How to Plan a Photo Shoot

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Most of the cover photos for famous magazines and different publications are taken with very simple photographic tools. If you carefully look at the photos, you can probably tell what the light source is from the shadows that fall on the model and roughly understand what really went into making that specific production. While anyone can take a photo using the same tools, it, does not necessarily mean that you will end up with the same cover page.

How to plan a photo shoot

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Thursday Eye Candy: Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Kirsty Mitchell (3)

Hello my dear Photography Life readers. I am glad to be back again after a long break! Baby Jasmine is growing fast and she is now a little more accommodating, letting her mommy do some work here and there. I hope you won’t mind the gradual transition of my persona to the world of photography and helping out my hubby, who has been too busy with his new ideas, the lens database, never-ending reviews and a slew of other things I have little idea about :)

I was browsing the net today and came across Kirsty Mitchell’s photography work. I am often mesmerized by work of those who can imagine ideas and implement them impeccably. It always pushed me to think outside of the box and strive to create something unique. I burn with an idea of doing something new but I also often give up because it seems mighty impossible. So, I decided to introduce Kirsty’s work on Photography Life to remind myself and our readers to push the envelope and do something beautifully creative. If this is not your cup of tea, at least you get to appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating such a set.

Kirsty Mitchell (12)

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