Nikon D7100 Giveaway

NOTE: The giveaway has now been closed. Thank you for participating! The winner will be announced shortly.

Yes, we are doing it again! In partnership with B&H, we are giving away a brand spanking new Nikon D7100 (camera body only) to one lucky reader of Photography Life! The giveaway is open to everyone and we will ship the camera worldwide to the winner (some restrictions apply, see below). We are very excited about this giveaway and we want to let you know that we will have even more rewarding giveaways and contests in the near future! The current D7100 giveaway is done to promote our Facebook pages and to increase the number of Facebook followers.

Nikon D7100 Giveaway

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  3. Leave a short comment below on this page (make sure to type your real name and email address) with what you are planning to do with the D7100 once you win it. For example “I am planning to photograph birds with this camera” is sufficient. Only one comment per person. More than one comment will result in disqualification.
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Photography Life Nikon D7100 Giveaway

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We will choose and notify a winner on April 05, 2013.

Good luck!

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is a professional photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. He is the author and founder of Photography Life, along with a number of other online resources. Read more about Nasim here.


  1. 1
    ) Csaba Tokolyi

    I’d take it underwater in a decent uw-housing to replace my “venerable” D300s :)

  2. 2
    ) Mouhamad Bzou

    great idea, thank you Nasim and B&H,

  3. 3
    ) Michael Gruich

    Great contest!

  4. 4
    ) Terri K

    Imagine my chagrin when they announced the D7100 as I just purchased my D7000!! Love the camera and would love to see the similarities and differences.

    Also – Love your site! Always helpful and full of useful information.

  5. 5
    ) Utz Bacher

    That would be a great update for my D80!

  6. 6
    ) Seana

    I would love to upgrade to the d7100 and use it for macro photography and b&w portraiture. Thank you!

  7. I am planning to travel around the world and capture wonderful images with the Nikon D7100!

  8. 8
    ) Ulugbek

    It will be good upgrade to my D3100

  9. 9
    ) Evindar Ince

    I will travel around the world on dj events and take photographs of other artists.

  10. 10
    ) Matthew Nelson

    I’d use the D7100 to photograph rollercoasters on my next theme park trip.

  11. 11
    ) Jon McGuffin

    I’d love this camera to take some very high quality headshots! Great giveaway Nasim & B&H.

  12. 12
    ) Natasha

    I would flip if I won this camera!!!

  13. I think this camera would be a serious update over my d3100 in my wildlife photography projects :)

  14. 14
    ) Hongsen Yang

    I’m planning to photograph landscapes with the D7100.

  15. Wooohooo! I’d use a D7100 for wildlife and bird photography.

  16. 16
    ) Balazs Demeter

    Thanks for this opportunity, I plan to replace my Nikon D80, I usually take photos of landscapes, citiscapes and events. Good luck to all!
    Balazs Demeter

  17. 17
    ) Stephen To

    A much worthy replacement for my tired D200

  18. 18
    ) Jeff

    I think this would be a great camera for myself and my wife to share (well maybe not share – she can borrow it) LOL

  19. 19
    ) mary neffke

    I love Nasim and all his tips & reviews! And I Love my Nikons!

  20. 20
    ) Erin Marshall

    I am planning on taking my photography to the next level :)

  21. 21
    ) kent

    I will use the D7100 to take photos when I go to Europe

  22. 22
    ) Ashley

    I just got a used d7000, and LOVE it, I’d love the new model!! :)

  23. This is an awesome giveaway.. The images I could capture with this would be so splendid.

  24. 24
    ) Doug Knisely

    I would love to have a D7100 as a lightweight travel body and for wildlife higher magnification with great high ISO performance.

  25. 25
    ) aron cooperman

    I’d used to to show music concerts

  26. 26
    ) dalinda

    I plan to shoot landscapes with the d7100!

  27. 27
    ) David Ponting

    I’d use it, particularly the crop mode, as an update to my D7000 for sports and wildlife

  28. 27
    ) Brian Ulaszek

    I would be upgrading from D3000 and plan to do some landscape and architectural photography.

  29. 29
    ) Anna

    I am planning to photograph cats and kittens I breed wth D7100.

  30. I would use the Nikon D7100 to start up my Photo Booth for weddings and events to help pay off some of my equipment!

  31. 31
    ) Marina Berlin

    I’d use the D7100 to shoot a project I’ve been thinking of for a long time!

  32. Would love this camera for architecture and landscape photography.
    Thanks for the chance !!!

  33. 33
    ) Antoine THIA

    I am planning to use my full manuel lenses more often in low-light situation, thanks to the amazing capabilities of the D7100.

  34. 34
    ) Shing Huei

    I would like to capture the beauty of our world (people, landscape, animals, plants and everything beautiful! :D) and share the inspiration with as many people as possible. Just like how photographs have inspired me, I would love to inspire others through photographs too. :)

  35. I will use this camera to capture amazing and memorable moments in my family’s life.

  36. 36
    ) John Richardson

    This would be my GOTO camera for Macro and travel.

  37. 37
    ) Scott A. Bowers

    I’d use this camera to further my photography hobby. My D5000 has been a great friend, but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

  38. 38
    ) Mario Hafner

    i am planning to use the extracrop for macro

  39. 39
    ) Max Foster

    I would use the D7100 to photograph my world travels!

  40. 40
    ) Alessandro Colnago

    If I win I will take the D7100 to on a road trip in South America and have the time of my lifeeee

  41. 41
    ) Rob Nowakowski

    I plan on photographing my sons high school track team and his swim team. The local newspaper uses my photos in their sports articles.

  42. 42
    ) Jessica Hogan

    I would use this camera to take pictures of Children

  43. 43
    ) Mary Norris

    I would swap out my D3100 for this beauty, and snap, snap, snap photos of my beautiful baby girl!

  44. 44
    ) Jan

    incredible giveaway! i’m a fan of photography life and bhphoto on facebook. i’d LOVE a d7100 to capture my family in action on our beach vacation this summer!

  45. 45
    ) David


  46. 46
    ) Sid Kachru

    I am planning to photograph star trails

  47. 47
    ) Sean Landsman

    I’d use it as a complement to my D7000, primarily for wildlife photography (upgraded focus system).

  48. 48
    ) Andre Pelletier

    I plan to upgrade my d5100 with the d7100!

  49. 49
    ) Supawit Wongissares

    I’ll use it as a second body to my old working horse D700

  50. 50
    ) Jorge Balarin

    I will use it to pair it with an FX zoom and get the reach that I need to shoot animals in the wild.

  51. 51
    ) Guillermo Abegonia Jr.

    I should win! :p

  52. 52
    ) Sanil

    Wow. It will be perfect for portraits

  53. I currently shoot with a D200. The 7100 body would let me enhance the quality of my shooting expeditions (although I would still carry the D200). I look for the extraordinary in common, everyday places and things… Animals, birds, still life and landscapes.

  54. If I win I’ll be switching from Sony alpha to Nikon and I’ll use it to continue making awesome Disneyland photos!

  55. 55
    ) Michael Greene

    I need a DX to complement my FX!

  56. 56
    ) preetha sivaraj

    i wish n like to take fireworks!!

  57. 57
    ) Denis

    Perfect second body beside my D700.

  58. 58
    ) Dominic raj

    My lifetime dream is to buy a DSLR but never had so much of money to buy it,Will take wedding,portfolios and wildlife.

  59. 59
    ) jaafar benabdallah

    Thank you for this giveaway, I’d love to win this

  60. 60
    ) Jayson Soriano

    I would love to win this camera to photograph my state of Alaska.

  61. 61
    ) Alvonsius A. Nainupu

    I’m gonna shoot lot of landscapes and street shots with this beautiful camera.

  62. 62
    ) Nelson

    If I win this, I’d take the camera everywhere I go. Marrakech, Paris, Berlin, London, Istanbul, Thailand…

  63. 63
    ) HomoSapiensWannaBe

    Good luck to all of you! I do not patronize the Facebook empire, so will not be entering. Nice camera, though, and it would make a great companion to my D600.

  64. Great the nikon d7100 what à specs this camera has
    Im à fan of Nikon ! Kind regards!

  65. It a real good second camera, but only with good lens.

  66. 66
    ) Alan Richey

    I will travel the world and take awesome photos if I win this camera!

  67. 67
    ) Priya Pradeep

    I plan to take landscape pictures with this camera if I win :-)

  68. 68
    ) Whit Middleton

    I will be photographing grandchildren in sports activities.

  69. 69
    ) Mario Bourque

    Better photos of the kids!

  70. 70
    ) Martin Griffith

    The 7100 would be a wonderful second body for my FX set up. The advantages of extra reach with a high quality sensor add significantly to the flexibility of a well set up collection of equipment.

  71. 71
    ) Stefan Georgiev

    Hello Nasim,
    Glad you have such give-away.
    I would really love to have this camera and the primary “target” will be wildlife and sports.
    I want to use the extra 1.3 crop in this new model.
    Keep up the good work with the site!

    (PS: Let me know if I need to type the e-mail and my full name inside the post, or the ones I fill above the comment is enough)

  72. I’m planning to use it for all my picture taking activities. I love to photograph landscapes. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  73. 73
    ) Visarion Nicolof

    I will use it for landscapes, hdr.

  74. 74
    ) Karlo

    Great giveaway! Hopefully i will have opportunity to change my D90 and shoot some landscapes and weddings.

  75. 75
    ) Sanil

    It will be perfect for portraits

  76. 76
    ) Valerian Noghin

    I’d use it for landscapes with the 20mm AF prime when travelling compact.

  77. 77
    ) Alexander Rodionov

    I would use this DX camera for birding, thanks

  78. 78
    ) Mehmet Izdes

    I will take portrait shots.

  79. 79
    ) Jean Claude Babin

    I would start a Project 52 – a promise to take one great picture per week for an entire year.

  80. 80
    ) Geoff Parkinson

    I would take decent pictures of my kids so when I’m old and reminiscing about the past I won’t have to try to remember their childhoods through blurry, out-of-focus camera-phone shots.

  81. 81
    ) Joe

    I would take pictures of my son and everything I could because I think there is something wrong with my D90 :(

  82. 82
    ) Jack Isham

    I have the seen the results available from the D7100 and I can only imagine how awesome it would be to win one. I would use it for wildlife mostly, but would also be a great travel camera. Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. 83
    ) Kay

    I want to take wildlife pictures.

  84. As usual, you guys are the best! Keep it up!

    • And I want to take more photos of my kids ;)

  85. 85
    ) steve Easley

    I’m going to Maui in June and will use it to take pictures in the Iao valley in Maui

  86. 87
    ) James Griffiths

    I’d use it for Sports and Aviation Photography!

  87. I am planning to take “better” photographs with this camera, particularly wildlife and birds

  88. 89
    ) Anthony Nguyen

    I’d take it everywhere I go, just be a better photographer all around. I still have a long way to go. Thanks.

  89. 90
    ) Adam

    I would use the camera to help me with my pursuit towards publishing a photography book about traveling to islands in the caribbean.

  90. 91
    ) Mladen Hristov

    I am planning to photograph wild animals with this camera.

    Great site, great giveaway, great camera!

  91. 92
    ) Ken Dyar

    I will use the D7100 for awesome travel and wildlife photos.

  92. 93
    ) Josep Ll. Ribas

    I’ll take birds photographies.

  93. I’m planning on taking pictures of concerts with this camera.

  94. I am going to give this one to my daughter as she loves photography.

  95. 96
    ) Alessandro Ciapina

    I hope win that camera and send some stunning landscapes views from Brasil!

  96. 97
    ) Alessandro Ciapina

    I hope win that camera and send some stunning landscapes views from Brasil!

  97. 98
    ) Brandon W

    Yay Giveaways!

  98. 99
    ) Boutros El-Haddad

    The D 7100 is an excellent camera. I wish that I will be the winner but if I am not, congratulations to the lucky one. Thank you Nassim and thank you B&H. You are awesome

  99. 100
    ) Dejan Arzensek

    I am planning to photograph my world travels.

  100. 101
    ) Jaimie Mills

    I would use this camera to bribe my wife back to photography (and take pictures of animals)!

  101. 102
    ) Alessandro Ciapina

    I hope use that camera to do some landscapes shots from Brazil!

  102. 103
    ) Jane Pope

    We have a ministry in Nairobi, Kenya. I I take pictures of our residence there, as well as photos of grandchildren.

  103. I am planning not to win this camera ;)

  104. I’ll use it to take superior photographs of Germany on my next photo excursion.

  105. 106
    ) Diego

    The D7100 will be my “second” camera, with a tele attached while my glorious D700 will have its normal/wide zoom on.

  106. I will photograph food and wildlife with this great camera. Night photography, too!

  107. 108
    ) Beyti

    It could be my second body :) But I never won anything in my life, why now? :((( Anyway no harm from trying. Thanks Nasim

  108. 109
    ) Pascal

    The D7100 would be a great backup camera for my D800 :-)

  109. 110
    ) Slobodan Siridyanski

    Bravo! Nice chance to became FF enthusiast with Nikon’s entering model.

  110. 111
    ) Andre Roussakoff

    With D7100 I would finally see back the true colors of nature on the pictures I make. And I love taking landscape pictures, especially the sunsets.

  111. 112
    ) FrancoisR

    Bah, une petit boitier pour les voyages, pourquoi pas? A small body for travel, why not? lloll

  112. 113
    ) Theresa

    Good luck to all of you! Too bad those of us who do not use facebook do not get a chance to win.

