Sony RX1R and RX100 II Compact Camera Announcement

Sony RX1R

Sony’s high-end RX100 and full-frame RX1 have attracted a lot of attention ever since they were released about a year ago. Keeping up with the momentum, Sony just introduced two new cameras. The RX100 II replaces its predecessor and adds latest technological bells and whistles. RX1R, on the other hand, will be sold alongside the “older” RX1 in Sony’s compact camera lineup.

Sony RX100 II

What’s New?

The biggest difference RX100 II has over its predecessor is a new sensor. It’s still 1″ size CMOS unit(like those used in Nikon series) with 20.2 megapixels, but is now back-illuminated. Sony claims a 40% improvement in light sensitivity over the old, regular CMOS sensor in the RX100. As with many compact cameras these days, Sony’s new Cyber-Shot also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike many compacts, however, Sony went one further with NFC connectivity to make transferring images to your smartphone even easier. More importantly the 3″ screen can now be tilted up or down, which should aid shooting from difficult angles. Other than that, improved video and some additional functionality added to the hot-shoe (now accepts EVF and external microphone), it’s basically the same camera as RX100.

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