PocketWizard PlusX Transceiver Announced

Reputation for reliability and functionality has made PocketWizard the professional’s choice when it came to wireless flash triggers. However, being such a renown brand, there was always a price tag much too steep for many amateurs and hobbyists, especially when you consider buying several of them. For this reason those into strobe photography would often choose other manufacturers (Phottix in particular seems very competitive). Today, PocketWizard attempts to enter budget market as well with PlusX transceiver. While not exactly cheap at $100, it is sure to be within financial reach of most enthusiasts.

PocketWizard PlusX

The PlusX combines both a receiver and transmitter into one package and offers standard 10 channels for controlling your flashes. Simplicity seems to be PlusX’s main point, so a lot of features are automated – for example, it will choose between receiver or transmitter modes automatically. There isn’t any serious manual control available. However, PlusX is compatible with higher-end PocketWizards, which means they will still be useful once you upgrade. Flash sync speed is 1/250s for focal-plane shutters found in DSLRs and 1/500s when used with leaf-shutter cameras, such as Fujifilm X100s.
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PocketWizard Plus III Announcement

PocketWizard has just announced an update to their PocketWizard Plus line of radio transceivers. The new PocketWizard Plus III is the latest generation radio transmitter/receiver that adds a boatload of new features, but best of all, comes at a much more affordable price of $139 (the old PocketWizard Plus II units are priced at $159).

PocketWizard Plus III

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