  113. 114
    ) Sheaway

    Great idea!!! Thanks

  114. I will use this camera as a lighter alterative to a full frame and use the longer reach for my kids sports and wildlife shooting.

  115. 116
    ) Mauricio Urena

    Hi Nasim,

    Big fan of your page, I am from Costa Rica a country wich is bless in Nature…it is like living in Paradise for landscape photography!!! So I am planning to use the brand new Nikon D7100 to shoot Nature and also Sports. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone!!!

  116. 117
    ) Mike Hylandsson

    Ohh! The D7100 looks awesome! Some great improvements over an already (and still) great camera.

  117. 118
    ) Roberta

    Would love to have this as a replacement for my D90 for shooting wildlife.

  118. 119
    ) Julie Kammerzell

    I plan to use my new Nikon D7100 taking photo’s of my daughters High School Soccer matches and my two son’s High School Baseball season also day to day (farm) animals and landscape photos. :-)

  119. 120
    ) Kurt VDB

    Thanks for the opportunity Photography Life and B&H! I look forward to driving my family nuts with this new camera.

  120. 121
    ) max efremof

    I am going to take the D7100 to my next trip and tells everyone how good is Nikon to its costumers by giving them that giveaway

  121. 122
    ) Susan Jacobsen

    I’ll use this great camera for action photo’s ..of equestrian- and working dog’s competions !! Good luck all!

  122. 123
    ) Geoff Ketler

    This would make an excellent second camera in my bag.

  123. 124
    ) Marco

    If I win this I’m buying a non AF-S lens like the 85mm f/1.4 D

  124. 125
    ) Benny

    I want to upgrade from my very old D3000 to this camera.Would do wedding photographs and wildife.

  125. 126
    ) Sara Reed

    I would use this camera to take photographs of my children.

  126. 127
    ) Alfredo Garcia

    I would totally use the D7100 for wildlife photography. The reach that a crop sensor gives you is wonderful!

  127. 128
    ) Leo Arias

    It will be a great step for my work… people, pets, street photography… and more

  128. 129
    ) Oded Shopen

    I am going to use the D7100 to shoot long exposure night shots.

  129. 130
    ) Edna Lyn Tan

    An awesome upgrade for my D3100, excited to photograph our newborn in May.

  130. 131
    ) William Butler

    I would use the D7100 to take pictures far and beyond. My desire is to capture pictures that could translated into words of the beholders eyes. Pictures that each person would see a different perspective. To capture the true beauties of the world around me. People, animals, wildlife regardless of season and time. This cam would allow me to make great poster/life size pictures of what my eyes see through the 7100′s lens. This would be a great move up from the 5100.

  131. 132
    ) Troy Paulus

    Great website! Great Store to Shop @! Great Contest!

  132. 133
    ) Henry Mroz

    I have a D700 so this would be a great backup. However I’d probably give it to my daughter as she’s a great budding photog and it’d be great to do some shooting together with her.

  133. 134
    ) Basak

    I wanted to upgrade my d3100 for a while now and this giveaway came at the right moment. Thank you. You guys rock.

  134. 135
    ) Alan

    I’d use this as a backup camera for landscape/studio work.

  135. 136
    ) Ivelina Kirilova

    I’m planning to use this camera to photograph cycling and other sports!

  136. 137
    ) Roberto Serpas

    I’m planning to photograph my first baby with this camera.

  137. I’m plan on using this camera to start experimenting DSLR video for my wedding photography business

  138. 139
    ) Kyle Farley

    This is my dream camera and I wish I could afford it!! I would love taking photographs pictures here in the Northern Ontario Landscape. Cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, northern lights, Absolutely beautiful up here!

  139. 140
    ) Jake Kurdsjuk

    I’d use it as an excuse to give my D7000 to my wife, if only so I could borrow it back.

  140. 141
    ) Dan Anderson

    I would use it to replace my well-used D300.

  141. 141
    ) Ray M.

    I would use the D7100 as a backup to my D700 and for videos of my Grandkids.
    Or, give it to my son-in-law who is using my old D100 for pictures of their kids.

  142. Love my D7000 and can’t wait to put the new D7100 to work!

  143. 144
    ) Boris Toka

    hi, if i won this camera I will switch from Canon and use it for my travel photography :)

  144. 145
    ) Pavel Sobolev

    I am planning to photograph wildlife with this camera

  145. 146
    ) Glenn Peret

    Winner Winner chicken dinner!

  146. 147
    ) Nicolas Lau

    I would use it to dual shoot anything and everything!!

  147. 148
    ) Sahaya Mary

    This is a very nice give away,I want a dslr to make great memories of my family.Will benefit so much if i get this camera

  148. 149
    ) marty josephson

    I would use the d7100 to photography my city and the events in my city

  149. 150
    ) Tony Mastres

    The D7100 would become my main personal camera, replacing the current D300

  150. 151
    ) Kishor Mahind

    I would love to replace my D3100 with D7100 and get good sports photos and portraits!

  151. 152
    ) Tim Walker

    This would be a great backup to my current setup. The crop sensor will aslo be ideal for wildlife and other scenarios that might require a little extra reach.

  152. I would love to take photos with the new D7100!

  153. 154
    ) mark edinburg

    I will photograph the world for you and I

  154. 155
    ) Yogesh K

    I am planning to gift it to my wife.

  155. 156
    ) David Weckwerth

    Wildlife, nature, and landscape photography are
    my main interest.

  156. 157
    ) Stephen Anderson

    I would take it with me to the Caribbean this summer!

  157. 158
    ) Phil


  158. 159
    ) Vernon Sakai

    I’d make the best night and low light pictures of the California coast.

  159. 160
    ) Matt Baker

    I’d use it to take pictures of family, pets, nature….pretty much anything and everything!

  160. 161
    ) Marcin

    I’d like to surprise my wife with the new camera. Our 15th wedding anniversary is in few months and such gift would please her a lot. And she is great street photographer, so I am sure she could combine speed of 7100 with its quality very well.

  161. 162
    ) Rod Belisario

    I am planning to take all types of photography and video with this camera!

  162. 163
    ) Chris

    I would finally make the switch to HDSLR video for my videography business!

  163. 164
    ) Donna

    It would be a dream come true to own a D7100! ,and would give me an opportunity to move forward with my wish to learn more about sports photography ..

  164. 165
    ) Charles Vandergriff

    I plan on photographing my lil slice of the world and to share with others what I sre

  165. 166
    ) Dan Greb

    I plan to take many more portrait images with a new D7100 if I win one.

  166. 167
    ) Charles Matthews III

    I would take photos of landscapes, cities, insects, and sporting events. I would also use it for portraits and creative pics using gels and flash.

  167. 168
    ) Hannah

    My little business would thank me for the upgrade!

  168. 169
    ) Justin

    I plan to use it as a second body for event photography.

  169. 170
    ) Naveena aruchami

    Best giveaway ever! I would really benefit if i get this.I would take indoors,monuments for my architecture graduation.Thank you photography life.

  170. 171
    ) Brian Bothe

    I would use it to photograph the Alaskan wilderness.

  171. 172
    ) Remus Feuerstahler

    This would be an excellent upgrade for my D80. I would shoot portraits and landscapes all day long.

  172. 173
    ) David

    The Nikon D7100 camera will help me attract more clients to my photography business and to continue my ultimate dream of being a world renowned photographer. Thank you Photography Life and B&H with this awesome giveaway :D.

  173. 174
    ) Wes

    Would be nice if there was a way to enter WITHOUT having a facebook account!

  174. 175
    ) Marcin

    I’ll compare it with the my Canon :)

  175. 176
    ) David Buckheister

    I would use it to teach photography to my son

  176. 177
    ) Brian Smith

    I would use the D7100 for landscape photography.

  177. 178
    ) Con

    I am planning to photograph everything with this camera and have a reality

  178. 179
    ) Oleg

    I have D90, and it would’ve been interesting to compare two cameras.

  179. 180
    ) Geir Hansen

    I will take the world most amazing photo of a drop on a straw with D7100.

  180. 181
    ) Tom

    I am planning to photograph landscapes and macro photography

  181. 182
    ) Ben

    I’m visiting this site on a weekly basis if not more often!

  182. 183
    ) michael goldmann

    I’d use the camera for dance photography.

  183. 184
    ) Mirek

    It has to be used for bird photography.

  184. It’s a good backup to have, considering it has a video.

  185. 186
    ) Pat

    It’s only open to people with a Facebook account. I’m not complaining, just clarifying. Maybe I’ll qualify for the next giveaway

  186. 187
    ) Loren Limberis

    I’d use this camera to photograph my family and friends.

  187. For “walk around” camera to photograph urban, street scenes and events

  188. 189
    ) Duy Ng

    Time to upgrade to 24MP camera. I will use it for landscaping.

  189. 190
    ) Natalia

    I am currently looking for a new camera!

  190. I would love to `take some wildlife photography with this camera :D

  191. 192
    ) CH Young

    I’d use the D7100 to… TAKE PHOTOS!

  192. 193
    ) Jake McMahon

    I would love to have this camera as a DX backup camera to my D600.

  193. 194
    ) Sandhya

    I can photograph kids

  194. 195
    ) Mark

    I was thinking that if I win, I would give my college-age daughter my D90. But I might even give her the D7100! I think she has more talent than I do, and will put a DLSR to good use. She’s using the P7000 right now.

  195. 196
    ) Morales Ariel

    I like the pictures of nature and landscapes, it would be good to improve my current d7000

  196. I shoot lots of sporting events with multiple cameras. I could use another camera and the D7100 would be a great complement to my current setup.

  197. 198
    ) Darin Reed

    Thanks for all you do to educate the photography community!

  198. 199
    ) Sher

    I could use this :-)

  199. 200
    ) Erica

    Would be a great backup for my D600

  200. 201
    ) Emad

    I would love to get this camera and give my d7000 too my little brother

  201. 202
    ) Greg STeffen

    I want a real camera. Been using a bridge so this D7100 is going to be awesome!

  202. I’m going to use this for fine art shooting.

  203. 204
    ) Rhiannon

    I would take a picture of everything that inspires me!!

  204. 205
    ) elena bailey

    The D7100 would be great to photograph my two babies!!

  205. I will take stacking landscape photos :-)

  206. 207
    ) Seth Friedman

    I will use the D7100 for family photos

  207. 208
    ) David B

    I’d use it as a travel camera perhaps as it is light in weight.

  208. 209
    ) Jason Weber

    The D7100 would be a great camera for landscape here in Northern Colorado…

  209. I plan on using this camera to photograph family, sports and to eventually do parties and other events

  210. I would switch from Pentax to Nikon!

  211. 212
    ) Razy K Salam

    Hi… i would like to photograph amazing kerala nature when i go on vacation

  212. 213
    ) Nate W

    This would be become my main body and my nephew would inherit my D90. Of course, he would have to get his own 35mm.

  213. 214
    ) Andrew C

    The camera to start my journey into photography.

  214. 215
    ) Saptarsi

    It will be good upgrade over my existing camera.

  215. I’ll use this when backpacking.

  216. 217
    ) Jorge Balarin

    I will use it paired with an FX lens to get more reach.

  217. 218
    ) Donna M.

    I would use this new camera for travel photography!

  218. 219
    ) Nitin Ahuja

    I will use D7100 for creating my daughters timeline.

  219. This would be a great addition for photographing close-up and macro nature details.

  220. 221
    ) Duane Middlebrook

    I will use the camera for travel photography starting in Cambodia.

  221. 222
    ) D.G. Lake

    I so not have facebook nor blog page, now what

  222. 223
    ) Pam Huffman

    I would use it to photograph outdoor wildlife. :D

  223. 224
    ) Ha Nguyen, Vu

    I am planning to take some nice pics of my girlfriend.

  224. 225
    ) Tris

    The D7100 would not be a back-up for me – it would be my prime camera. I already have the incredible D7000 and this upgrade sounds absolutely the ultimate in what I am looking for for my wildlife/bird photography.

  225. 226
    ) Richard Fortier

    I will use the D7100 for landscape photography.

  226. 227
    ) S. Rosario

    It’s a perfect backup camera for my D600!

  227. 228
    ) Jordan Seo

    I’m planning to photograph beautiful landscapes with this camera

  228. I would love to have the D7100 and then my D7000 could be my back-up camera for nature photography!

  229. 230
    ) Csaba Mihályi

    Dear Nasim Mansurov & B&H,

    If I won, I would replace my beloved, tired, working horse Nikon D90. The improved auto-focus system, and the 14 bit RAW images of this new camera would give me better opportunity to capture the amazing and memorable moments of the life and behavior of the wild animals (especially birds and mammals).

    Csaba Mihályi

  230. 231
    ) Olga

    I’ll photograph my baby daughter with this camera

  231. 232
    ) Ibrahim Lawrence Dung

    I am planning to use this camera to document my forth coming new born baby life history in every fine detail.

  232. 233
    ) chuefong mouanoutoua

    I’d love to use the d7100 for photographing my daughter. She just turned two so that nifty auto focus system should do nicely!

  233. 234
    ) Fran Dellaporta

    Looking to use this for sports!

  234. 235
    ) Terri Kiplinger

    This would be great for the hot rod events I go to, where I love to shoot these works of art on wheels!

