Children Portraits: Uma and Maz

Uma and Maz are cute as they come! My first child photography mini-clients are growing up and getting so adorable! Loved working with them and talking to their mother, my dear friend Laura. Please enjoy the images. Photos are all taken with the Nikon D700 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, natural light. One of my favorite combinations!

Post-processing was very quick – I simply imported everything into Lightroom, then cropped and aligned images a little. For the black and white image below, I used Lightroom’s built in functionality for converting to B&W. Under the HSL/Color/B&W panel in Develop Module, I used the following values: Red: 0, Orange: +3, Yellow: 0, Green: -20, Aqua: -35, Blue: -30, Purple: +5, Magenta: +5. To give it a slightly “chocolaty” look, I used “Split Toning” with a slight coloring to Shadows and some tweaks to Hue and Saturation. Then, I used “Strong Contrast” under “Tone Curve” to make B+W look punchier, but it was not enough, so I increased the “Blacks” to 25 under “Basic” to bring up more blacks.

Uma and Maz #1


The day was sunny and nice, but the sun was still rather harsh, so I moved the kids under the porch to move away from direct sunlight. As usual, I shot in aperture priority mode and used an aperture of f/3.5, since I was standing rather close and I did not want to blur their faces. At the same time, f/3.5 was small enough to bring the bodies into focus and large enough to blur some of that background :)

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Madi and Tyler: Portraits

I know Madi from one of our weddings that we shot earlier this year. She was a perfect little flower girl and her mommy Erin was a perfect bridesmaid! I secretly wished that someday Erin would call me and let me photograph Madi. My love for little girls is not just a secret. But if you haven’t heard before I am telling you now: I kind of secretly wish to have a baby daughter some day! Our house is full of boys and at times it gets pretty lonely down here (I say to my husband)!

My wish did come true! You can cross the part about having a daughter though :) Erin contacted me asking to photograph her two beautiful children, Madison and Tyler. There goes the saying about wishing and them wishes coming true! Maybe one day I will have a baby girl after all… Until then, enjoy some of the images I took of Madi and handsome Tyler!

Madi and Tyler #1

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Sofia: Children Portraits

Sofia is the daughter of my dear friend Nilufer, who owns Splendor. She provides fabulous shawls and umbrellas for brides, who want to pamper their guests regardless of the time of year. Brides of Colorado, Nil is the woman to look for if you need some warmth and shade :D

Sofia #1

Sofia #2

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Isadora: Portraits

Here are some of my favorite images from the last shoot with Isadora. The first image was taken in a shady area and I had to use off-camera flash (umbrella with a single strobe) as fill-flash to brighten up her face and get rid of raccoon eyes (shadows under eyes). The flash was positioned a little higher at approximately 30 degrees, to my left:

Isadora #1

This image was shot with natural light, early in the morning in the beginning of the session:

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Malika: Portraits

Malika is the daughter of our dear friends Becky and Andrew. I love their daughter very much! Since they decided to relocate somewhere special, they asked me if I could take pictures of Malika before they left. She is growing fast, alright! Last year at this very moment I was taking her picture, talking her into being a princess of a yellow castle. This year she outsmarted me almost in everything!

Malika #1

Malika, I will miss you dearly and I can’t wait to take your pictures when you come back to Colorado!

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What got you into Photography?

Everybody has a story on why they got into photography and what event contributed to purchasing their first film or digital SLR camera. In my case, the decision was based solely on one picture that my wife sent me via Google Talk while I was at work – the picture of Omar in a cradle swing. When Omar was a few months old, Lola decided to take a picture of Omar on a very old Sony point and shoot camera that I had back from 2002. As with any other point and shoot that I had before then, I never knew anything about taking good pictures – I just pointed at a subject and took a picture without worrying about camera settings, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and other photography lingo that I had no clue about.

Here is the picture that started my journey into photography:

Blurry picture of Omar

I remember the day when I received it. Lola said that Omar started to smile and it was her attempt to capture the moment. It drove me nuts that such a beautiful picture turned out to be so blurry and we both agreed that we desperately needed a professional camera to capture those kinds of moments. Little did we know back then that it was the light and our technique, not the camera, that caused the above image to be blurry :)

Long story short, I came home and after a couple of hours of research, bought our first DSLR – Nikon D80 kit with an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

So, what is your story and what got you started in photography?

Studio photo shoot: Uma and Maslin

My favorite little buddies Uma and her little brother Maslin visited us today for a short photo shoot. We initially planned to have it outside but the cold and shortage of time didn’t make it a flexible choice for us. So, Laura and I decided to have a photo shoot indoors.

Before I go on to write about the photo shoot I just want to tell all of you how delighted I am to know Laura, mommy of Uma and Maslin. She is so sincere and absolutely lovely! Laura, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I am glad that I met you and I am looking forward to many, many photo shoots and play dates with you and your adorable children.

Uma and Maz Studio #1

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Halloween Fun

A couple of days ago, we thought about taking pictures of people on Halloween. We first decided to go to Denver downtown, but then changed our mind and decided to check out the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder instead. I’m glad that we picked Boulder, because people were awesome, their costumes were very creative and funny and above all – we had a lot of fun!!!

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We started out by taking pictures of families with kids:

Halloween #1

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