The Sensor Gel Stick is now available in limited stock

Many of our readers expressed interest in buying the Sensor Gel Stick and I am happy to say that our first batch of these wonder-sticks have arrived earlier this week. For now, it is a pretty small batch, but we are planning to order more as soon as possible. Please note that we are only taking orders for the first 70 units right now – once we run out, you will have to wait for a few weeks before you will be able to order again. I set up the system so that it does not allow taking more than the first 70 orders, so it is basically done on a first come first serve basis.

UPDATE: All Sold Out! Please wait for the next shipment – we will let you know as soon as we receive more.

Sensor Gel Stick

To access the product page where you can order the sensor gel stick from, click here. You can also access the page through the “Shop” link on the top of the page. Once you place your order, you will be able to view its status and receive notifications when the product ships.

As I have pointed out before, the price is at $39.99 with free shipping to continental US. We also ship to Canada, with a flat shipping fee of $8 added to the order. No international orders at this time, but we might explore that option for the next batch. Colorado state residents will get charged sales tax.

We will be inspecting each unit before shipping it out, to make sure that it is free from any defects. Please try to limit your order to 2 units maximum, so that others could have the opportunity to purchase one as well.

I would like to point out that this particular product is not the same one that is sold for less on eBay. I talked to the manufacturer and I was told that the one on eBay is a knockoff that is made in China. This one is made in Germany, as indicated on the box. Apparently, Leica will never buy a product that is made elsewhere. The only other legit version is the one sold by Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

NOTE: The system will initially show added tax, but it will go away once you put in your address.

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  1. Avatar of Peter
    ) Peter

    First one to place an order. Read your article about this a few weeks ago and was impressed. Can’t wait to try it out. One question, will a wet clean still be required on occasion?

    • Thanks Peter, will ship yours out tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Wet cleaning is needed in rare cases, like oil splatter on the sensor. I don’t think you should be concerned with that…

      • Avatar of Peter
        ) Peter

        Thanks Nasim for the quick reply. Can’t wait to try it out on my D7000 and D7100.

        • You’re most welcome! In my opinion, this is by far the best sensor cleaning solution on the market. My D600, D800E and D3s cameras have been very clean for the last 2+ weeks now. Tomorrow will clean my OM-D, which accumulated some dust after all that lens changing! The nice thing is, I have been taking the stick with me (it comes in a metal container) everywhere I travel now. The case is smaller than Visible Dust’s Arctic Butterfly.

  2. 5
    ) mike

    I place and order but I am not sure it went through.

    • Mike, if it did, you should have received an email confirmation.

  3. 6
    ) autofocusross

    Hi Nasim, I read your article about Leica using these too, unfortunately I am in the UK, can you ask the makers if they have anyone stocking these in the UK for me please?

    If not, would postage be much (USA to UK)?

    Many thanks,


    • I don’t think they have any distributors in the UK – they ship from Germany as far as I know.

      We will be shipping internationally on the next batch. I will have to do some digging to find out what the fees are and other legislation / VAT.

      • 73
        ) Nigel Allen

        I would also be very keen on acquiring one (or more) from you when you post to the UK, Nasim.

    • 62
      ) Peter Looper

      Hi Ross

      I bought one from eBay but it is from UK and it is the genuine German article as described here:

      Service is great, buy only this one from eBay as the rest are ripoffs.


      • 66
        ) autofocusross

        Thanks Peter, appreciated.

        My D5100 suffered with three small spots which would NOT shift with air cleaning etc. in the end I used the sensor swabs with cleaning fluid to do it. The camera was new, I suspect it was not dust, but oil, similar to the D600, except this was probably caused at the factory, and not ‘in camera’ as once cleaning was done, I didn’t get any repeat issues with sensor dirt.

        Having watched Nasim’s link to the Leica factory, these gel sticks would have been much easier to use than a sensor swab, so I’m ordering one today.

        Thanks again Peter, very kind of you.

  4. 7
    ) Andrew

    Placed an order but then found out no international shipping to Australia. Wait for the good news in near future!

    • Andrew, you have already placed an order, or you tried to place an order? I don’t think our system allows choosing anything other than US and UK at the moment. Please let me know.