  235. 236
    ) Durga

    give up my compact camera for my fotography life

  236. 237
    ) Peter Ou

    I will use it to teach my friends and nieces photography (as it will be a lot lighter than a FX and has auto-functions) and convert them to be Nikon users!

  237. 238
    ) Lisa Brand

    I would use it for photographing sailboats on the San Francisco Bay.

  238. 239
    ) Gary Clark

    My facebook email is

    I would have to use the D7100 to expand my knowledge of photography by using a more advanced camera than my current model (D3200) I would mostly take action shots of my brother surfing, landscape shots and some wildlife photography when I visit Norfolk in June.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Warm regards,

    Gary Clark

  239. 240
    ) Gennadiy Lutayenko

    I’d love to go on vacation with this camera.

  240. 241
    ) Bernard Caron

    I’m planing to take landscape photography in Quebec city and around.

  241. I was planning to get this one. I would do nature photography with D7100 :)

  242. 243
    ) Brian Lennon

    Shooting a D7000 now, and believe this would be a nice upgrade. Especially interested in the AF

  243. 244
    ) Nicolas Demory

    Use this great camera to shoot my 9-months old son! he’s so cute

  244. 245
    ) Vipul Kapadia

    This would be a perfect replacement for my D7000 which I sold 5 months ago!

  245. 246
    ) Neil Schulman

    Ordinarily I’d use the D7100 for myself as a wildlife camera but instead I’d give it to my fiancée to help her with her photography goals.

  246. 247
    ) Julien Neron

    Cool giveaway :)

  247. 248
    ) PSYL

    Considering switching system now, Nikon is definitely top of my list.

  248. Going to Europe at the end of the year on an EIGHTY DAY holiday as a reward for my graduation – would love to be able to take a D7100 with me!

  249. 250
    ) Hayden Legendre

    I would use it for macro and wildlife photography.

  250. 251
    ) R Cagle

    I am an amateur photographer for many years nearing retirement and expecting to step up my game. Seems like a good opportunity to start with a good piece of gear.

  251. 252
    ) Naftoli

    i would like this camera as a backup

  252. 253
    ) keith swann

    It would be a major upgrade from my d5100, & used for landscape / historical site photos.

  253. When I win d7100 I’m going to use it as wildlife photography camera.

  254. This would be an awesome replacement for my D7000! Thanks for the opportunity!

  255. 256
    ) Youpicturethis

    This camera would be the perfect backup for my D600!

  256. 257
    ) Jules Rochon

    Great camera to replace my trusty D300.

  257. 258
    ) Jose Eduardo Themudo

    I am planning to use it with my manual Nikon lenses collection.

  258. I would use it to prove to my parents and family that photography is my life, it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing and I will love it for as long as I’m breathing.

    It would be perfect for my architecture and wildlife shots.

  259. 260
    ) Matt Irvine

    I’m planning to photograph my tarantulas, cats and the local landscape.

  260. 261
    ) Wei Lin Lu

    I am planning to photography portrait with Nikon D71oo.

  261. 262
    ) Edgar Guaymare

    I will use it to expand my zoom lenses by 1.5

  262. Upgrade to D3200!

  263. 264
    ) Bernardo Segura

    i will use the d7100 to take wildlife photos -specially macro- for my site: Wish me luck!!

  264. 265
    ) Maryvel Friesen

    I plan to give away this camera to my dearest brother who’s Nikon D5000 was recently stolen! He is devastated, can’t really afford a new one and this would be so awesome to win. Thank you for your kindness!

  265. 266
    ) mlturken

    I will use the Nikon 7100 as my primary camera for both travel and home photography

  266. 267
    ) Guilherme

    I would use the D7100 to photograph the Ciconia Nigra in Portugal.

  267. 268
    ) Carmen Murphy

    I would continue photographing the lovely world of Latin dance in all its beauty if I had the D7100.

  268. 269
    ) Cat Foster

    Taking pictures of our vacation with the grandchildren!

  269. The Nikon D7100 looks like a fantastic camera

  270. 271
    ) alene

    I would love this for photographing the women of the world, a project I’m working on this year!

  271. 272
    ) Edgar Guaymare

    I m planning to use it to expand may zoom lens by 1.5

  272. 273
    ) Cathy Burke

    I’m a novice photographer, but enjoying everyday with my Nikon D3000, and would love to expand my knowledge and technique with this beauty!

  273. 274
    ) Carol Serur

    I would start using my D300s as my backup to the exciting new D7100!!

  274. 275
    ) Alexander Rodionov

    Would use the DX camera for birding and also as a backup for my FX

  275. 276
    ) faisal jamal

    I will do a photography course at my local night school with the D7100

  276. 277
    ) Marko Germani

    I plan to use the D7100 for airshows and extreme spotting.

  277. 278
    ) luis

    This would be a great opportunity for me to expand my photography.

  278. 279
    ) Jeremy Ginsburg

    for pics of the kiddies!

  279. 280
    ) Branko Zecevic

    I would sleep with it :)

  280. I am planning to photograph beautiful landscapes with Nikon D7100, which i believe would be the sharpest DX camera on Earth.

  281. 282
    ) Andres Maldonado

    I will give it to my wife so we can photograph together the beautiful Colombian Landscapes

  282. 283
    ) Vijay

    I would like to take pics of my kid playing in the snow (we have plenty up here in North!!)

  283. 284
    ) Alex Fiddian

    I would take it with me when I go on holiday to Japan shortly!

  284. 285
    ) Jim Borsich

    Looking forward to using the D7100 for landscape, travel and auto racing photography!

  285. 286
    ) Brian Hanna

    Would love to use this camera for second at weddings.

  286. 287
    ) Serkan Butun

    I would photograph landscapes with D7100.

  287. 288
    ) Kevin

    I would use the D7000 to share with my kids so we can enjoy photography together!!

  288. I would use it for nature photography, especially photos of birds.

  289. 290
    ) Shelly MacDonald

    I would like to advance from the 3100 and advance in the photography world!

  290. 291
    ) Kate Pulliam

    I would upgrade my d3100 for my new photography business!!!

  291. 292
    ) Erin Marshall

    I plan on taking my photography to the next level :)

  292. 293
    ) Jay Kshatri

    I would use the D7100 to photograph my children’s various sporting events, our family vacations, and my day to day passion for nature.

  293. 294
    ) James Harris

    I would use the to replace my 5100 as my everyday camera.

  294. 295
    ) Sergiu Popescu

    Great camera for portarits and low lighit photography !!

  295. 296
    ) jeff ross

    Have always used Canon. Need to upgrade and would like to try Nikon.

  296. use it along side the rest of my kit to shoot awesome images!

  297. 298
    ) Andrei Shpak

    Will be upgrade to my D7000. Mostly portraits and flowers

  298. 299
    ) Scott MacDonald

    Primarily to be used for capturing images of our dwindling White and Black Rhino population here in Southern Africa, and spread these images across the world. We are losing in excess of three Rhino’s per day to poaching, and something more MUST be done to slow this decimation of this animal down, before we only have photographs for our kids and grand-kids to see.

  299. 300
    ) Carol Mills

    I’m going to start a new blog – A Photo A Day in Asheville NC

  300. 301
    ) Karen K Morrison

    I plan on taking a trip to Borneo to photograph orangutans in their habitat!!

  301. I will make the BIG leap from Canon, using it for portraiture and lifestyle photography :)

  302. 303
    ) Kanon Lee

    I would love to upgrade to the D7100 to use in wedding and sports photography!

  303. My D7100 will take pictures of flowers, landscapes and people, particularly my friends in South Africa.

  304. 305
    ) Liviu Nicolof

    I hope to win to enjoy shooting macro.

  305. 306
    ) DawnMarie

    I’m going to use it for portraits, nature photos, and all my photography needs!

  306. 307
    ) Mark

    I will use this to photograph wildlife and sports.

  307. 308
    ) Alen Ajan

    it will be a huge jump for me from my old D9, especially in video work :)

  308. 309
    ) Gustavo Castillo

    I want it! It’d be great to replace my D5100 with a brand new D7100!

  309. 310
    ) Bill Cassill

    Love the website, great info and reviews, would use the camera for outside photography!!

  310. 311
    ) Dean

    Primarily portrait photography.

  311. 312
    ) patrick

    This is the perfect replacement for my aging camera.

  312. 313
    ) Andrea Piazza

    I will use the D7100 for portraying my wife and my two beloved children when they are happy and even when they are angry! That’s the beauty of the life!

  313. 314
    ) Rob Clougherty

    I have a wedding 2500 miles away in Nevada, would love to pair it to a UWA and the new f/4 70-200 and shoot away in Zion and Bryce Canyons!

  314. 315
    ) David Clements

    I would use this for some creative photography involving macro, people, and nature.

  315. 316
    ) Visa Lom

    great giveaway, entered! really need a new camera for my blog.

  316. 317
    ) Benny Go

    I will use it as my first camera and my current D300 as second/backup camera.

  317. 318
    ) Carolyn Pohrivchak

    I am going to photograph my family’s storytelling moments…documenting our lives with style…I want to accomplish more than just snapshots.

  318. 319
    ) Alvaro

    What if we’re already fans of both pages, (liked them both back in time)?
    Do we need to do the same steps?

  319. 320
    ) Bill Creech

    I would love a new Nikon D7100 to relegate my D7000 to a backup role. Cheers

  320. 321
    ) Michael

    I would use it for vacation photos.

  321. 322
    ) Brandon Hogg

    I would love this for street and portrait photography. Also, give me an excuss to get my wife into photography as she can use my current DSLR on photo walks (when i’m not using it as a backup of course).

  322. 323
    ) Sherman J. Buster

    I would use this camera for shooting my daughter’s soccer games, and to continue taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes.

  323. 324
    ) Steven Bontiff

    I am planning to photograph nature, landscapes and bats with this camera.

  324. 325
    ) Emily

    I would love this camera to take gorgeous pictures of my babies and family!

  325. 326
    ) Dvir

    Hope to win and help expand my photography!

  326. 327
    ) Dayne Bacon

    I would love an upgrade from my d5100!

  327. 328
    ) Pete K

    Thank You Nasim for all your efforts and contribution … I currently use a Nikon D7000, it is an awesome camera. I would like to win the D7100 and pass the D7000 to my wife…

  328. 329
    ) Brian Jonas

    If I win this SWEET baby, I’m launching my dream of becoming a landscape photographer!

  329. 330
    ) Brian

    I will be primarily taking landscape, nature, and urban expo shots with the D7100 which will be replacing a very much outdated D80.

  330. 331
    ) Yoan

    Hi! I love landscape photography. Thus, if I happen to be the lucky guy, I’ll ditch my old D90 and go out to shoot in the nature. I guess the high resolution and the lack of AA filter will produce some stunning shots. I would also shoot portraits of my friends and maybe some reportage at my school (and soon university!)


  331. 332
    ) Sumit Kaul

    If i win the Nikon D7100, I’d use it for capturing the awesome Landscapes around the place where I live. The camera is going to take me out !

  332. 333
    ) Marco

    I will take a picture of myself smiling happily because I won the camera.

  333. 334
    ) shaked

    Need to upgrade my kit crossing fingers

  334. 335
    ) Sawan Chittora

    I would like to shoot landscapes and portraits.

  335. Upgrade from the Nikon D3100!

  336. 337
    ) Lauren C

    I would love to upgrade from my Nikon D5100. It would be a great asset in helping me increase in my photography skills (although they say it’s not the camera but the photographer, lol) xx

  337. 338
    ) Matt

    What a great opportunity from both you and BH. Thank you for all of your time and research that you put into reviewing the products.

  338. 339
    ) Khaled Jdeed

    would be nice to have the D7100 and take pictures of my wounded country,,

  339. 340
    ) tomH

    I will use the D7100′s F8 focusing capability to enable usesing the 1.4 TC with the new 80-400 I have on order :-)

  340. 341
    ) Eric

    I would like to give this camera to my wife so she can take some great photos!

  341. 342
    ) samthedog

    I would love this camera

  342. 343
    ) Phil

    The instructions were ambiguous.

    I will use the d7100 for bird stuffs.

  343. 344
    ) Zachary Winnie

    Great giveaway!

  344. 345
    ) Charles

    This would be the perfect body to backup my D800.

  345. 346
    ) Marina Ryan

    I live in Hawaii so i would love to use the D7100 for the beautiful ocean views here to share on FB :)

  346. 347
    ) Jennifer Chiaravalle

    I look forward to playing around with my new camera!

  347. 348
    ) Richard Nagel

    If i win this I will be able to buy a nice long lens for wildlife photography in Northern Wisconsin when the Eagles return. Good luck everyone and thanks Photography Life and B&H for the promo.

  348. 349
    ) Jim Freeman

    I would like to shoot landscapes, animals and portraits.

  349. 350
    ) scott

    This will replace the 7000 I have, it has lots of use.

  350. 351
    ) JG Zoellner

    I’ll be using the Nikon 7100 to take pictures of people.

  351. 352
    ) Katherine Sabale

    I hope to win so i could take pictures of my beautiful kids.

  352. 353
    ) Ashley Guthas

    I would LOVE to use the Nikon 7100 for my new photography business :)

  353. 354
    ) Jervez Jnobaptiste

    I would LOVE to use the Nikon 7100 as an upgrade to my old D90. :)

  354. 355
    ) Alen McClellan

    Recently retired from the Army after 30 years, would love the D7100 for capturing peaceful moments on a long needed and deserving vacation!

