The Missing Nikon D800/D800E Press Release


Does anyone else believe this announcement by Nikon is long overdue?

The original post had the disclaimer located after the press release which caused some people to believe that it was a spoof – which it was not. Within a few minutes of the article being posted, I moved the disclaimer to the top to eliminate any confusion, but the RSS feed still went out with the original copy and it took some time for us to change the facebook article. What follows is my recommendation for how Nikon should handle this situation, given the number of D800/D800Es that appear to be affected, and the obvious concerns from current and potential D800/D800E customers.

Disclaimer: Nikon didn’t issue this press release – I did. And only on Mansurovs. I got tired of waiting. If Nikon is struggling with the wording, perhaps this will help them out a bit! :) Sorry – don’t mean to dash anyone’s hopes!


July 13, 2012

Nikon Inc. is asking your cooperation in resolving an issue affecting certain D800/D800E DSLRs. This issue manifests itself when you utilize the left bank of autofocus points, resulting in slightly out of focus images. This issue has been traced to instances of the autofocus mechanism alignment being outside of the engineering specification tolerances. While there have been a number of confirmed incidents of the problem worldwide, Nikon cannot yet determine the total number of units affected. Nikon can confirm a range of D800/D800E units within certain serial number ranges that may be affected by this issue.

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