s when a boom comes in handy. I have been shopping around for a good, lightweight, portable and inexpensive boom arm + stand combo, and I think I found a perfect one for my needs.

Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder

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