  355. 356
    ) Jennifer Ssk

    If I win the new Nikon D7100, I will use it to capture raw beautiful moments around in at Colorado!!! Thank you for creating this giveway. I enjoy reading your blogs and tips!

  356. 357
    ) Shunhua Lu

    If I win this Nikon D7100, I would give it to my husband as a birthday gift. My husband would really like this camera.

  357. 358
    ) Ana Helena

    I’ve always loved photography (my dad used to be a photographer), and now I’m starting to learn more because I want to work as a photographer. I intend to use the Nikon (my favorite brand) to take better photos and start in these new (for me) business field!

  358. 359
    ) Lim Yong Bin

    I want to continue shooting memorable moment with a new D7100.

  359. 360
    ) Daniel Spencer

    Thanks for all your great articles.

  360. 361
    ) MA

    Great blog made even more fun with cool prizes! This gear will help upgrade to pro-level features we’re looking forward to it.

  361. It’s a great chance to replace my good old D80. I will use for my hand made teeth.

  362. 363
    ) Loughton Smith

    Making a move from a Canon point and shoot. I’m planning to properly shoot some interiors of local landmark buildings.

  363. 364
    ) Lawrence

    Time to upgrade

  364. 365
    ) Joy

    I currently own a second-hand D90 and this is definitely an upgrade! I hope I win this. :)

  365. 366
    ) tiingtsong

    I would like to shoot whatever looks attractive to me and sometimes disturbing in good lightings….I wish I am lucky :)

  366. Have loved my D7000 for the last 2 years and would love to upgrade to the d7100 for better resolution and AF to improve my experience with my passion for photography! I would use the D7100 for landscape/wildlife and all around photography.


  367. 368
    ) Raghul Nandagopal

    I love teh good work done by you guys – i am a regular visitor – there are a ton of valuable info to read – especially the Tips…
    If i get the D7100 – i would like to shoot portraits of my son and my friends – planning to use it for photographing occations as well – the D7100 would be a perfect companion for my DX lenses

  368. 369
    ) Dewi Damanik

    I use the Nikon 7100 for my photography business

  369. I want this camera like complement to my first camera to travel across Europe this year

  370. 371
    ) Jennifer Payne

    If I win the D7100 I will use it to take picture of coastal seabirds

  371. 372
    ) Anselm Hall

    I’m Anselm Hall from a small island in the Caribbean “Trinidad & Tobago” consider myself to be a an Intermediate Level of photography. There’s very few things I’m good at but a few years ago i realized that photography was my purpose. I love it and I consider it to be an essential part in my life. I shoot and capture anything I could get my focus points on. If I win this D7100 I plan to use it for alot of things. I already own a SLR but I would use this one as a backup to teach other beginners the basics and essentials to explore their photography aspirations. I also do alot of charitable work related to photography; there are shelters for kids down here & elderly folks where they have events from time to time (sports, educational sessions etc) where I volunteer to capture the moment of priceless moments in others lives who are less fortunate than myself. It’s ironic, I hardly have any pictures of myself, but there’s a joy I get when I capture a moment of someone and they smile when they see that exposure. All in all, I think this camera will not only help me but most of all make others happy. I’ve been a fan of this site for about 2 years and its my main resource for all my photography needs and made me realize even further about my purpose and passion in Life. Even if I don’t win… Thank you Nasim, Lola and other writers of this site for the vast level of knowledge you share with us on a day to day basis. It really is appreciated :)

  372. 373
    ) Heather Taylor

    I’d like to use the D7100 for portrait photography.

  373. 374
    ) Roger

    Perfect upgrade for my Nikon D300s … extra megapixels and best of all NO low pass filter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. 375
    ) Dolores

    I could leave some long comment about how I deserve this camera and what I would do with it, but I’m not going to. I just need something good to happen to me, so I’d like to win that camera.

  375. 376
    ) Melissa

    I’m currently using an old Nikon D40 with a broken flash. This was my first DSLR and I have loved learning how to shoot in manual mode with it. However, I’m ready to upgrade but my wallet isn’t :) this would be an amazing giveaway to win!

  376. 377
    ) Murat Bagci

    I am planning to shoot landscapes with this camera.

  377. 378
    ) Glenn Chin

    I’d use the D7100 to replace my D7000 for wildlife pictures if I win it. Thank you Nasim for your great articles and reviews.

  378. 379
    ) Julie Brack

    Love the chance to win–I’m coveting this camera as an upgrade to my D5000. I plan to take lifestyle photography-type photos of my family with it.

  379. 380
    ) TimR

    I’m a deaf amateur photographer I take photos in my wheelchair wherever i go ( i have severe arthritis in the ankles) looking to get my first dslr the D7100 would be perfect for me many thanks :-)

  380. 381
    ) Maxwell Tan

    I learn a lot of thing from your site when I was a beginning, and when time goes by I start understand what you write on the blog… as I put it to practical use… I won’t say I am professional either but your site contain a lot info that I am think is good for anyone when time to time come by it good to refresh it sometime… I am happy to know your webpage.. :)

  381. 382
    ) Brian L

    I will use the D7100 to teach my wife about photography.

  382. 383
    ) Gary

    I plan to increase my photography skills, particularly landscape and architectural areas. Have been using Canon products for years, thus looking forward to comparing to the D7100.

  383. 384
    ) Antonius Buntoro

    I’ll use this as an updgrade for my D90..

  384. 385
    ) Anup

    I will use it to photograph sports.

  385. 386
    ) Mike C

    I will use the D7100 for sports, wildlife, pets and children.

  386. 387
    ) Margaret Cheng

    I would love to use the new D7100 for wildlife photography!

  387. 388
    ) Tom Llewellyn

    I would use this bad boy to shoot the beauty of the world around me. Then I’d probably sell my D5100 cheap (or maybe free) to someone in need. :)

  388. 389
    ) Praveen Ellur

    I’d like to shoot portraits with this camera.

  389. I’ll sell my D7000 and use D7100 to shoot wildlife and landscape.

  390. 390
    ) Jim Gursha

    I will use the new camera to take lots of beautiful nature and landscape photographs.

  391. 392
    ) Patrick Imbacher

    I really hope to win this camera. I need it so bad. :)

  392. 393
    ) ChamingaD

    D7100 will be the best Nikon Crop sensor camera. Will be lucky if i able to have one.

  393. 394
    ) Ben W

    I will give the 7100 to my wife so she can enhance her photography skills, which is something she’s been wanting to do. Right now, she just has a point-and-shoot.

  394. 395
    ) Neila W

    I will use the D7100 for sport photography.

  395. 396
    ) Chaitra Shantharam

    I’d love to gift this to my husband.

  396. 396
    ) Bruce Moore

    I feel this would be a big upgrade to my aging D200.I was trying to decide if going to full frame would be a wise and practical decision,as my main interest is wildlife/bird photography.I do not have the budget for Nikon’s big glass and this offers me the 1.3 crop at 15mp making my Nikon 300AF-S F/4 with a 1.4 teleconverter very appealing and the new 80-400mm VR11(even with the steep price).
    I know the buffer rate is rather low,but it is something that is still very manageable.It is not like I shoot at max FPS in raw for a sustainable period of time.
    One other feature I think I am going to like is the spot white balance that replaces the gray card.

  397. 398
    ) Umer A

    Want to get started in wildlife and wedding photography…hoping to trade up from a trusted D40..

  398. I would use this as an upgrade from my canon rebel to continuing my photography education. I currently photograph landscapes and have a particular fondness for old barns and farms. I am starting to explore portraiture and event photography and realize that having more speed and the opportunity to increase ISO above 1600 would be an enormous asset.

  399. 400
    ) Kelly S

    I’d love to take portraits with this camera.

  400. 401
    ) Russ

    Awesome camera, love to have it.

  401. 402
    ) Ang Hwee Yong

    Yeah…definitely would like to know how was the 1.3 crop fair for birds photograhy

  402. 403
    ) Bahram Monshat

    I will replace my Nikon D90 with the D7100. Mainly because the D90, being an excellent camera though, does not allow for AF fine-tuning.

  403. 404
    ) Girish

    This would be a good upgrade from my D5000

  404. Looking forward to the pictures I will upload to my website with ,my new Nikon D7100. as well as Shopping at B & H for the lenses… B & H the best place for photo equipment!

    A moment comes and then it’s gone…

    Capture it! Nostri Momenta Photography

  405. 406
    ) Naim Ahmad

    I will use this wonderful camera for sports and micro photography.

  406. 407
    ) Thiha

    I am planning to use for landscape photography with this camera.

  407. 408
    ) Tatiana Popescu

    Love to take pictures. Hope to get this wonderful camera!!

  408. 409
    ) Fatkhulla

    This would be an amazing upgrade to my current Nikon D5100! Will keep both my fingers and toes crossed :)

  409. 410
    ) Yingtao Chang

    Currently I am a Nikon D90 user, I certainly would like to try the new D7100 with its various new features, such as 24mp, dust safe body, 51 focus points and 1.3 crop factor.

  410. 411
    ) Johnny Tran

    I would like to use the Nikon D7100 for street photography.

  411. 412
    ) Ron Scott

    I would use my new D7000 to shoot wildlife and landscapes.

  412. 413
    ) Gary Hickling

    I would use the extra reach of the D7100 for wildlife shooting !

  413. 414
    ) Judy Rosannno

    My dream is to master taking amazing portraits of babies and young children, the kind that moms will treasure forever. This camera would be a great upgrade from the D3100 that I am now using… a step in the right direction for me.

  414. 415
    ) Blake Ralitff

    I will use my Nikon D7100 for the hiking trail taking portraits and landscapes both micro and macro. Will be on the lookout for images that speak to me like my favorite books and poems. I wish to be a poet photographer.

  415. 416
    ) Alan

    I’d use this as a backup for landscape/studio work.

  416. 417
    ) Ravi Mantha

    I am planning to photograph Landscapes with this camera

  417. 418
    ) Ian

    Who wouldn’t want a free D7100? I’d like one to shoot just about anything.

  418. 419
    ) craig66

    Primarily use the D7100 to photograph Landscapes along the California coast and throughout Arizona and the active grand kids.

  419. 420
    ) patricio silva

    I will use the new Nikon D7100 for shooting wildlife in southern Chile.

  420. 421
    ) Ron DuCharme

    If fortunate enough to win, I will introduce my 15 year old son to his first DSLR camera and enjoy travel/landscape photography together.

  421. 422
    ) Pavan Kumar

    I would like to gift this camera to my parents and see them enjoy shooting photos with it.

  422. I am the hugest Nikon fan ever and I would LOVE the Nikon D7100, nothing beats great photography and Nikon cameras!

  423. 424
    ) Janet Kopper

    I will shoot landscapes and sports with this camera !

  424. 425
    ) md mehadi masum mallick

    i will do wildlife and macro photography with this camera. :-)

  425. Thanks for all the great content, year round, and extra thanks to B&H for giving away a great prize to your fans and readers. Have a great 2013 Nasim and Clan!

  426. 427
    ) Marian Dragiev

    I am an enthusiastic amateur with passion for beautiful images.

  427. 428
    ) md mehadi masum mallick

    i will do wildlife and macro photography with this camera :-)

  428. 429
    ) Jason Shamesman

    I would make timelapse movies and shoot slow motion videos

  429. Hi! I cant wait to win the new Nikon D7100. April 11th is my birthday! What a fantastic birthday gift that would be. I will take the camera to Africa to shoot photos of a Cheetah. in the serengetti.

  430. 431
    ) Janet Kopper

    This new camera would be nice compliment and upgrade from my D7000 that I absolutely love. I will shoot mostly landscapes, sports and special events. Go Nikon !

  431. 432
    ) Andrew Barkley

    I would print larger.

  432. 433
    ) Yvonne Loi

    I take this camera on all photography trips with my boyfriend and use to take pictures of friends and family.

  433. 434
    ) adam

    If I win I’m donating the camera to my high school class. (crossing fingers!)

  434. 435
    ) Jan Klingberg

    I plan on dong a lot of backpack camping and landscape photography in the backcountry of Rocky Mountains

  435. 436
    ) Prasad N

    I plan to take my D7100 for street photography in Hyderabad…

  436. 437
    ) Gustavo Donado

    Understanding the cumbersome instructions is a nightmare. I see nowhere a ‘like’ button and in Facebook there’s nothing to see. Is it because I’m using an iMac? And yes, who wouldn’t like to have a Nikon D7100, however I don’t think I’ll solve this ‘like’ all over the place puzzle. :(

  437. 438
    ) Rene Mayorga

    I will use the camera for Macrophotography, and nature.

  438. 439
    ) Aleco40

    Great camera!

  439. 440
    ) Deepak

    Using a Canon 7D + 600mm, I’ve been eyeing the D7000 for a while now for it’s superior ISO performance… D7100 is like icing on the cake, I would move to Nikon system with either 500 or 600mm…

  440. 441
    ) Matt Decker

    My favorite photo victims, my kids, will look even better with this camera than with my, sadly, aging D50.

  441. 442
    ) Sue Bett

    I want to improve my skills shooting local musicians in low-light settings.

  442. 443
    ) Nguyen Quoc Huy

    I will use the D7100 for capturing the greatest moments in my life, I love photography

  443. 444
    ) Denise Hill

    A D7100 would be a wonderful camera to have or give to a photography friend of mine!

