Please welcome Francois Malan!

We are always excited when our team is expanded with talented individuals that share our passion for photography, and this time I am happy to present yet another addition to our family, Francois Malan. Francois was supposed to join our team last year, but he got very busy with his PhD and thus could not commit any time. This year things will change for Francois, as he will be contributing great articles for our readers to enjoy and learn from. He has already posted an article on using DX lenses on FX cameras and we are looking forward to seeing more great stuff. Please give a warm welcome to Francois!

Francois Malan

I asked Francois to write a short bio about himself and here is what he sent me:

My name is Francois Malan. Born and raised in South Africa, I currently live in The Netherlands.

Francois Malan (2)

Just old enough to have experienced the last years of the 35mm film era, I initially started out with a love for capturing the natural beauty of the Cape region of South Africa.

Francois Malan (1)

The digital camera revolution saw me travelling with a camera, where I enjoyed several months in The United States, Western Europe and South-East Asia. Despite my inherent preference for a portable (compact) camera system I transitioned to a DSLR upon returning to South Africa. My enthusiasm was fueled by occasionally getting published in local newspapers for work ranging from automotive “spy photographs” to covering local forest fires and news events.

Francois Malan (4)

After I moved to The Netherlands in 2008, my ongoing passion for photography landed me assignments as event photographer – including live music, graduation ceremonies and conferences. This transition to indoor environments and the generally muted urban landscapes of The Netherlands opened up new possibilities and challenges. My recent work often needs to include portable and/or studio lights, and tends to focus on human interactions instead of the stark outdoor landscapes that started it all.

Francois Malan (9)

Francois Malan (12)

My fascination with the recorded image extends beyond the camera, and has guided my university and professional career. This includes computer vision and image processing, currently culminating with PhD study in medical image processing and visualization. From this perspective, I not only enjoy capturing moments on digital film, but also enjoy reporting on the technologies that make this possible.

Francois Malan (14)

Currently, I work as part-time freelance photographer while furthering my career as scientist and engineer.

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Francois Malan (5)

Francois Malan (6)

Francois Malan (7)

Francois Malan (8)

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Francois Malan (11)

Francois Malan (13)

Francois Malan (15)

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  1. HA I see the Parlotones in the one shot

    Nice to see a South African

  2. Welcome Francois. Great to see such diverse subjects and congratulations on the quality. May I ask is the image of the wave crashing (image 3) taken in Madeira at Porto Moniz?


    • Hi Richard
      No, this photo was taken at Storms River mouth in the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve.

  3. 3
    ) Heike Oelbuttel

    Hallo Francois, as jy baie verlang huis toe, kontak vir my ek is woonagtig op Piketberg met die mooiste uitsig op Tafelberg. Lovely to have a fellow South African and Namibian on board at Photography Life

    • Dankie, Heike!
      Dit is ‘n ander Tafelberg as die een in Kaapstad, neem ek aan!
      Ek gaan volgende maand in die Kaap ‘n draai kom gooi. Miskien kan ons mekaar dan ontmoet.

  4. 4
    ) Thomas Stirr

    Hello Francois,

    Welcome to the team at Photography Life!


  5. Hi Francois and welcome to this great team!

    I hope you will enjoy your stay, I am looking forward to seeing more images and articles!


  6. 6
    ) Sandra

    Hello Francois!
    Welcome to this exceptional team.
    Excited to see your images and learn from you.


  7. Welcome to the team, Francois. Great photos!

  8. 8
    ) Robin

    Welcome Francois…

  9. 9
    ) Tamber

    Welcome! I look forward to your articles and your amazing images.

  10. 10
    ) Don Brabston

    Welcome, Francois. Outstanding images, both landscape and personal. What are you studying for your Ph.D.

    • Thanks Don
      My PhD is in medical image processing, as well as pre-operative planning for a type op hip operation.

  11. Welcome Fran├žois,
    and I already have a question/suggestion/request/idea for you!
    I wonder if one of these days you could write something about courses, seminars and workshops of photography available in the Netherlands in English! As you may already have discovered yourself, Netherlands is the only European country, short of UK, where speaking English is easy.

  12. 17
    ) Don Brabston

    Thanks for the info. Do you intend to use your Ph.D. as an academic in a university or in private corporate research?

  13. 18
    ) Keith R. Starkey

    Welcome! Love the pic of the young black child. I think the use of the pink says something about an underused technique in portrait photography (from the articles and pictures I’ve seen on this and other sites): the use of flavoring an entire image with color, not worring about WB, particularly of a subjects skin tones. I really love that picture and the technique of using a different color than neutral to say something. Nice work.

  14. 19
    ) Pam Cook

    I think I’m in love.

  15. 20
    ) Nick C

    Greetings. I enjoyed your images (and your thoughts on how change in setting from South Africa to northern Europe requires a change in subject matter given variations in color and dynamics). I look forward to seeing more of your work and the thought process used for composition.

    Was the photo of the two up bikers taken at the Ring (Wehrseifen)?

    Nick C.

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