Canon EOS 7D Firmware Update v2.0

As we have seen recently, most new cameras seem to have flaws when they are first launched into production. Aside from rare hardware flaws that often require recalls and part replacements, many newly introduced cameras often suffer from software issues that can be later fixed via camera-specific software updates, known as “firmware”. We’ve had such updates for almost any DSLR, and also some flash units (like Nikon SB-900) and lenses, too. One of the most significant firmware updates, for instance, was released by Fujifilm for their highly regarded, yet also rather buggy (at launch) X100 camera, which has been significantly improved thanks to those updates. Ever since, Fujifilm has gained a lot of respect from its customers for showing how much they care about improving their products even after release – many hope and believe the Fuji X-Pro1 updates will follow with plenty of improvements as well.

While it is somewhat expected that camera bugs are addressed via firmware updates, most manufacturers do not bother with additional updates once the biggest issues are taken care of. As digital cameras are getting more complex with different picture/movie modes and many new in-camera editing functions, those innovations are typically pushed to newer camera models. Even if older cameras have enough processing power and memory, manufacturers want consumers to buy a newer product instead.

Canon 7D

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