      As for shipping internationally, we will do it on the next batch :)

      • 15
        ) Andrew

        Yes, I tried to place an order but then found out no option for international shipping (obviously I only scanned for keyword ‘order’ or ‘shop’ without reading this post completely). Thanks for your prompt reply and looking forward to the next batch! Hopefully not too expensive to ship to Australia. Maybe directly from Germany to Australia?!?!

      • 23
        ) Marco

        Nasim, can you elaborate on international? Will you ship to the Philippines? I am in dire need of this. There are no real options for cleaning a sensor yourself here.

        • Marco, yes, we will ship everywhere (hopefully). Just need to do some research on the fee structure and specific import laws/regulations. I am sure Philippines should not be a problem.

  5. Hi,

    I am from Germany-so ordering on Amazon was a breeze. :-)
    I’ve used the wet cleaning method for years and was intrigued by this method.
    One go on my D600 and everything-and I mean everything is gone!
    Even the oil spots.
    And it took just a few seconds and one go to get the sensor clean.
    Amazing stuff.

    • Mattias, lucky you! :) That’s awesome news, thank you for your feedback! The guy demonstrated me how the gel stick removed oil as well, but I wondered how effective it really was. Looks like it will clean up some oil as well – good stuff! My D600 has never been this clean for sure.

      • 53
        ) Robert Winters


        I noticed i the video of The Gel Stick that the tech lady was using isopropyl alcohol. I thought this might be for any possible oil spots before cleaning with the gel. I also have a D600 and of course oil could be a concern.

    • 49
      ) John

      I also want to order this from…. searching for “sensor gel stick” only yeilds one result, the manufacturer is “eyelead”…. and seels for 25 Euros.

      Is that the right one?

      • Yes-that’s the one I ordered.

  6. 13
    ) ilia

    the last paragraph should be the first one.
    as the most important one .
    ppl don’t read thus far :)

    • You mean on the tax?

      • 19
        ) ilia

        no, I meant the one that starts with: “I’d like to point out that this particular product…”
        about genuineness of the product your offer.

        • I always hope that our readers go through the entire article :) LOL

          But you are right, that text should have been placed higher!

  7. 16
    ) Linda

    Hi Nasim, I tried to order this morning and it won’t let me use Paypal! I don’t want to give my credit card because your site isn’t secure….is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • Linda, I am trying to fix PayPal, but it doesn’t work for now. CC is the only way to go at this time. As for security, why do you think that the site is not secure? The checkout page loads in SSL – check out the URL and it should be “https”. Also, I do not store any CC data anywhere – Stripe is my merchant and they do all the CC transactions through a secure API.

      • 26
        ) Linda

        “The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected insecure content on the page. Be careful if you’re entering sensitive information on this page. Insecure content can provide a loophole for someone to change the look of the page.”

        This is the warning I get when I went to order…. I’m just very wary about ordering online!

        • Linda, there might be a single element on the site (like Facebook) that results in such a warning message. It is safe to ignore it on this site (will fix all errors tomorrow), since all the transactions do not take place here – the credit card authorizations are done by Stripe through an interface. No credit card data is stored in our database – only your name/address for shipping purposes.

        • Linda, I am holding one for you. If nothing works out, you can try either using the donate links and put the $39.99 amount, or you can send me a check and I will ship it to you.

          • 42
            ) Linda

            Thanks Nasim! I will send a cheque then.

  8. Avatar of Karen
    ) Karen

    Thanks so much for setting this up, Nasim. Am eager to try out the gel stick.

    • You are most welcome Karen! You will love it, especially when compared to any other product on the market. I am not touching those sensor swabs and liquids anymore! Even the best sensor swab solution leaves stuff on the sensor, while this one picks up everything like a magnet.

  9. 21
    ) Pavel Uhliar

    Nasim consider creating some how-to video or at least instructions.

    I live in Europe, so after reading that first article I went and grabbed one set last week.

    I used it only once yet, to clean a FX sensor. First it only moved the dust from one part of the sensor to another, then it seemed to leave some hairs of residue, finally after 30 mins, using 3 of those sticky papers to clean the stick after every touch (out of 10 supplied with basic package) and combining it with blower and in-camera vibration cleaning I managed to clean it at least to be able to do a shoot the day after, with only a couple of dust particles in the corners.

