Nikon D750

An in-depth Nikon D750 review with image samples, ISO tests, detailed real-life analysis and comparisons to other DSLRs

Images of Greece 3

Like many couples, my wife and I talked about going to Greece for many years. Fortunately for us the stars aligned this fall and we […]

Dreamy Portrait

It seems that many photographers go through a certain cycle of mistakes and errors during their photography journeys and careers. Some of these mistakes and […]

Nikon D810

An in-depth Nikon D810 review with sample images, high ISO tests and detailed real-life analysis

Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote Review

Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote

If you are considering a new remote, you will find that there are currently numerous models available on the market. Thus, I have decided to share my thoughts and do a few brief reviews of some of them. The Nikon ML-3 Modulite Remote Control is kindly provided by B&H Photo – the world’s largest photo and video equipment reseller where we buy most of our equipment.

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Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak Issue Fix

Fixed Canon 5D Mark III

As you may already know, the very first batches of the Canon 5D Mark III had a manufacturing defect, where light would leak through the top LCD panel as shown in this and this videos. After a thorough investigation, Canon confirmed that the camera indeed had a problem, so it issued an official statement that it would fix the issue if you send the camera to Canon (free of charge).

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Nikon D3200 Camera Kit Giveaway

Mansurovs and B&H Nikon D3200 Giveaway

Mansurovs and B&H are giving away a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera kit with the Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Lens in a Facebook contest to one lucky person. The giveaway is open for everyone and we will ship the camera worldwide to the winner (some restrictions apply, see below). This is done to promote our Facebook pages and to increase the number of Facebook followers.

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Pinterest – Copyright Infringement Made Cool?


To start out on a positive note, let me say that I think the story of Pinterest is inspiring. It is tempting to believe that many of the simpler ideas associated with innovation have been thought of, and only very complex, time consuming, expensive initiatives can break new ground. Along comes Pinterest, offering an extremely simple idea – providing the electronic paradigm of a corkboard with photos, recipes, and other notes that people want to keep handy and visible, and giving them the opportunity to link to those of others. If anyone doubts that there is always a simple, yet powerful idea lurking around the corner, look no further than Pinterest.

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A Little Comfort as You Anxiously Await Your D800 or D4 or 5D MK III arrival

Passage of time

As I, like many of you, have been waiting for a new Nikon camera body to arrive, a recurring thought has come to my mind. It comes from the words of my father and it might hold a cure for what ails you if you, like me, suffer from common Diseases that Plague Photographers. Whenever I wanted something badly, but couldn’t seem to get it fast enough, he would say, “Anticipation is greater than realization”. To a young, impatient boy then and to an older, impatient man now, those words never seemed to comfort me as my father might have liked. Although never very comforting, they were very true.

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50% Off Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 at B&H!

Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you were planning to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements – a lighter, less feature-packed version of Photoshop, very well suited for photographers not needing advanced image editing and drawing capabilities of its bigger brother – B&H has a special deal for you: for the next 22 hours or so you can get 50% off this great piece of software and purchase it for just $49.95. The price will go back to $94.95 tomorrow, May 24th.

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Adobe CS6 Announced and Available For Pre-order

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Today, Adobe has announced its new CS6 software package for both Mac and Windows users, which includes new versions of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and more – Adobe has updated every piece of software found in the Creative Suite family. There is also a new color-grading application, SpeedGrade CS6, perfect for primary and secondary color correction of your SD, HD, 3D or RAW video footage. As expected, each program is extended with new tools and features, while at the same time offering 64-bit performance boost to make your workflow easier and quicker.

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