Obsessed with the Moon

Here is another shot of the moon that I took with the Nikon D300 and Nikon 300mm f/4.0 AF-S lens.

Full Moon

The photo was taken on Jan 20, 2008. Tripod, mirror lock-up, 1/40s, f/14, ISO 200.
Post-processing and sharpening applied to both using Photoshop CS3.

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  1. 1
    ) Marlene Wilkinson

    It looks for all the world like an (admittedly blotchy) rock melon. Fascinated by that circular focal point.

    • Marlene, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment! Have you tried photographing the moon before?

      • 4
        ) Madmax

        Hi Nazim, I did take some pictures of Moon last night @ Chicago. Would you mind looking at the picture and offer your valuable comment?

        Btw, I have followed the tips on this blog for Moon Photography :-)

  2. 3
    ) Marlene Wilkinson

    No. I’m more into appreciating it than doing it. But I passed your link along on Twitter :)

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