    I don’t thing the stick does not work, Leica definitely wouldn’t use something that would cause them trouble. It just seems there is a right and wrong way to use it :)

    I will try again tomorrow, hope it will be better. I also need to check if it has some expiration date.

    FYI mine is that original one, made in Germany, even with german instruction included.

    • Pavel, I will definitely prepare a howto video pretty soon. I think you are definitely doing something wrong. My D600 was very nasty and I did not even use 1/4 of a single sheet of provided paper. Hair residue? Are you doing this in a very clean environment (hopefully)? Residue could be from oil as well, especially if it was a big spot. Try not to move the stick around and definitely do not scrape it on the sensor, but go from one area to the next, one drop at a time and clean at the end.

  10. Avatar of Janice
    ) Janice

    Great product, I can’t wait to try it. I was disappointed to not be able to go to the Photo Expo but I had already planned a trip. Thanks for posting the highlights : ) FYI, when I tried to order the sensor gel using Paypal it would not work but when I switched to credit card it was just fine. Not sure if the Paypal link is working

  11. Avatar of buzzrk
    ) buzzrk

    Just got one – glad I woke up early and found this.
    22 left few minutes ago and now only 15.
    People ware waking up and grabbing these up.

  12. Avatar of Dustin
    ) Dustin

    Hey Nasim, thank you for bringing this great product to the market. I just placed my order but included the wrong billing address I just sent a “contact us” form with the proper information.

  13. 32
    ) Michael G

    Now that the item is out of stock, do you know when it might again be available? Thanks.

    • Michael, we will try to get more units within the next few weeks. Please stay tuned.

  14. 33
    ) FrancoisR

    Hello Nasim,

    I’m trying to order but having issues. PayPal I understand wont work. Can you keep one for me? I will try again a different way.


    • Francois, I might have one or two available after everything settles. If I do, I will keep one for you and one for Michael G above.

      • 36
        ) FrancoisR

        Yes! Got the picture, thanks Nasim. If it’s not now it will be whenever you can. My D800 is on it’s way back from Nikon but next time, I intend to do stick to it lol.

        I messed a bit with the account, trying to setup a user. Wonder what it looks like at your end…


  15. Sorry I couldn’t get in on this offer this time around but if you are going to get more Nasim, I will be on the waiting list. I remember the days of cleaning my old 20D with pec-pads and eclipse and it did ok but I was always leery about the potential for smearing or residual streaking. This just seems less intrusive and easier.

  16. 38
    ) Beyti

    Hey Nasim, yes how to video would be greatly appreciated. I got one too, first I couldn’t make sure
    which side of the sticky paper to use. Spent 15 minutes on google to find somebody explaining. You think that woykd have been the easiest part, right? Yeah there was no instruction. So I wanted to do make sure because that thing will be in direct contact with my sensor. Then I pressed the stick on my sensor and I didn’t expect it to stick that hard to te surface of the sensor I thought it was gonna stay stuck on the sensor :) you have to pull very hard. I thought sensor will come out together with the stick. But it cleaned very good at the end :) Thank you Nasim

  17. 39
    ) Greg

    Is there a waiting list? If so how do I get added?

  18. Hi Asim, all I can say is thanks very much for your Articles. I enjoy reading them most are very helpful for me. Specialy the one on mirrorless cameras.
    thanks again Gunter

  19. 41
    ) Cristian

    Nasim ,
    Please, bring more of them because is really necessary to keep the sensor in optimal conditions ! I am living in the east of USA and by the time difference I could not see the announcement on time.

  20. Want one!

  21. 44
    ) jim mott

    What a great response. Says it all. Like Romanas, “I want One” !

  22. 45
    ) Luc Poirier

    Hi Nasim
    I see you are already out of stock. Please let us know when it will be available again.

  23. 46
    ) Andrew Russell

    You should make a waiting list! I don’t like missing this just because I didn’t check my RSS reader at 12am on a Friday night…

  24. 47
    ) Mike Blumberg

    I like Andrews idea. I am on the road and ore order if possible.

