The Sensor Gel Stick is in stock!

We have just received a full box of the Sensor Gel Stick and this time we have a lot more than last time (250 to be exact, but I have some units reserved), so hopefully they will last for a little more than last time. The last stock of 70 units was gone in less than two hours and I got some emails from pretty unhappy readers that could not order just because the notification was posted very early in the morning. This time I am posting the notification in the evening to be fair to our readers from the west coast.

UPDATE: All sold out! Next shipment will be here next week.

Sensor Gel Stick

To access the product page where you can order the sensor gel stick from, click here. You can also access the page through the “Shop” link on the top of the page. Once you place your order, you will be able to view its status and receive notifications when the product ships.

The price is still the same $39.99, but this time we are charging a flat fee of $4.99 for shipping. We underestimated the cost of shipping last time and it was our first “trial” batch. Shipping to Canada is also open and we are still trying to figure out the shipping cost to other countries (to be updated very soon). Colorado state residents will get charged sales tax.

We will be inspecting each unit before shipping it out, to make sure that it is free from any defects. Please try to limit your order to 3 units maximum, so that others could have the opportunity to purchase one as well.

NOTE: The system will initially show added tax, but it will go away once you put in your address (to those not living in the state of Colorado).

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  1. Avatar of Edward
    ) Edward

    Thanks Nasim. I hopped on this right away! My 5D3 will love me now!

    • Edward, good timing :) I think the stock will be sold out in the next hour.

      • Avatar of Edward
        ) Edward

        Unbelievable! These things are selling off the shelf. Seems you have the market on these little known gems! Guess your next order will have to be 2 boxes or more. I ordered one for now to see how long they last. But now I know where to go to get more later. (Assuming you will continue to sell). Really appreciate you taking the plunge and going out to get these and promoting them. I find it odd as you probably do that other places are not promoting these.

  2. Avatar of Stefan
    ) Stefan

    I hope this will worth the money.
    Nasim, have you experienced any problems with this sensor gel stick?

    • Stefan, it absolutely is, or we wouldn’t be selling it :) Seriously, the darn stick is what I have been looking for the past 3+ years. I was so glad when I found it. Recently came back from a trip to New Mexico. When I was taking pictures early morning, I noticed dust on my D600 from all the lens swapping. Hopped into the car, used the stick and was ready to go in less than 2 minutes. Now I take one with me everywhere I go!

      • 9
        ) Stefan

        Thanks for the reply.
        How long you can use one stick?
        I mean how long it keeps it’s stickiness? :-))

        Also, I watched the video you provided before, but do you just “stick and unstick” the gel, or you need any other procedures?

        • Stefan, with regular use, it is supposed to last 2-3 years – that’s what the manufacturer told me.

          As for the process, you just stick and unstick, then use the paper to clean it…as simple as that :)

          • Avatar of Gus
            ) Gus


            How many pieces of paper does it come with the stick? Where can I order more if need to?

  3. 3
    ) Adam

    Noooo….only 5 minutes into this and only 180 units left? I need to run to the bank and it is far away! Please stop ordering LOL!

    Nasim could you please hold a few for me? Please please please!!!

    • Adam, I will hold two units for you. Please contact me once you are ready to order.

  4. 5
    ) Christian

    I just love this product. I have used the wet cleaning method for years but this is by far the best cleaning solution. The whole cleaning process just take a few seconds. I have now a completely clean D600 sensor to shoot with :-)

    • Thank you for your feedback Christian! I will be posting a video on how to use the stick either later tonight or tomorrow.

      • 12
        ) Christian

        Good idea Nasim!

      • 26
        ) Shyam

        That would be awesome :)

  5. Nasim,

    Can you please increase my order quantity from one to two?
    Please charge my cc accordingly.
    Order #65057


    • Sandipan, done! You should see another charge of $39.99 on your cc bill.

      • Thank you so much.

  6. 11
    ) Richard D

    Hi, Nasim.

    I just purchased one!

    But, after I did, I went back to your original article to try to find that video at the Leica factory, and I cannot find it. I didn’t see it on the Luminous Landscape site, either.

    Is it still there? I know I saw it in last month’s article.

    • Richard, here it is.

      • 16
        ) Richard D

        Thanks, Nasim, but that’s the article I actually did go back to in order to try to find that video. In there, it mentions the video in Luminous Landscape. If I click on that link and do a search on “sensor gel stick,” I see nothing.

        There is a comment about the video that says you cannot embed it there, so you have to click “Watch on Vimeo” in the middle. I don’t see that link. In fact, where there probably should be a video, I see absolutely nothing but blank space and nothing to click on.

      • 18
        ) Richard D

        Well, I might have found a problem, Nasim. If I go to that link using IE9, I see the problem as I described. So I tried it in Firefox, and that does show the video with the Vimeo link.

        Not sure why…..I’ll try it in Firefox to make sure it still works, but got to run right now….will try later tonight.