  444. 445
    ) Sue Bett

    I would like to improve my skills capturing local musicians in low-light situations.

  445. 446
    ) Hugo Martin Silva Salas

    I plan on doing all photography types with this camera!

  446. 447
    ) John Tankersley

    I would use the camera to shoot my kid’s school and sports activities.

  447. 448
    ) Chatsiri Rattana

    I plan to take a photo with Nikon D7100 in order to explore world and see behind the enemy line as journalist.

  448. 449
    ) Jerico Leandro Cortado

    since nikon is known for the awesome ISO handling, i will use this baby for lowlight shots like gigs and concerts! \m/

  449. 450
    ) Frank Darling

    What a way to win a great new camera from a great website. I will definitely be taking a lot of bird pictures with this if I win.

  450. 451
    ) Don Nelson

    I will use this camera to take photos for my son’s preschool yearbook. Love your site, btw!

  451. 452
    ) James Vey

    I would like to use this for landscape photography.

  452. Love the site. Great information and now a great competition. I will use my D7100 for sports and wildlife.

  453. 454
    ) Andi Halim

    I’d really love to upgrade my current setup, to improve my photojournalistic skill. For a better world :)

  454. I will use the camera as my travel DSLR.

  455. If I win, I would like to use my new D7100 for social documentary and journalistic photo and video coverage highlighting the changing face of a resurgent India. This powerful tool from Nikon will open the way to low light shooting, which is where the action is.

  456. Thanks so much. This is an amazing giveaway and I would love, love, love to upgrade my D7000. You posts are the ones I go to for the “Straight Scoop” on almost anything.

  457. 458
    ) Maria Hopkins

    I’ll use this camera to photograph my 2.5 year old son, friends and family. I’m hoping to become a professional portrait photographer. I’ve been using your website for a while and absolutely love it! Thank you for your help to beginners and for your great work!

  458. 459
    ) Eng Yap

    Will use the camera for vacation photos (mainly landscapes) later this year.

  459. 460
    ) BR Pluta

    This would be great tool to start exploring astro photography (a challenge with my 70s) and help take my wildlife photography to a new level. Thanks for all of your advice and insight.

  460. 461

    I like to shoot portraits, kids, low lights pictures and micro.

  461. 462
    ) John

    Gotta have that 51 point autofocus!

  462. 463
    ) Tony Ruscitti

    I would give my d800 a well deserved rest

  463. 464
    ) Albert Sim

    Taking advantage of this D7100′s crop factor and its high speed fps, I’ll use it mainly for sport and wildlife photography.

  464. And incidentally, I love PHOTOGRAPHY LIFE from way back when it was The Mansurovs…that cute little Mountain Pika is one of my all-time favorite photos, and I think the quality of the photos / reviews is second to none; the best actually ! Well done, Nasim ! You deserve your huge fan following — I am in your debt for your clear, incisive reviews and photography tips. Wish you even greater success.

  465. 466
    ) Sebastian Wunsch

    I would go on to street photography with the d7100!

  466. 467
    ) Christopher C. Mabale

    planning to give this to my wife. she also loves photography :-) thanks Mansurovs…thanks B&H!

  467. As a proud owner of a D7000 I would love to own the younger brother as well to continue my quest to photograph color in the world.

  468. 469
    ) Rick Isaacs

    I have heard great things about this camera and would like to try it out on wildlife photography!

  469. 470
    ) Dana Zebrowski

    I would use it to take photos of families and children and get myself closer to being more of a professional photographer :)

  470. 471
    ) Nitish

    I would like to use this for travel and street photography.

  471. 472
    ) Ed Levy

    I really like your site because of the “great info” and the timely industry “updates” that it offers. I would use the D7100 for sports and actions because of its high frame rate and as a back up to my D800.

  472. 473
    ) Dana Zebrowski

    I would use this camera to take photos of families and children and to hopefully to become more of a professional photographer.

  473. 474
    ) Sam

    Great camera, big improvement over my D200.

  474. This D7100 would be the best camera I need for landscape, portrait(family), and macro photography and share the beauty of the world.

  475. 476
    ) Poy Divinagracia

    I would use this camera for flash photography!

  476. 477
    ) Alex Chen

    long time reader, and like your thoughts. I still use D80 while you moved on and created a whole world for yourself.

  477. Hope to win this one, and be on my way to serious photography!!!
    Please pick me…

  478. 479
    ) Eliot Nierman

    Wonderfully informative site

  479. 480
    ) Amit Shaw

    Nice and Awesome Giveaway Nasim Sir. I want to start Landscape and Portrait Photography and I read some reviews that D7100 is best of Images. So i want to win this anyhow :) I am going to share (Rafflecopter) this Link with my friend to increase the chances to win. Entered, Liked the Both page and here is my comment :)
    Hope to win.
    Thanks again for this awesome Giveaway.

  480. 481
    ) Wayneson Chan

    I would use this for landscape and cityscape photography.

  481. 482
    ) abhishek

    That is a very good camera , hope I will be lucky

  482. 483
    ) Arvind Kanswal

    Would love to have it!

  483. 484
    ) Kirk

    Excited for a D7100 to join the ranks in my Nikon kit.

  484. I am going to use it for night photography and for bird photography. Since D7100 is motorized, I can save a lot of money and buy cheap telephoto lenses.

  485. 486
    ) Robert

    Have always enjoyed and appreciated this blog and learned much from it. Would definitely love to see the difference between the D7100 and D7000.

  486. 487
    ) Joaquin Pineros

    I will be looking forward to purchase a Nauticam Underwater Housing to take magnificent underwater pics. Updating from D7000 will be exciting.

  487. 488
    ) Sydney D

    Would love to try this out. Looks great.

  488. 489
    ) Adrian Shifren

    I’d take a self portrait of the happiest guy around!!!

  489. 489
    ) Josh Ruark

    I’m planning on using this camera for night photography.

  490. 491
    ) Deepak

    I will use this camera to click more creative photography with abstract object

  491. 492
    ) Joyce Poyton

    This camera looks amazing. I would love to learn how to take night shots of fireworks.

  492. I am planning to take up a job as a part time photographer for a small news paper & there are certain issues which needs people’s & Gov attention. Often news gets unnoticed. I hope i can produce “eye catching” photos & my people read my news behind it.

  493. 494
    ) Anna L

    I would love this camera as a back up!

  494. 495
    ) Cecilia Clavet

    I would use this camera to photograph my 6 month old. She loves to laugh and we share many fun and funny moments each day. It would be wonderful to capture these moments with this camera.

  495. 496
    ) Swarup

    THis is an Awesome Giveaway. Thanks you Nasim Sir for holding this giveaway.

    Personally I love Nikon Camera and Nikon D7100 is Dam good DSLR.

    Hope I win this Giveaway :)

    I also share this giveaway in my Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks Again for this giveaway.

  496. 497
    ) Robert Muirhead

    Great giveaway. I would use the D7100 for shooting landscapes, landscapes, landscapes!

  497. 498
    ) Rakesh Sarate

    If i win this D7100 i will use it for my wildlife activities.

  498. 499
    ) Kirsten Max

    I’m planning to take this camera on my next trip to NY to photograph my adorable niece and nephews. :)

  499. 500
    ) Amir Chen

    i am going to use the D7100 to take photos of my family and macro.

  500. 501
    ) Anindya

    Photographylife became my favorite website for product reviews and tutorials! Keep Up the good work.
    I have owned my first DSLR (D90) for just over a year. Winning the Nikon D7100 would be awsome in terms of better camera for landscape and Bird photography.


  501. 502
    ) samad

    nice giveaway :)

  502. Hi Nasim, my comment on the D7100 seems to have been placed under other comments and All previous attempts here were spammed. I don’t want to be disqualified by adding a comment twice. Will my comment still be accepted for entry or must I re enter my comment here?

  503. 504
    ) Patrick Miller

    It would be my first DSLR – what a great way to get into it!

  504. 505
    ) Bryan Ray

    I will use this camera to photography motorcycle roadracing.

  505. 506
    ) eric

    would really love to try out this new camera!

  506. 507
    ) Anthony

    I will use this for my wedding and family photography!

  507. 508
    ) Nishant Rana

    Learned a lot from this site and now a chance to get a brand new camera. That is pretty cool. Is this what is called fun learning?

  508. 509
    ) Steffan M.

    The D7100 would be a great upgrade and allow me to shoot more landscapes with my Tokina 11-16 f2.8 version II. No low pass filter means sharper landscapes baby!

  509. 510
    ) Murali

    I’m going to use this Camera to photograph nature and birds.

  510. If I win, I would continue to focus on my favorite subject – people! Weddings, portraits, and a little bit of travel. This would make a great travel camera as well, once I am healed and can go places again!

  511. I will use Nikon D7100 to shoot landscapes.

  512. 513
    ) Norman Silva

    I would like this camera for photography at my Church.

  513. 514
    ) Matt Willett

    When I win this cam I’ll shoot RAW instead of film!

  514. 515
    ) Nick Deines

    I will use this Nikon D7100 for family photos and nature photography.

  515. 516
    ) Greg Dunn

    I would love to win this camera to take pictures of beautiful British Columbia to share with you all!

  516. 517
    ) Chris Hood

    I’ll use a new D7100 to upgrade from my D5100 for all my overseas travels!

  517. 518
    ) Chiranjibi Dewangan

    I’ll use this nikon D7100 camera for travel photography.

  518. 519
    ) Jeremy Hao

    I am going to use the D7100 for landscape and travel photography!!

  519. 520
    ) Etienne Moraal

    I plan to use this camera as a entry level machine into semi pro photography.

  520. 521
    ) Lisa McDowell

    I would use the d7100 as my first DSLR to learn and expand my knowledge of photography to photograph macro nature shots and landscapes.

  521. I would use this camera as my backup camera to my Nikon D800.

  522. 523
    ) Melissa Noel

    I would give this camera to my son who’s still using his D40. The D7100 would be an amazing step up for him to use for the landscape and street photography he enjoys, as well as for photographing his two young children.

  523. 524
    ) Deepak dadhich

    D7100 seems to be a perfect upgrade to my nikon d80.

  524. 525
    ) Truong Long

    Neat camera for my journey to photography world :)

  525. 526
    ) Myo Kyaw

    I will use this for sport photography.

  526. 527
    ) Mihai Prisecaru

    replace my old d7000 :-)

  527. 528
    ) Preston Keller

    I’d use for a planned bike tour across the US!

  528. 529
    ) Christian Guevara

    Hi Nasim, I’ll use the D7100 for my nature photography. Cheers!

  529. Weddings!

  530. 531
    ) shrikant

    great camera and great website !!

  531. 532
    ) Sunil Kumar R

    I would love to use this camera to photograph the birds to spread awareness on conserving birds.

  532. I will use my D7100 to mainly take surfing action shots and landscapes

  533. 534
    ) Antonio Sanguigni

    I would use D7100 mainly to shot my girls when playing volleyball !

  534. 535
    ) Stevie

    I’d love to use this for street photography and shooting outdoor aquatic sports!

  535. 536
    ) Tina

    I would use the camera for family and landscaping pictures.

  536. 537
    ) Reinhard

    I am planning to use the camera to photograph landscapes.

  537. 538
    ) Jennifer Adams

    I would use the D7100 for outdoor photography. Mainly sunrises and sunsets, animals, birds and wild life. But also photos of my family!!

  538. 539
    ) jeffrey

    I would use as my back-up for evebts and landscape.

  539. 540
    ) Dhanad Dipta

    Will use this for travel and landscape photography!

  540. I will use my D7100 to photograph the WORLD…muha ha..MU HA HA HA!

  541. 542
    ) Steven Chew

    I really need the D7100 for my travel photography. Will be heading off to Italy, Switzerland and France for the first time in my life. Oh what a dream it will be if I get this camera!

  542. 543
    ) sreeram pinnamaraju

    I will use the d7100 to fulfill my dream of becoming a DSLR photographer.

  543. 544
    ) Dan Anderson

    I am going to use the D7000 for some great stills, AND some great video too!

  544. 545
    ) sreeram pinnamaraju

    I will use d7100 to fulfill my dream of becoming a DSLR photographer.

  545. 546
    ) Talitha Lemos

    I will use the D7100 to start my new business.

  546. 547
    ) Michael

    I would give it a workout photographing our 14 grandkids.

  547. The D7100 would be my take anywhere camera and backup to my D700 for weddings and portrait work. I loved the D7000 and this upgrade is going to rock!

  548. 549
    ) Dan Anderson

    I will use this camera to shoot great pictures, AND great video!

  549. I am a passionate nature and wildlife photographer and this D7100 would suit perfectly for me!

  550. 551
    ) Ashok

    Nikon is the best SLR!

  551. 552
    ) Iskandar T

    Great! Will be a good gift for someone to pickup photography.

  552. 553
    ) Luis B.

    I would use this camera to take pics of my beautiful daughter whos turning 3 in may.

  553. 554
    ) Ryan Lannom

    I would use this D7100 to better explore this so marvelously expressive art!

  554. 555
    ) András Polgár

    I will use it for Event photography.

  555. This would be my first SLR if I won ;). I will try wildlife with this one. :)

  556. I am shooting the big cats of Africa and will use the D7100 to shoot lions, cheetahs and leopards in the Kalahari.

  557. 558
    ) Juliette

    I would use this D7100 camera for absolutely everything, how could I not! Variety is the spice of life~

  558. 559
    ) John

    Again, love the site, great info and great giveaway

  559. 560
    ) Sam Kim

    I will use the D7100 to take pictures of my favorite things! Especially landscapes.

