Submit your Photos to Photography Competitions

Submit your Photos to Photography Competitions

Photography is meant to be looked at and admired, and what better ways are there to start showcasing your work if not by entering a photography competition? In this short article I will present you with several extremely large photography competitions currently open for entries, organized by World Photography Organization, Nikon, and the very prestigious National Geographic.

Submit your Photos to Photography Competitions

The Encouragement Part

Before I begin listing categories and entry rules, there’s the part where I’m supposed to make you feel encouraged, make you feel like the good photographer that you are. But I have no magic words, no loud, heart-stopping speeches ready. I’m not going to tempt you with substantial prizes – it’s the participation that counts. There’s nothing I can do but ask – would you like to win? Would you like your work to be noticed and admired by professionals all over the world? Would you like to finally get off that comfortable chair of yours and do something exciting, learn and improve your skills as a photographer?

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Paul Nicklen: TED Video

One of our readers just shared an amazing video of Paul Nicklen, a National Geographic photographer, about his journey to the Antarctic. Paul gave an amazing presentation at TED about his adventures and encounters with bears, seals and other wildlife. Just wanted to share this video with you, because it brought tears to my eyes. You can see how passionate Paul is about his work and the health of our planet.

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