  25. Aww…woke up too late this morning. Count me in when you get more!

  26. 51
    ) Carlos

    It’d be great if we could pre-order.
    I want one.

  27. Avatar of Roberta
    ) Roberta

    So glad I was pulling a late night online and was able to order one of these as soon as the email came through. I too would appreciate detailed instruction on how to use the gel stick. I wet cleaned my D600 for the first time recently. There was still oil appearing even after Nikon changed the shutter and cleaned the camera, it took three tries to get the sensor cleaned and I settled for good enough. I hope the gel stick makes my life easier because I live in the desert and dust is a way of life here – oil, well apparently not too much I can do about that now since my camera is out of warranty. I will be very interested to see if I need to still wet clean first. I probably will wait to use the gel stick until there is more info on how to use it but glad I was able to order one :-)

  28. 54
    ) SoCal Dave

    Bummer that it was announced while the west coast was sleeping. You were sold out before I awoke at 6:30. I will bet almost every order went to the east coast.

  29. 55
    ) Allan Wood

    No way to pre-order? Out of stock (no button to click to order) by the time I woke up.

  30. 56
    ) MichaelG

    Me, too. Was already sold out when I received the email. Please put me on the waiting list for the next batch.

  31. 57
    ) Steve E

    Nasim, or anyone with one of these, please tell me if it is possible to clean or wash the gel stick to clean it?

  32. 58
    ) Robert Winters

    Yes, count me in if there is a waiting list. This stick sounds like the way to go. I am sure Leica would not use if they weren’t completely sold on it.

  33. 59
    ) Robert Winters

    I can hear it now. We will all be saying:

    “I need to SGS my sensor.”

  34. Oh boy! :( Looks like I’m a little late to the party. Sold out. Guess I’m gonna be on the waiting list..

  35. 61
    ) Colleen Farrell

    Yep, sold out by the time I received the email.

  36. 63
    ) Jay

    Hopefully we can see a video from Nasim on how to use this product.

  37. 64
    ) Jeff Kennedy

    The item was sold out by the time I visited your web site and saw their availability (~8:30 PM PST on 11/16/2013). I definitely want to buy one, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so while the item is “out of stock.” You really should enable pre-ordering for your customers.

    Please place me on a “definitely intend to buy” wait list. Thanks

  38. Thank you all for your responses and concerns. We will be getting a lot more of these very soon. And this time, I promise to post it during the day :)

    Also, a video on how to use the gel stick will be posted soon as well. Thank you for your patience!

  39. 67
    ) Gerson Leite

    Hi Nasim,

    Do you have any plans to sell to Brazil? I need it.


  40. 68
    ) Mike

    Got mine via Amazon UK, just plucked up the courage to use it, mission successful, my D600 cleaned, one light oil spot to go back to.

  41. 69
    ) Yang

    This thing must be used with extreme caution

  42. 70
    ) Eric
  43. 71
    ) Chris zeller

    How foes this do with oil splatter from the d600? I’m comfortable with the wet clean method from sensor swabs but often it takes two or more to eliminate streaks. Perhaps this is a more cost effective solution?

  44. I would like to order the sensor clean gel when it is available. Would you please let me know when your ordering site is reopen for it? Thanks.

  45. 74
    ) Dharmesh Jani

    Would like to pre-order one too…

  46. 75
    ) chris

    Can find it now in ebay Canada under

    PRO Camera CCD CMOS Sensor Dust Cleaning Jelly Cleaner Kit for Canon Nikon Sony

  47. 76
    ) Chris

    I got my package today – Thanks Nasim for mailing them on Monday.
    It was nicely packaged in bubble envelope delivered in my mailbox.

    I want to use it tomorrow.
    The directions are clear.
    I just have one question – do I press and slide side to side or press, lift and press on the next side?