  560. 561
    ) Wesley Walker

    Nasim and co, thanks so much for the blog – it is one that I read regularly and is full of the kind of articles that I find useful. The fact that it is easy to read is a real bonus!

    I would use the D7100 as my landscape and studio camera. The removal of the anti-alias filter and extra megapixels will mean I get more usable resolution than I get with my OM-D. In the studio, there are more accessories available for Nikon DSLRs than for M4/3, so life will be made more simple.

  561. 562
    ) John

    I would use this for photographing my young children (great AF) and the wild spaces of South Africa (great sensor), preferably both together (great memory).

  562. 563
    ) Dinesh Ramamurthi

    Would love to learn the art of photography courtesy Photography Life and a D7100 would be a great addition.

  563. 564
    ) Sandeep Sira

    I’m a Nikonian and ‘ve been a keen follower of your site, I currently own a D5100+300mm f4, was looking for an upgrade to D600, but with the announcement of D7100 and its amazing DX features I changed my mind(I’m primarily into bird photography and the focal length is a concern if I upgrade to FX), looking fwd to get hold of one soon.
    Mansurov- Sir, thanks for your reviews and reliable advice on photography as always.

  564. 565
    ) Viktor Suhov

    I will use it for photographing people happiness and emotions (no matter what kind of – smiling bride and groom on the wedding day, action on events, children running in the parks or my lovely grandparents). Thank you for the given opportunity)

  565. 566
    ) Karl R.

    Hope to seet the D7100 soon – love your site from the beginning
    My Facebook Name is Carl TightShooster

  566. Love this site – thank you for the give away of D7100;

    • Duplikate due to browser lag – sorry take the first #566 entry as valid one drop #567

  567. 568
    ) Tom D

    I will use this body to complement a D600 body and especially will use it with my longer glass – to make it longer!

  568. 569
    ) Abel Villos

    Would be aneat upgrade to my D5100. will use this with wide angle architecture shots and portrait! rather extreme choice of photography focus but D7100 will have nno problem.

  569. 570
    ) Alessio Mangone

    I’m gonna use the D7100 shoot orangutans, turtles, birds and flowers all around Borneo!

    • 572
      ) Alessio Mangone

      I’ve made a little mistake double-posting the same message… please feel free to remove this one!

  570. 571
    ) Alessio Mangone

    I’m gonna use the D7100 to shoot orangutans, turtles, birds and flowers all around Borneo!

  571. 573
    ) erol paker

    Being a fan of your site, I feel its time to promote mysely to DSLR from my Coolpix.
    First start saving money to buy few lenses with guidence from your site.

  572. 574
    ) Mihirmax

    Thanks you for give away…… i’m passionate beginner.

  573. 575
    ) VFedorov

    Yes, sure that it will be a nice replace to d300s!

  574. 576
    ) alper

    I want to use it for all my photographs : street,landscape,travel,portraits …

  575. Please make it mine!

  576. 578

    I will use this camera to start my photography business!

  577. 579
    ) Mayank Manu

    I want to freeze time n show the world by clicking with it,

  578. 580
    ) Vince Filed

    I would like to try to make movies with a dslr for the first time and replace the (long held) first and only camera I own. I heard that the D7100 has excellent capabilities, works with all Nikon lenses, and thank BH & Photography Life for the chance!

  579. 581
    ) Joel

    Update to my D300

  580. 582
    ) Joel

    Update to my D300 which is getting old.

  581. 583
    ) Vern

    I plan to use the D7100 for shooting wildlife. The 1.3x crop would be perfect for that.

  582. 584

    I will use D7100 for traveling with my lovely nikon 18-200mm afs lens ^^

  583. 585
    ) Pratompong

    I am planning to use this camera for landscape photography. ^-^

  584. 586
    ) David Perez Canal

    I want to photograph the best time of my life.

  585. 587
    ) Joshua Sutton

    I’m planning on using it for event photography, specifically concerts and sports events

  586. 588
    ) Zaw Naing

    I’ll take wildlife photos with that angles, if I won it.

  587. 589
    ) Andrea

    My opinion is that nikon has made a really wonderfull dx camera, i hope that in the future Nikon will make ad affordable FX camera with a nice af sistem and keep producing amazing professional cameras like it’s doing in the last years.

  588. 590
    ) Divya

    This would be my go to camera for my next trip to Yellowstone!!

  589. 591
    ) Aridany Ramirez

    Great site! would like to use the camera for my travels

  590. 592
    ) Giovanni Di Cicco

    I will use this camera to explore our beautiful world and its endless scenes through the truthful of eye of my lens.

  591. 593
    ) divya

    This would be my go to Camera for my next trip to yellowstone!!, thanks photographylife.

  592. 594
    ) Dave Klein

    I would use a new D7100 to photograph my new born daughter.

  593. I plan with Velokosiv team to ride all 44 villages in my local Kosiv district in Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and make stunning landscape, nature, and people photos! Thank you for such contest opportunity and good luck to everybody!

  594. 596
    ) Radu Zaharia

    I would use it to increase the reach of my 70-200mm f/4.

  595. 597
    ) Dhavinya Saba

    Hello, Im here to say, If i won this camera I would be eternally grateful. I would then be able to take more pictures of my favourite things to take pictures of..which are Flowers and People :) I enjoy taking pictures of is my passion so please help me…take better photos :)

  596. 598
    ) Peter Fledelius

    I will mainly take pictures of my family

  597. 599
    ) Renjith Renuja Kumar

    I will use Nikon D7100 for all my photographic need create and preserve those golden moments of our life and things associated with it

  598. 600
    ) ProTech Guy

    I am planning to photograph landscapes with this camera

  599. 601
    ) Richard

    I would take full advantage of the 51 focus points and the extra x1.3 crop facility for my wildlife. It’s like having a longer lens without the penalty of extra stops.


  600. 602
    ) Matt Masson

    I would use the Nikon D7100 to launch my career in photography. It would help me make my dreams come true.

  601. 603
    ) Anders Bergqvist

    I will use my brand new Nikon D7100 during a self drive safari in South Africa this July!

  602. 604
    ) Florian

    I would use my new D7100 for street photography :)

  603. 605
    ) Avishai

    Wow! I think this is amazign you are doing such a great giveaway! I would love to win it because I believe I already outgrew my Nikon D40 but I don’t have money to buy a new DSLR… I would use it mainly for nature photography.

  604. Nice competition! Would love to win the camera to take up photography as both a hobby and as a tool for our design studio.

  605. 607
    ) Kiran KT

    I would love to update to D7100 for wildlife and landscape photography!

  606. 608
    ) Sathish Krishnan

    Great competition and good luck the lucky winner!!!

  607. 609
    ) Peter Wortel

    I would use the D7100 in combination with my macro lens to photograph ladybirds.

  608. I would use my new D7100 for al my photography … This is mainly travel and landscape and bit of portrait and lifestyle.

  609. 611
    ) keisham dhanakumar

    i plan to shoot macro photos using D7100 and i love the weather sealing of the dslr

  610. 612
    ) Gianni Comoglio

    I plan to use my Nikon D7100 to phjotograph the beautiful spring trees in my North Italian area

  611. 613
    ) Paul Rondel

    My chance to switch away from Canon perhaps?

  612. 614
    ) David Park

    I will shoot weddings and live my dream of becoming a world renown wedding photographer!

  613. I’ll use the d700 to shoot some sport events here at my town. The new Dx cropped mode will be very useful.

    Keep the good work guys…

    All the best

  614. I’ll use the d7100 to shoot some sport events here at my town. The new Dx cropped mode will be very useful.

    Keep the good work guys…

    All the best

  615. 617
    ) Kon Sotirchos

    I’m going to use the Nikon D7100 camera as a travel camera.

  616. 618
    ) quyen

    Want to do travel photography with it.

  617. 619
    ) Georgi

    I would use my new D7100 for street photography :)

  618. 620
    ) Pedro Magalhães

    I’m going to use the Nikon D7100 to explore the world!

  619. 621
    ) Chris Laming

    I would use the additional functionality of the D7100 as an upgrade to my D90 to further my experience and seek to become a better photographer

  620. 622
    ) kennij

    Get out of the house in newly installed ramp and learn photography from my wheelchair

  621. 623
    ) Jono

    I want to use my D7100 to develop my photography.

  622. 624
    ) Ahmad Azreen

    I am planning to photograph wedding with this camera.

  623. 625
    ) Gerardo Lerion

    D7100 is a very good upgrade from my old D90.

  624. 626
    ) Sudharshun Gopalan

    D7100 is an alrounder, i will carry my D7100 to all place wherever i travel.
    It has a decent 6fps, 51 point fast autofocus, with a frame of AF points in 1.3x crop mode, with 24mp we can shoot whaterver we want.

  625. 627
    ) Jos W. Janssen

    I will use the D7100 in combination with my D700 and with my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 and Nikon 70-200 f/4.
    Nice gesture from Nasim and B&H!

  626. The D7100 will replace my aging D5000 in making startrails and wildlife photographs.

  627. 629
    ) Lester Lockett Jr

    I will use the D7100 for my photography, landscapes, portraits, macros, etc.

  628. 630
    ) Syed Farhan Shahid

    I will explore nature with this brand new camera

  629. 631
    ) Pietro Cesana

    I like the Nikon D7100!

  630. 632
    ) Troy

    I will use the D7100 for everything, Taking photos, hammering tent pegs,to keep me warm on cold nights, to talk to when it all seems too much ………

  631. 633
    ) Don Parsisson

    One of my photobooks was recently included in a show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. So I’ll use the D7100 for three new photobook projects I’m developing. They include dog owners, people using public transportation, and supporters of the arts.

  632. 634
    ) r bunell

    I would love to win this camera to be able to take photos of the towns I travel to for work and vacation. I like to expose my children to the images so that they understand that what they hear and read about is real and to make the connection between the places they hear of and the places they would also like to go.

  633. 635
    ) Ahmad Syukaery

    I will give the D7100 to my wife to replace her beaten D5000

  634. 636
    ) Andre

    It would be great winning this, i would give it to my Wife as a gift on her upcoming birthday :)

  635. Having used the D7000 I’d love to have the updated model.
    A second camera would be handy and I’m sure it would make a lovely one for wildlife photography.

  636. 638
    ) Zeeshan

    D7100 will give me opportunity to develop my skills.

  637. 639
    ) Garsaball Laurent

    I’m a professional Pilot in France, I would like to take pictures from my plane and during stopovers. I own a D60 and it will be a great improvement to use the new D7100!

  638. 640
    ) Scott Bean

    I would use the D7100 to shoot landscapes and nature photographs.

  639. 641
    ) Gerald Wilson

    I am big follower of Photography Life. The articles & photography tips are great, easy to follow for the beginners as well as the experienced ones. Having used D5100, D7100 will take my photography to next level.

  640. 642
    ) JohnGibbson

    D7100 would be a dream come true as im a student and can’t afford it at the time being. I would love to finally put away the D3100 and further develop my skills

  641. I’m a very unlucky person when it comes to all these sort of competition. If 2013 turns to me my lucky year and if I win this Camera, then I would treat it as a precious trophy and use it on my next safari :-)

  642. 644
    ) patrick otoole

    I’d take picture of my beautiful children.

  643. 645
    ) Arief Tjahyono

    I would use the D7100 to learn how to take beautiful portrait photos!

  644. 646
    ) Russell Murphy

    Already own the awesome D7000 (the best value DX on the planet) and have acute NAS lens disease, so winning this will just put it into submission for awhile! :)

  645. D7100 is the DX camera worth to invest on because of its features! :)

  646. 648
    ) Mr P Redford

    To improve my sport and nature photography.

  647. 649
    ) Philip Blank

    I absolutly fallen in love with this camera. I promiss to take her for a walk and feet her every day with new pics.
    And i guess she will be on very good terms with my d60.

  648. 650
    ) Eric Piskura

    I would use a new d7100 to document my upcoming trip to Venezia

  649. 651
    ) anna

    I would use my new D7100 for street photography :) and landscapes

  650. 652
    ) Carlos Rojas

    I will shoot sports with this new D7100.

  651. 653
    ) Kiing Teck Ho

    I will use this Nikon D7100 Camera to capture my favourite sports games like Formula one and NBA Basketball.

  652. 654
    ) Kenneth Rytter

    finishing my education as Architect this summer, would be the perfect camera to start my new job with … would have bought the d7000 but the 7100 is so much better

  653. 655
    ) Shannon

    I would use the D7100 to capture my three beautiful children!

  654. 656
    ) Saiful Zaree Johar

    If I win, I’ll use my D7100 for photographing animals and nature and my D7000 for everything else!!!

  655. 657
    ) Nancycs

    I would use the new d7100 to take my sons senior pictures and all of our family pictures.

  656. 658
    ) Roger

    I World use the D7100 besiedelt May beloved D800 as a travel & Telephonist camera…

  657. 659
    ) Roger

    I would use the D7100 beside my beloved D800 as a travel & tlephoto camera…

  658. 660
    ) Henry Mroz

    I already own a D700 so this would make a great backup. However, I’d probably give it to my daughter. She’s a great budding photog and it would be a very nice step up from her current D50.

  659. 661
    ) Roger

    I ould use the D7100 beside my beloved D800 as a travel & telephoto camera.

