Other Gear Reviews

This page contains all hands-on, detailed Gear Reviews that have been published at Photography Life. Our gear evaluations and conclusions are based on our overall experience from using gear for both personal and professional photography needs. Photography Life is not affiliated with any manufacturer and does not receive any fees or endorsements from individuals or companies for publishing reviews.

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  1. Dahle 554 Professional Rotary Cutter Review
  2. Expert Shield Screen Protector Review
  3. Hejnar Photo Accessory Review
  4. Impact Posing Stool Review
  5. Nikon DK-17M Review
  6. Nikon MB-D12 vs Vello BG-N7 for Nikon D810
  7. Novoflex Nikon to Canon Lens Adapter Review
  8. Pearstone PSL-3S 3-Step Photographer’s Ladder Review
  9. Vello Auto Extension Tube Set for Nikon Review
  10. Vello Econo Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Nikon 1 Mount Review
  11. Vello LCD Screen Protector for Nikon D800 Review
  12. Vello Nikon to Canon Lens Adapter Review
  13. Zeikos D800 Battery Grip Review
Camera Bags and Straps
  1. BlackRapid Sport Camera Strap Review
  2. Capture Clip Pro vs SpiderPro Camera Holster Review
  3. Kata 3 in 1 Sling Backpack Review
  4. Lowepro Flipside 300 Backpack Review
  5. Lowepro Pro Roller x200 Review
  6. Lowepro Pro Trekker 400 AW Review
  7. ONA Brooklyn Review
  8. Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Review
  9. Ruggard Legion 45 Messenger Bag Review
  10. Ruggard Navigator 65 DSLR Shoulder Bag Review
  11. Ruggard Triumph 45 Sling Bag Review
  12. Think Tank Airport 4-Sight Review
  13. Think Tank Airport Accelerator Review
  14. Think Tank Airport Commuter Review
  15. Think Tank Airport International v2.0 Review
  16. Think Tank Airport Navigator Rolling Camera Bag Review
  17. Think Tank Airport Security v2.0 Review
  18. Think Tank Glass Limo Review
  19. Think Tank Hydrophobia 300-600 v2.0 Review
  20. Think Tank Retrospective 30 Blue Slate Review
  21. Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2.0 Review
  1. Apple Mac Pro Review for Photography Needs
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for Photographers
  1. FotodioX WonderPana FreeArc Filter System Review
  2. Hitech 100mm Modular Filter Holder Review
  3. Hitech 105mm Circular Polarizer Review
  4. Hitech Neutral Density Master Kit Review
  5. Hitech Pro Stop 10 ND Filter Review
  1. Bolt Battery Pack Review
  2. Bolt VX-710N TTL Flash for Nikon Review
  3. Genaray LED-7100T On-Camera Light Review
  4. Genaray SpectroLED Studio 1000 Daylight LED Kit Review
  5. Impact 18″ Diffuser Sock Review
  6. Impact 20″ Beauty Dish Reflector Kit Review
  7. Impact 22″ Beauty Dish Reflector Kit Review
  8. Impact 42″ 5-in-1 Reflector Kit Review
  9. Impact 5 lb Shot Bag Review
  10. Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector Review
  11. Impact 52” Collapsible Circular Reflector Review
  12. Impact 7″ Grid Set Review
  13. Impact 7′ Parabolic Umbrella Review
  14. Impact Air Cushioned Heavy Duty 13′ Light Stand Review
  15. Impact Background Support System Review
  16. Impact Background System Kit Review
  17. Impact Crushed Muslin Background (Grey Mist) Review
  18. Impact Desktop Studio Shooting Table Two Light Kit Review
  19. Impact Fluorescent Cool Light Kit Review
  20. Impact Light Kit Bag Review
  21. Impact Light Shed Review
  22. Impact LiteTrek Monolight Kit Review
  23. Impact Master Century C-Stand Review
  24. Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder Review
  25. Impact Portrait Kit Review
  26. Impact Quickbox Softbox Review
  27. Impact Reflector Panel Review
  28. Impact Reversible Muslin Background Review
  29. Impact Super Collapsible Background Review
  30. Impact Turtle Base C-Stand & Grip Arm Kit Review
  31. Impact Two Monolight Softbox Kit Review
  32. Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit Review
  33. Lastolite EzyBox Speed-Lite Review
  34. Nikon Wireless Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit R1C1 Review
  35. Profoto 3′ RFi Octa Softbox Review
  36. Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Review
  37. Vello Universal White Balance Disc Review
Memory Cards
  1. Eye-Fi Pro X2 Review
  2. Lexar Professional 400x SDHC Card Review
  3. Samsung 8GB Micro SDHC Review
  1. Oben CTM-2400 Carbon Fiber Monopod Review
  2. Oben CTM-2500 Carbon Fiber Monopod Review
Remote Control
  1. AEO Photo Lightning Strike Pro Review
  2. Nero Trigger Review
  3. Nikon GP-1 Review
  4. Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote Review
  5. Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote Review
  6. Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Review
  7. Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote Review
  8. Weye Feye Review
  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Review
  2. JPEGmini Pro Review
  3. Lightroom 4 Review
  4. VSCO FILM 01 Review
  1. Drobo S Review (USB 3.0, 2nd Generation)
  2. DroboPro Review
  3. How To Live Forever (.com)
  4. ioSafe 1513+ Review
Tripod Heads
  1. Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Review
  2. Jobu Design Black Widow Jr Review
  3. Linhof 3D Micro Review
  4. Manfrotto 405 Pro Geared Head Review
  5. Tomahawk Gimbal Attachment Review
  1. Gitzo Traveler Tripod Review
  2. Oben AC-1410 Tripod Review
  3. Oben CC-2320L Tripod Review
  4. Oben CC-2491 Tripod Kit Review
  5. Oben CT-2320 Tripod Review
  6. Oben CT-2410 Tripod Review
  7. Oben TT-300 Table Top Tripod Review
  8. Tamrac ZipShot Tripod Review