        Thanks a lot!

        • Richard, seems like IE has a problem with rendering that vimeo link. Glad it is working through another browser! I will be publishing a detailed video on the product and how to use it later today or tomorrow.

          • Avatar of Peter
            ) Peter

            No problem here, running it on IE11. I’d try to upgrade if IE9 does not work.

            • 33
              ) Richard D

              Hey, Peter.

              I’m still running Vista on my desktop, and Vista won’t run higher than IE9. I know many did not like Vista, but, honestly, I’ve found it to work fairly well for me. I actually was hoping to upgrade to Windows 7 on my desktop a few years ago, but then I found out that the hard drive backup software I use wouldn’t work with W7! So, I kept Vista.

              I’ve been looking for a new PC and will get one soon….I’d like to get one before years’ end, but it will probably be first of the year.

              I am also using Firefox more and more….actually, a lot more than IE. I just haven’t made Firefox my default browser.

  7. Avatar of Fredy
    ) Fredy

    Hi Nasim,

    I just bought the Gel Stick but I have a question, you know the D600 issue of oil on the sensor and I’m wondering if the Gel Stick maybe will be make worst the problem messing the sensor with oil?



    • Marcelo, the gel stick even cleans oil on the sensor, as long as it is not too sticky and old. It won’t make things worse, as long as you try not to move it across the sensor while it is stuck on the surface. Just land vertically, remove, then repeat the motion until everything is clean.

  8. 20
    ) Andrew

    I think by the time the international shipping cost is figured out it will be already sold out.

    Looking forward to any update.

    • Andrew, don’t worry, we will have 250 more units arrive within the next few days. Where do you live? Seems like the cost of shipping varies so much by country! Some countries are very expensive while others not so much…

      • 32
        ) Andrew

        Hi Nasim, I live in Sydney, Australia. Hope the shipping not too expensive.

        • Hi Nasim, I’m on the other side of Oz in Perth, Western Australia… are you shipping down under? Cheers Kingsley

  9. Oh boy, Lucky to have picked up one. Looks like Christmas came in early!

    Thank you, Nasim!

  10. 28
    ) Arch

    Hi Nasim

    Looks like you only supply to US and Canadian buyers. That’s fine but I’m keen to find out if you or any of your readers know how we in Australia might be able to buy the very same product? I enjoy your website and blogs a lot. Very helpful and interesting. Thank you.

  11. Avatar of Gus
    ) Gus


    I just ordered one. You have made my day! :-) Question….what happens if I run out of the paper that comes with the stick? Where can I order more?

    Thank you so much!!!

  12. 31
    ) Peter Trinidad

    Hi Nasim,

    Wanted to be the early bird but noticed that during checkout it is only for US & Canada. Now this is not an issue as I have a US Address to ship too and I have a Paypal Account that I can pay through. The issue is the Billing Address as I am based in the Middle East and this is a place where the Sensor Gel will work to it’s maximum potential I am sure because of the constant dust from the desert and this is what I have been waiting for as I had to use the wet tissue to clean the sensor ever so often and I know I was taking chances of damaging it. My question is: How do we go about it? Like I said I have a US Address and I have a Paypal Account. Please give me an option. Thanks.

  13. 34
    ) Clem Aquino

    Hi Nasim! I ordered one through my brother who lives in NY since I leave overseas. He ordered one some hours ago and was wondering if you know when he will receive the item. He has a flight for Manila Wednesday night Dec.18. I was hoping he could bring it with him before he leaves NY. I need this sensor gel for my D600. Thank you :)

  14. Avatar of Ying
    ) Ying

    Hi Nasim,

    I just found out that the system charge me extra $6 on tax. I should not get taxed because I live in Hawaii. Can you please refund that $6? Order #65198. Thanks.

    • Ying, already taken care of, as indicated in my email. I apologize for the inconvenience – there was a glitch in the shipping calculation.

      • Avatar of Art
        ) Art

        I also just found out that the system charge me extra $6 on tax and I also livein Hawaii. Can you please refund that $6? Order #65086.


        • Art, will take care of that today.

        • Art, I have issued a refund for $6. I apologize for the inconvenience!

  15. 36
    ) Charlie from Chattanooga

    You are already Out of Stock.

    • Charlie, 250 more units will be coming next week!

  16. 39
    ) TG

    doh, missed out on another batch… time.

  17. 41
    ) Leilani

    Can’t believe I missed these again (3:50a in CA)! I will try to not miss the announcement next week (just need one).

    • Leilani, we’ve opened the pre-orders for the product.

  18. 42
    ) david blanchard

    Late again! Sigh….

    Any chance of gettin on the list for the next batch?


  19. 43
    ) Robert

    This is like the old shell game. Now you see it, now you don’t :-)

    How can I PRE ORDER one?