  660. Photography is my passion, I photograph everything. The D7100 would be a most welcome since with D5100 I miss a lot of stuff and situations because I have to get into menus and find some obvious settings that D7100 has them on-camera as buttons. It would elevate my passion for photography more.

  661. 663
    ) Shiraj De Silva

    Definitely for wildlife and birding!

  662. Your site has become one of the few trusted sites I read every day. Great information on it. Just received a LensAlign from B&H. Plan to try it out today!!

  663. 665
    ) Jason Roselander

    This will be my go to camera for all sorts of photos. Baby, travel, landscape, etc.

  664. 666
    ) Rob White

    My camera was stolen, so this would be the perfect replacement.

  665. 667
    ) Rajveer Singh

    I will improve my photography life with D7100.

  666. 668
    ) manny herreria

    Along with my wife will document the birth of our first child .

  667. 669
    ) Tan Chin Boon

    I would use D71000 for portrait photography.

  668. 670
    ) Lorena Barrionuevo

    A good chance to move forward after 3 years shooting with a D3000

  669. 671
    ) Patrick S Faherty

    Awesome. I really like the looks/specs of this camera.

  670. 672
    ) Rajesh Bharambe

    This will be camera to photograph my everyday life with my children.

  671. 673
    ) Craig Brady

    I would absolutely love to have this camera for my trip to photograph jaguars in the Pantanal later this year :)

  672. 674
    ) Mauro Campanelli

    I’m planning to do everything with this camera! :)

  673. 675
    ) Ashish Jain

    I will love to have this camera. I plan to use it to do portraits and street photography.

  674. 676
    ) Georg

    Great thing, your giveaway… I hope that I’m picked!

  675. 677
    ) Maxime

    great camera, great contest !!!

  676. 678
    ) Eileen

    I am planning a visit to Europe this fall. I would love to have a D7100 to take shots of my trip.

  677. 679
    ) Ross Leach

    If I win the D7100 I would use it for orchid award photography and nature photos

  678. The D7100 seems to be a real upgrade for any DX user.

  679. 681
    ) Daniella C

    If I win the D7100, I’ll finally could take amazing pictures of my 2 babies =)

  680. 682
    ) Maristella F.

    I really hope to win this!!!

  681. 683
    ) Mel Myers

    The D7100 would make a good backup camera for my D600!

  682. 684
    ) Vincent L

    Thanks for the chance to win this great camera.

  683. 685
    ) Bill Formica

    I am planning a cruise through Italy, Greece, Montenegro, and Dubrovnic, Croatia, and the D7100 would be a welcome addition to my trip to capture the beautiy that I anticipate.

  684. 686
    ) Gibi

    The site is really a school for me from which i learned Photography. The D7100 will be an award from the school, if i win! Thanks to the team.

  685. 687
    ) Betsy K.

    I will use the new camera to take even more pictures of my new granddaughter. There can never be enough photos!

  686. 688
    ) Kelly Jones

    I plan to use the camera to take baby/toddler pictures for my friends and family. I love photography, editing, and being creative, but am not quite ready to take that leap into the business world. I’m an accelerated nursing student so that is priority right now.

  687. 689
    ) Tanto lie

    I need it f8 feature to using my AF-S 200 – 400 f4 G lens with AF-S TC20E III properly.

  688. 690
    ) Kelene (Kelly) Kuvakas

    Truly hoping for a win. Been a Canon girl for 8 years for portraits but have longed for a Nikon to excel in lowlight (higher ISO) photography! Praying… :)

  689. 691
    ) Gert Thomsen

    I’ll be happy to upgrade my d300 to take even better pictures – and to hand over the d300 to my daugther as a substitute for the d70 I gave her when I upgraded to d300

  690. 692
    ) Carley

    I would LOVE to win! It would photograph the beauty all around me !

  691. 693
    ) Rod

    Fantastic promotion I would love to have this for a planned trip to the US. southwest this summer.

  692. 694
    ) Melissa

    Nikon for Life!

  693. 695
    ) Jim

    The D7100 will be perfect for taking HDR images, my favorite way to fully explore the beauty of nature.

  694. 696
    ) Will

    Great giveaway. I would love to get this camera and replace my D3100!

  695. 697
    ) Carley

    I would photography everything and anything !
    I love to creatively capture simple everyday moments and turn them into art !

  696. 698
    ) Israel Romo

    Will use my D7100 for taking photos to my kids and family.

  697. 699
    ) Girish Hegde

    I would like use the new D7100 to create awareness about basic education in India through photography

  698. 700
    ) Luigi Irace

    I will mainly photograph events, and portraits with my shiny new D71000. I use a d7000 currently!

  699. 701
    ) steve

    i would love to use this camera to shoot the beauty wherever i go

  700. 702
    ) Varun Banda

    I will photograph birds and wildlife with my D7100.

  701. 703
    ) AK

    Though I could see many people posting all available reasons in the world, I’m just entering the contest to get a camera free.. Who wouldn’t like to get a camera free, that too from Nikon? \m/

  702. 704
    ) Arun Ramanujam

    I would love to photograph my lovely wife and precious sons.

  703. 705
    ) Justin

    This camera is very exciting! It would be a nice addition to my D800.

  704. 706
    ) Maysa

    Will take photos of my newborn!

  705. 707
    ) William Dufresne

    I’m going to use my camera to be a catalyst of understanding between people of different cultures around the world to foster peace.

  706. 708
    ) Francis

    I’ll use the D7100 for travel, architecture, city/landscape, portraits and family photos. This would make a nice birthday update to my D90 coming in April! ;)

  707. 709
    ) MJohn

    Will be a dream to have this camera.

  708. 710
    ) Pascal Guérard

    The D7100 should be great for sport and wildlife photography.

  709. 711
    ) MJohn

    I will use this camera to capture the sand dunes.

  710. 712
    ) Bailey L. Goos

    This camera would afford me amazing opportunity to take high quality pictures of African wildlife when I go back in May of 2014 after veterinary school graduation!!!

  711. I will use it for nature photography.

  712. 714
    ) Judy Cairns

    I will use the Nikon D7100 to photograph my pup and his interactions with the world.

  713. 715
    ) jules p

    My friend has this camera and I would love to own it also. She has let me “borrow” it for special moments, and the pictures are amazing. I would love to win..cause my daughter graduates from college in May and she will be the first of our family (extended also) to complete college. This way I would get gorgeous pictures of her, even from far away.

  714. 716
    ) Paolo Quindara

    You guys are awesome as always! Travel photography here we go!

  715. 717
    ) Shao-Yu Chang

    It is so excited, hope having a chance to use D7100 and see how good it is.

  716. 718
    ) Bob

    I am planning to use my d7100 to learn about digital photography.

  717. 719
    ) Nathan Duncan

    I plan on using the D7100 to do time lapse video’s of industrial areas at night.

  718. 720
    ) Marsha

    Would love this to replace my current nikon to photograph local rescue dogs, looking for a home.

  719. I have a D800, and the D7100 would be great to use the “extended” focal length of my longer lenses. This is a great giveaway. Thanks!

  720. 722
    ) Bailey-eileen Dexter-parr

    I would love to win this amazing camera, thanks for the giveaway!

  721. 723
    ) gladys

    This is wonderful promotion1 If God chooses me as a winner, I will give this as a gift to my beloved niece who is 16 and loves photography and she wants to become a professional – she already takes wonderful pictures – unfortunately, her camera was stolen – it was given to her for her 16th b-date. However, I wish everyone good luck! best. gladys

  722. 724
    ) Ed Roux

    I plan to take pictures of the Pacific Ocean.

  723. 725
    ) David

    What would I do with an D7100? Taking photographs I’d like to think ;)
    I’m planning a Trip to Japan this summer so a new camera would be quite nice.

  724. 726
    ) Rachael

    I would love to have a new camera. The government of china recently stole mine :(

  725. 727
    ) Warren Kneis

    Landscape and travel photography covers the majority of my work and a new Nikon 7100 will be a great complement to my well used and aging D700.

  726. 728
    ) Daham Makewita

    I am planning to venture more into landscape photography.

  727. 729
    ) Sunil

    Would love to have this APS-C sensor to use with my 70-200 and TC 20III for bird photography.

  728. 730
    ) Rachael Peffer

    I would be upgrading if I won this camera…I would be photographing my clients who need to feel beautiful!

  729. 731
    ) Joanna

    If I won I would be using this to take pictures of my beautiful children. Thanks for hosting this!

  730. 732
    ) Bengt Ahltoft

    Trying to save money fore an Nikon D5200, to replace my Olympus sp8000uz. I am in a hurry to replace it, so i have to settle wit the Nicon D5200. The Nicon D7100 is my dream.

  731. Thank you for hosting this contest. Everyone entering it knows the 7100 is Nikon’s best DX camera and feels it will extend their skill as a photographer (I know it’s a step up from my well worn, but still very useful, D40).

  732. 734
    ) Raluca Vlasceanu

    I plan to use D7100 for portraits.

  733. 735
    ) don vu

    I’ve learned a lot for this site; one of the more educational and personal sites I’ve known; One of the sire I visit almost daily for more news/articles/techniques/gear; Wish I could be more of a writer to help the site out
    The D7100 could be a complement to my D600 when it comes to sports/wildlife/bird shoots
    It’s all good

  734. 736
    ) Mike Terry

    Just read about the 80-400 on BH. What a great addition to a 7100. Well someone has to win!

  735. 737
    ) Gerard Adimando

    I have just retired from my job which I held for 40 years. I now want to travel the world taking photographs to share with those that aren’t fortunate enough to visit these places in person.

  736. 738
    ) Kuok Meng

    I would love to bring a new 7100 with me to Taiwan and be my third eye to witness whatever gonna happen there :)

  737. 739
    ) Pikulik Vladislav

    I will use the D7100 to help me improve my portraiture work.

  738. 740
    ) Kylie Gough

    I would love to win the Nikon D7100!

  739. 741
    ) John Donovan

    I will use the camera exclusively for macro photography in my yard

  740. I will use the camera for wildlife photography

  741. 743
    ) Hooi Ying

    I will be happy to give the brand new D7100 to my dear boyfriend as our second anniversary gift.

  742. 744
    ) Salman Yousuf

    I am going to use the D7100 to upgrade from my current D3100 for travel photography.

  743. 745
    ) David Blair

    If I won, I would use the D7100 to learn more about digital photography and to take pictures of nature, landscapes, wildlife, family, friends… I think you get the idea…

  744. 746
    ) Roland Koch

    I’d like to use the D7100 for wildlife and landscape photography. My upcoming trip to botswana would be perfectfor that.

  745. 747
    ) Michele Cavallo

    I would like to upgrade my basic d3000 with the fantastic d7100! Tell me I’m the winner :-)

  746. 748
    ) CodieD

    I would really love to have the D7100. I have a D5100 and have been learning ditital photography. The D7100 has so many more features :)

  747. 749
    ) Eric Peterson

    I will shoot a family reunion this summer.

  748. 750
    ) Niclas Janßen

    I would use the D7100 for sports (basketball) and nature photography.

  749. 751
    ) Ken Katowik

    I plan to use my D7100 for anything and everything that would benefit from the DX size sensor giving me more reach to photograph.

  750. 752
    ) James Dolbee

    This looks like an ideal camera to extend my wildlife shooting.

  751. 753
    ) James Hildebrand

    I would use a D7100 for all sorts of things. :)

    • 891
      ) Patricia Passos

      Eu gostaria de ganhar a Nikon D7100 para fotografar pessoas com almas alegres e pessoas bem humoradas!

  752. I want to photograph my mother! And so it have a beautiful memory of her! =D

  753. 755
    ) Nick Gervasi

    Great camera :)))))))))

  754. 756
    ) Eric Fok

    I want to photograph wildlife and tryout the 2x crop.

  755. 757
    ) Verm

    I’d go to the 1.3 crop mode with my 500mm + 1.4x to get a 1365mm equivalent and faster burst rate for bird in flight shots.

  756. 758
    ) Issa Tam

    I want a D7100 and give my elder bro as a gift to replace his D90 so as to have far enhancements in photographing birds and insects.

  757. 759
    ) Grant Frederiksen

    I will use this camera to photograph my son’s lacrosse team

  758. 760
    ) Louis Jordaan

    I am a Nikon fan and I hope that with a D7100 I would be able to start earning a living with this new DSLR taking portrait photos

  759. 761
    ) Alison Dockstader

    I will use this awesome camera to take pictures for my new blog!

  760. 762
    ) Ken Hulick

    Definitely want to upgrade from my 6mp D70 for landscape photos.

  761. 763
    ) Shu-Ling Huang

    I would use D7100 for travel photography.

  762. 764
    ) Vartkes Nadjarian

    I would use for all my photography

  763. 765
    ) André Bherer

    With this camera I would photograph LIFE in all its beauty

  764. 766
    ) Gabrielle W.

    My camera is dying-I could use a new one!

  765. 767
    ) Gabrielle W.

    I hope I win!

  766. 768
    ) Dan

    I would love to try the D7100 to complement my Mirrorless cams

  767. 769
    ) hari

    i use D7100 for Kids action pictures and scenic photos

  768. 770
    ) Peter

    Need to satisfy my desire for more gear!

  769. 771
    ) William Faucher

    Equipped with the D7100, I would travel the world to show people what life is like beyond their doorstep. To show them that humanity really is a beautiful thing.

