To What Lengths Will You Go to Get “The Shot”?

To what lengths will you go to get “The Shot”?

Grizzly Bear

A few weekends ago, I accompanied a good friend of mine (we’ll call him “Dave” mostly because that is… uh…well that what his mother called him!) to a large sporting goods store to shop for hunting equipment. I thought that buying some camo gear might help me with my wildlife photography. Hunters and photographers are alike in many ways; we just carry different “weapons.” Upon walking into the store, I noticed a full camo ghillie suit, complete with fake leaves from head to toe and a hood/face mask.

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A Conversation with my Nikon D800

The other night I had a dream – I was first on B&H’s D800 shipping list. Like many journeys into the mind, however, it soon took an unexpected turn. The following is the conversation that transpired. Warning: Some may find this disturbing.

Conversation with D800

Bob: I am so glad to see you! Do you know how many others would sell their right eye to get their hands on you?
D800: It is indeed good to be the king!
Bob: I don’t even have to wait until I charge one of your batteries, as you use my existing EN-EL15s! Ok, let’s head out and see what you can do!
D800: Whoa, Bobby! Hold on here, champ. Aren’t you rushing things a bit?
Bob: “Bobby”?
D800: We are family now, right?
Bob: I suppose so.
D800: Let’s step back a bit. First off, you aren’t actually going to put one of those DX lenses on me, are you?
Bob: Well, that was the idea. After all, you do have a usable DX crop mode, don’t you? And the Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 O/S is an outstanding lens, highly regarded for its sharpness.
D800: Sure, but do you really want to attach that DX lens, put me into crop mode, and throw a good bit of my glorious pixels away right off the bat? What a waste!
Bob: Well, that does seem a bit harsh, I suppose.
D800: What about the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR or a member of the Nikon Trinity – the 14-24mm 2.8? You do want me to have the best, don’t you?
Bob: Absolutely! You deserve nothing less!
D800: Now you are talking! Ok, well, let’s navigate to B&H’s site, and get one of these puppies on order!

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Diseases That Plague Photographers

Photography is an art meant to invigorate our creative side and facilitate our ability to see our world in new and interesting ways. Many books, articles, tutorials, and blogs focus on various aspects of the artistic and technical merits of photography. Rarely discussed, however, are some of the strange maladies that afflict photographers. There are the occasional whispers and, “Did you hear about Joe?” types of exchanges, but all too often, such problems are rarely acknowledged and dealt with openly.

In an effort to bring such diseases to light, Dr. E.X. Posur, a leading psychiatrist that specializes in treating photographers, highlights a number of common illnesses he has encountered, and their associated symptoms and treatment. Although described individually, they are all part of a common illness labeled “photographus excessivitis”. Rarely will a photographer exhibit symptoms a single disease. Close examination almost always reveals multiple afflictions.

Diseases that plague photographers

It is important to point out that professional photographers rarely deal with these illnesses, but those that wear the label, “serious amateur” bear the brunt of these diseases. Because professionals have been inoculated by the need to earn a living, they seem to have built up a strong immunity to the diseases outlined in this article. Though they appreciate the merits of their equipment, professional photographers see their equipment as tools to achieve an end, not an end unto itself. This subtle, but critical, difference between the professional and the serious amateur prevents the former from acquiring many of illnesses outlined below. Professionals are not totally immune, however, and can succumb as quickly as any serious amateur if they are not careful.

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