  20. 44
    ) Daniel

    Hi Nasim,

    I would also like to pre-order one?

    How can this be arranged?


  21. 45
    ) Rich Murray

    !! I missed out again !! can I reserve one kit from the next shipment?

    • Rich, pre-orders are now open!

      • Avatar of Rich
        ) Rich

        Thank you for setting the pre-order system up. LOL I could see myself, and others, whose schedule is at odds with yours getting pretty darn frustrated.

  22. 46
    ) Aruna

    Missed this time. Hopefully I will get lucky the next time. Thanks Nasim for all your information regarding this.

  23. Oh man I missed out again!

    Is there a way I can pre-order so I can get one from your next shipment?

    I’m good for one if you can hold one for me.

    Thanks, Mark and Emily

    • Mark, pre-orders are now open. Sorry that you couldn’t order last night – everything was sold out in like 3 hours!

  24. 49
    ) Julie Thornton

    Can I preorder?


  25. 50
    ) Tony Hernandez

    Interested in preorder too.

  26. 51
    ) Brian Lentine

    I purchased the sensor stick when first available. It did clean the dust off my sensor but it also left a residue from the gel. It had to wet clean it to remove it. I don’t think I’m using it incorrectly. I’ll try it one more time when I need to. If it happens again it’s going in the trash. I live in humid Florida may that had something to do with it.?

    • 53
      ) Tim

      How did you use it?

      • 56
        ) Brian Lentine

        I used it according to directions and the video. I used it correctly.

    • Brian, would love to understand this issue in more detail. Are you using it outside in a humid environment? What kind of residue did the sensor gel leave and is that something you could easily see with your naked eyes? Also, did you properly apply the stick by using it vertically in up and down motion? Someone asked me if it is OK to slide the stick side to side and it is certainly not OK!

      Also, do you know if there was possibly large oil residue left from before? While the gel should remove dust and most of oil, if the oil is old, it could leave residue as a result. Lastly, please do use the provided paper BEFORE applying the gel stick on the sensor, just to make sure that the gel is 100% clean (it should be, but just in case).

      • 72
        ) Brian Lentine

        Hello Nasim, thanks for your response. I live in Florida yes, but I was inside and it isn’t very humid here this time of year. No I did not slide it. I have never had any oil on my sensor, and I did use the paper. I could see it with my eye using a magnifier. It left residue the shape of the gel all over the sensor. It wiped clean with a wet cleaning afterwards and the result was much better than using a wet clean by itself.

        • 73
          ) Brian Lentine

          Hello again, one more thing I thought of. I used the paper after each use of the gel stick. I didn’t just do it once then clean my whole sensor. This is how they used it I believe in the Leica video. Maybe that was too much and I was leaving residue from the paper. Just a thought.

  27. 52
    ) Sunil sharma

    Hi Nasim, i missed again this time…is it possible to be on pre order list?


  28. 54
    ) Stan

    I ordered one last night, and like everyone else, I have a D600.

  29. Do they really work and leave no residue ? I want one for Chirstmas. ;0) My husband has tried everything to get rid of spots on his 5D Mark 11 and has had no luck. I watched the video and noticed she also used a solution with swab to clean sensor. What solution does everyone like ?

    • Kathleen, pre-orders are now open.

      Regarding residue, I have been using mine for a while now and there is no residue left. Perhaps Brian is using it in very humid environment, I am waiting for his reply. Yes, the lady used a wet cleaning solution for something that was not getting removed by the sensor gel. Wet cleaning is still the best way to go for hard to remove residue, but it also leaves marks, which are easily picked up by the sensor gel.

  30. 75
    ) Carsten

    you mentioned earlier that the gel stick is a German product (manufactured in China). As I am living in Germany can you recommend a German distributor or reveal the German company?

    • Carsten, your best bet is to buy through Also, it is not manufactured in China – it is physically made in Germany and the packaging is done in China.

      • 82
        ) Carsten

        Nasim, thanks a lot. I tried it unsucessfully some time ago, but now I have just found it at It is sold by the German manufacturer via Once you know the German name it is quite easy to find other sellers.
        Have some relaxing Christmas days and all the best for 2014.

      • 83
        ) Carsten

        To my surprise, the manufacturer is located just 10 km from my home — it’s small world!

  31. Avatar of Gene
    ) Gene

    What can you use to clean the stick once you run out of the sticky papers, as only 10 papers are supplied? My Gel Stick arrived today and works great.

    • Gene, I apologize for the delay on making a “how to” video. Will post it tonight, which will show that the included paper should last a long time! If you find yourself using it a lot, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

      As for more paper, we will start selling that later next week!

  32. 77
    ) Gus

    I asked the same question.
    Nasim, where can we get more of the paper??


    • Gus, please see my reply above to Gene :)

      • 81
        ) Gus

        Yes…I saw that….Thanks Nasim. Can’t wait to get my gel stick

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