    • 77
      ) Beyti

      NO, DO NOT SLIDE :) Vertically press and lift, press and lift then press on the paper to clean it. Do not touch the gel and don`t let it to touch anything other than sensor and paper

  48. 78
    ) brad

    Hi Nasim,

    I would like one as well, Please let me know if there is a waiting list being developed or if we are all going to be checking the website every few hours :-)


  49. 79
    ) keith fredrickson

    How do I get on the list for gel sticks. I live on an island in Alaska and am very limited. Put me on the list PLEASE :-)
    Thank you,
    Keith fredrickson
    Sitka, Alaska

  50. 80
    ) WillockBoy


    This may seem like a naive question but how hard can you press on the by-pass filter when cleaning the sensor (I believe that it is the by-pass filter in a Nikon D4 that you are cleaning rather than the sensor itself)?

    Thank you in anticipation

  51. 81
    ) Jaye

    I received my sensor gel very quickly, thank you! It’s great, my sensor is perfectly clean now. It was so easy. The video link did not work for me but the included instructions were clear despite the odd translation. This is a great product, thanks again!

  52. 82
    ) Steve E

    Nasim or anyone please…. Has anyone tried to wash/clean these sensor gel products?
    If so did it work? My guess is since its a polymer you could wash it with soap and water to remove the accumulated dust.

  53. 83
    ) Chris

    I tried this yesterday.
    I had no dust on my sensor but had two circular spots (oil like) and one spot that looked like a thread.
    They went away on first try (I just pressed the stick several times across sensor).
    Very happy with the results.

    I accidentally touched the paper with my fingers so I had to dispose that paper because I do not want oil from my fingers to be transferred from paper to stick.

    • 84
      ) Beyti

      Hey Chris, which sude of the paper do you use? Thinner stick one or thicker not sticky one?

  54. 85
    ) Christy

    I missed out this time but am subscribing to this post so I’ll be ready to get one the next time ya’ll get a shipment in. My D600 is in need of a good cleaning but I don’t want to buy two different cleaning kits & this sensor gel kit sounds much better to me. Thanks!

  55. 86
    ) Steve E

    Is there a like where you can order one?
    Also I’ve asked two times if there is a way to clean the gel stick….anyone tried yet?

  56. 87
    ) Chris

    I have the D600, dust problem should let Nikon service do it, mine was serviced by Nikon for free, to my understand, if your D600 has dust again after the first cleaning by Nikon. They will replace the shutter for you. Of course, need to be within two years of warrantee period. I bought my sensor gel from other source, I did one test with my old Fuji S3 Pro, it is great.

  57. 88
    ) Chris

    They provide you with the sticky paper, after cleaning the sensor, use the paper to clean your sensor gel stick, could use warm water to clean it too. I found it uses the same material of the dash board holder pad for the car, I bought it from Radio Sack years ago.

    • 89
      ) Steve E

      Thanks, Yes I knew it came with the sticky paper but I was just wondering if any one tried other methods of cleaning.

  58. 90
    ) jason

    I cleaned all my cameras last night with this and worked perfectly. My sensor stick was dirty when it arrived (dust and hair on it) so I cleaned it first. But it works perfectly! I’m wondering if more cleaning paper can be purchased separately? I went through two pieces already.

  59. 91
    ) Tom

    How does what you are selling differ from the “Fotga Pro DSLR camera CCD CMOS sensor dust Jelly cleaning kits cleaner for Canon Nikon” for sale at Amazon for $11.72?

    • Tom, that’s a cheap Chinese fake. Had one of our readers try it and the gel part detached from the stick on first use. Reader ended up with a lot of residue on his sensor and had to send it to Nikon for expensive repair.

      Please don’t buy fake products! There is only one legit manufacturer of this product in the world – everything else is a copy-cat/fake.

  60. 93
    ) FrancoisR

    Hello Nasim,

    With the help of your video and my sensor gel stick, I just cleaned the sensor on my D800. The results are spotless ah ah ah!

    I sent the body to Nikon in November to have it cleaned but while in St-Martin a month later I noticed a few dots on my pics. Back again in Mexico last January more spots. Finally I got the stick and before a big assignment this w-e I decided to go for it and clean it.

    Thanks very much it really works and I figure I cut my cleaning $$ to less than $2.00 a shot. Great!

    What I dont understand is that my 5D3 is never dirty and is being used as much if not more. That body is a truck.

    Could it be that I the Nikon is more affected by condensation? I have used it in -25C temperatures… So cold that even with the gloves I could not take more than 5 pics in a row cause my fingers were freezing.

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