Nikon Communication Unit UT-1 Released

UT-1 Communication Unit Back
UT-1 Communication Unit Front

Today, along with other announcements, Nikon has also released a new communication unit, the UT-1. This unit allows Ethernet connection between your camera and computer, allowing you to upload photographs to your computer as you take them, or control your DSLR remotely. If you couple UT-1 with the WT-5 wireless transmitter, same actions can be performed over a wireless network.

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Here is the full list of features (quoting Nikon):

  • Wireless network support when used in combination with the WT-5
    When used with the WT-5 (available separately), UT-1 networking functions can be used over wireless networks. Nikon also markets an UT-1/WT-5 bundle that provides networking functions over both Ethernet and wireless networks.
  • Image transfer
    Still images can be transferred as they are captured, and still images and movies already stored on a memory card can be saved to a computer or FTP server.
  • Transfer of images to an FTP server
    Still images and movies can be automatically uploaded and saved to an FTP server as they are captured, enabling transfer of a high volume of high-resolution image data captured by a digital-SLR camera. This allows for verification of images from a remote location by those not in the immediate vicinity of the camera.
  • Remote camera control from a computer
    When used with Camera Control Pro 2, remote control software developed for studio and remote photography in the field (available separately), remote control over a wide variety of Nikon digital-SLR camera functions from a computer is possible. Camera Control Pro 2 allows users to specify and adjust shooting settings such as exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance, and also to use live view photography and even record movies remotely. In addition, still images and movies can be saved directly to the computer as they are recorded with remote shooting using Camera Control Pro 2.
  • Superior handling for efficient studio and field photography
    The UT-1 can be mounted on the camera’s accessory shoe or on a tripod. When another accessory, such as a Speedlight, is mounted on the accessory shoe, the camera and UT-1 can be mounted on a tripod using the optional SK-7 bracket for smooth handling.
  • UT-1 and WT-5 on a D800 DSLR

    This is likely going to be most useful for studio photographers.
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