Sunrise at Maroon Bells

I once saw an image of Maroon Bells, where the entire scene was red in color, due to sunrise. After I saw that shot, I have been dreaming of taking a similar (or better) picture. During our last trip, we went to the spot twice with Sergey. We woke up at 5 AM the first morning in Glenwood Springs and arrived to Aspen at 5:50 AM, right before the sunrise. We were amazed to see hundreds of photographers lined up with their tripods, hoping to get a good picture of the place. We waited and waited and the sun never showed up on the mountains, since it was a cloudy day and it wouldn’t want to clear up for our shots. Even when some sky opened up for a few minutes, the clouds would again take over the whole sky, leaving no opportunities for good photographers. Here is a shot from the first day:

Maroon Bells - First Day

Maroon Bells - First Day

We arrived early at approximately 5 AM on the second day, but there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky! Bad luck twice in a row, what can you say… Anyway, I still got some redness on the mountains and a reasonably good reflection, but it is still not what I wanted. If only patches of clouds appeared in the sky as they did in this shot, together with the first rays of sunlight hitting the mountain…oh well, I guess I will try again next year and hope for better luck :)

Sunrise at Maroon Bells

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