  770. 772
    ) Sandeep Kataria

    I would take my photography skills to next level with Nikon D7100

  771. 773
    ) Greg Zurbrugg

    I will use it in my upcoming photography book titled “I’ve Been Shot” documenting people who have been shot with a gun.

  772. 774
    ) Rodrigo Barril

    I would go one step further in the world of photography with the D7100.
    Greetings from Spain

  773. 775
    ) Jason Birkett

    I would use this D7100 to take pictures of my 1 yr old daughter, my family and our beautiful city!

  774. 776
    ) Pablo Laayon

    Should I be lucky and will be owning a Nikon D7100, it would serve as my starting point in Photography.

  775. 777
    ) Norman D Bemis III

    This would be a great camera to take pictures of my kids doing all their activities!

  776. 778
    ) Stefania Francucci

    Ready to win!

  777. Will upgrade from my D5100 and use this for wildlife photo shoots…

  778. 780
    ) Pablo Laayon

    Should I be lucky owning a D7100 Nikon camera, it would serve as my starting point in photography.

  779. 781
    ) D.R.

    D71oo would be a great upgrade from my D80 and use it for sports and landscape photography.

  780. 782
    ) Andrew

    Great DX camera!!!

  781. The D7100 would be a great upgrade from my D5000!

  782. 784
    ) Kate

    Would be a great upgrade from my D5000 too!

  783. 785
    ) David Taylor

    I would use the Nikon D7100 for landscape and travel photography.

  784. 786
    ) Joy Yagid

    I can take pictures of lighting striking twice!

  785. 787
    ) Joy Yagid

    I can take a pix of lightening striking twice!
    Hey, I’m an optimist!

  786. 788
    ) Craig Young

    I’ll use the D7100 for amazing feats of photography strength!

  787. 789
    ) lazaros

    hopefully I win from this lovely site!

  788. 790
    ) Robin Brown

    I would like to be able to take photos of my grandson’s basketball games.

  789. 791
    ) Paul Talbot

    I would use to photograph family activities, both indoors and outdoors.

  790. 792
    ) Marko

    I would like to shoot my baby boy due in June.

  791. 793
    ) Elena

    I’m so psyched about the D7100. I was always fascinated by the D7000 and am looking forward to the winner. You guys rock!

  792. 794
    ) Brandon Thetford

    I would use this camera as a 2nd body to complement my D7000 for aviation photography.

  793. I would use the nikon D7100 for wildlife photography. I think it would be a great combo with the new 80-400mm nikon lens for wildlife photography during hikes in the mountains.

  794. 796
    ) ron keulen

    I use the D7100 specific for wildlife photography witj my Nikor 500mm

  795. 797
    ) Nikunj Patel

    I would use this camera to photography landscapes of southern utah

  796. 798
    ) Pads

    I can foresee a ‘guest blog’ from me, one of these days, after winning the D7100 :)

  797. 799
    ) RAC

    I would try to improve my photo techniques.

  798. 800
    ) Rachel Guzman

    Wonderful camera that I can use for portraits

  799. 801
    ) Annette Cassidy

    I would use this camera to replace my (don’t laugh) 35mm and small digital point and click to document my son’s Make a Wish trip, and all the new adventures that we are now going to be able to do :) We have a lot to smile about these days and I have the bug to photograph again.

  800. 802
    ) April Booher

    I would use this camera to photograph weddings

  801. 803
    ) Sooming T

    To be used for family photo.

  802. To replace my D90!

  803. 805
    ) Varun Goswami

    I plan to use the Nikon D7100 for wildlife and nature photography, and a few portraits now and then.

  804. 806
    ) Keri Moffat

    I would use the D7100 to capture moments in time that I don’t ever want to forget. Recent deaths in my life have taught me that all you end up with are pictures and memories… and I don’t want to miss out.

  805. 807
    ) Justin

    well, who doesn’t want a D7100 !? :J

  806. 808
    ) Mariana

    I would use the D7100 to take architecture photos!

  807. I would make magic happen with this new camera!

  808. 810
    ) JoeCahoe

    Would love to have this baby!

  809. I would give this to my wife to get her even more interested in photography. She already has an N1 Vi and is loving it.

  810. 812
    ) Lisa Bonker

    I would use the D7100 to photograph my dogs doing agility and portraits.

  811. 813
    ) Jenny Deramo

    I would share it with my amazing Daddy!

  812. I plan to use the Nikon D7100 for my carry around camera for capturing candid or impulse shots.

  813. 815
    ) Bob Koblewski

    Looks like a great camera for shooting all kinds of wildlife and just about everything else.

  814. 816
    ) Geo

    The 7100 would be great to photo record American life and countryside for my bicycle trip across US.

  815. 817
    ) seanjoh

    I will be using the D7100 on landscapes for its high dynamic range and for my macro work!

  816. 818
    ) Bob Koblewski

    I look forward to using the d7100 for shooting wildlife and just about everything else.

  817. 819
    ) Len Dunikoski

    Wow- the D7100 is even better than the D7000!

  818. 820
    ) Federico Alvarez

    I’m planning to take tons of bird pictures!

  819. 821
    ) Janie

    I currently have 14 grandchildren and only ave an older camera that runs on AA Batteries. I would love to have a really nice camera to take great family photos!

  820. 822
    ) Allen H.

    What I would use a D7100 for:
    Photographing birds of prey? Check.
    Time-lapse videos of the night sky (hopefully meteor showers too)? Check.
    Taking action shots/videos of my friends doing martial arts? Check.

    Thank you Mr. Mansurov for providing this fantastic opportunity to everyone! :D

  821. 823
    ) Dan Holahan

    Would love to own a D7700.

    • 824
      ) Dan Holahan

      Actually I meant D7100. :)

  822. 825
    ) monty

    I’m the winner

  823. 826
    ) Bob DuPre

    I thought that since I am a subscriber to your blog that I was already a FAN but I guess you don’t recognize your subscribers as fan

  824. 827
    ) Sergiy Palguyev

    I would use the d7100 to create wildlife, macro, street, and landscape photography to submit to contests, and of course, win them so I can buy more lenses to use with this beautiful camera! 12-24 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, and 200mm f4 Micro here I come (and there goes my savings)!

  825. 828
    ) Dhruv Narayan Singh

    I am planning to photograph nature with this camera.

  826. 829
    ) Herry Francis

    Weddings, Family, People, Wildlife & Nature :) and whatever else that catches my eyes :) and getting to know the camera even more :)

  827. 830
    ) Andrew Hsieh

    I would use the d7100 to take pictures of the my daughter who I’ve yet to meet.

  828. 831
    ) Gary

    I must have read your d7000 d6000 d7100 vs d7000 d7100 vs d600 reviews about 4000 times. I think I can recite it by heart

    I have a d5000 and bought some new lenses from B&H based on Nasims site. The 85mm and the 50 mm 1.8 lenses.

    I think they would go nicely with the d7100 at least I hope they do. I lost my job after 28 years and well that puts a crimp in my plans. I still love taking pictures of my 3 year old.

    So sorry everyone…I hope I win. Thanks for the reviews and blogs…and I will keep on reading

  829. 832
    ) Jimmy

    I would use the D7100 to capture wonderful memories of my family and trains. Lots and lots of trains!

  830. 833
    ) Kenneth Richardson

    I want this Camera for the 1.3 Crop Mode!

  831. 834
    ) Kajay

    Photography is the storyteller of life. And the d7100 is the crystal ball through which we see.

  832. Wonderful spec’d camera would help me really capture sports photos! Good luck to everyone.

  833. 836
    ) Ranu Keny


    Wish to add D7100 as my second camera to my D600. Actually i may win here or no. i will have this D7100 soon into my bag.



  834. 837
    ) Rebekah Evans

    I would love to use this camera to continue my portraiture and self-portraiture projects.

  835. 838
    ) Jon

    I plan to use the d7100 for street photography.

  836. 839
    ) Brandon Davis

    THE D7100 would not only be a blessing but I would give me the chance to really continue pro suing my passion. There are so many untold stories here in the Bay Area, that I would love to capture and share with the world.

  837. 840
    ) Henrik Manoochehri

    This camera has very interesting features list and I’d love to see performance data once it’s out on the market. I will use it for documenting my work for my website and portfolio, for shooting and videoing my son and wife, for wildlife photography, and as a backup to my beloved D700.

  838. 841
    ) Stewart yee

    Would love to try this camera out for my birding photography!

  839. 842
    ) Huy Tang

    I will be using the camera to capture moments of my son and family. These ranges from events such as birthday parties to family outings. I love how versatile the D7100 is; very fast fps to capture toddlers (and adult chasing them) running all over everywhere and how it has the D800′s AF system which is superb in capturing sharp images, but at the same time be able to capture stunning landscapes in great details with the 24 MP sensor. All this while not breaking the bank! I’m sure that it would push my interests in photography even further.

  840. 843
    ) Fazeel Farooqui

    With Nikon 7100 in my bag would ensure I don’t miss any moment which should be captured.

  841. 844
    ) Debashish

    To make the world more be beautiful

  842. 845
    ) Nirav

    Wanna switch from old camera for amazing wildlife & natural photography

  843. 846
    ) Ian Wright

    This would be a huge upgrade for my wildlife and macro work. It would be a big help in obtaining images for a field guide!

  844. 847
    ) Ting Tian

    I wanna shoot weddings with D7100. Besides the result, I just wanna say thank you to all the team members at mansurovs/ you guys are awesome!

  845. 848
    ) Fabio Ospino

    I will use the D7100 as my backup camera!!!

  846. I’ll be doing more macro work with the 7100

  847. I have two ideas for fine art shoots that require simultaneous shots from different angles (hence, multiple cameras) via remote triggers (PocketWizards). This camera would let me do that!

  848. 851
    ) Pravin Mirchandani

    My uses will be mostly sports action and landscapes.

  849. 852
    ) Julius Canaveras

    I wanna upgrade my entry level camera & use D7100 to develop more my photography skills.

  850. 853
    ) Silvius Trifan

    A great camera for widlife, a real natural succesor for the Nikon D7k

  851. 854
    ) Nico Schmidt

    I would use this camera as a a second body. It’s lower weight would make it to the perfect companion for photography walks.

  852. 855
    ) Wigel Eigo

    This would become my primary body for my landscape and travel photos!

  853. 856
    ) Ryan finch

    I’ll use that D7100 when the Giants season starts!

  854. 857
    ) Roshan Vijay

    I will use the Nikon D7100 for street photography.

  855. 858
    ) Gerald Wohlkönig

    I would give the d7100 as a present to a Good friend. She loves to Take fotos but cant afford a dslr. She now uses a d100. The d7100 would be perfect for her….

  856. 859
    ) Pratik Bhakta

    i really need an upgrade to my DX D90, the D7100 is perfect!

  857. 860
    ) Priya Somasundaran

    I would use the D7100 to photograph the streets and food.

  858. 861
    ) Wilco Schild

    to kickstart my photographic career and not the least to capature parts of my upcoming mariage

  859. 862
    ) Arjen Smit

    Nikon D7100; the ultimate successor for my old but trusty D90! (De ultimieme opvolger voor mijn oude maar trouwe D90!!).

  860. 863
    ) Sreekrishna Palaparthi

    I photograph birds and I wish to use a Nikon D7100 for bird photography.

  861. 864
    ) jadot

    I simply think that’s the best APSc in the world

  862. 865
    ) Ceyhun Cecen

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  863. I would use the D7100 for documentarist portrait photography. The exceptionally performing camera would do great in environments with available – and usually low – light!

  864. 867
    ) Mark Lucas

    The D7100 looks to be a very interesting camera. Small enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to retain all the pro features I’m used to. Looking forward to seeing some reviews on the camera!

  865. I have the D7000 and would love to upgrade, but because of financial situations (just like everyone else), I am unable to do it at this time! but if I won. . . ☺

  866. 869
    ) Flores

    If I win the D7100 I’ll offer her a nice mate (a nice lens) and she will replace my Sony A700 as my everyday/everywhere/every-time camera (yes, I’m crazy enough to carry an heavy DSLR with me almost 100% of the time…)

  867. 870
    ) Arnaud Fausser

    Hi, I plan to use it for my passion.

  868. I would use a D7100 to photograph the amazing Nebraska Sandhills.

  869. 872
    ) Prairie Wind Imagery

    I would use a D7100 to photograph to promote prairie conservation.

  870. I plan to photograph weddings with the D7100.

  871. 874
    ) Md. Sarwar Hossain

    I will use D7100 for Street and landscape photgraphy

  872. 875
    ) Scott Vaughn

    From everything that I’ve read, this should be another great Nikon camera. B&H is also my go-to source for all things photographic.

  873. 876
    ) Jigesh

    Love your reviews and articles related to “tips” on various subjects – especially those related to Lightroom. Thank you!

  874. 877
    ) Adrian Szefke

    I will use this camera for sport and street photography

  875. 878
    ) Mihir Shah

    I would like to upgrade form my existing D3100 to D7100 and enhance my photography skills.

  876. 879
    ) Michael Badt

    I would use the new D7100 to enhance my aging D300 and continue take wonderful pictures around the world!

  877. 880
    ) Andreas Tsonis

    7100 would be a nice upgrade of my 5100 for lanscape shots!

  878. 881
    ) J Liu

    I would like to win the camera for my son. He always wanted a nice DSLR camera of his own but weren’t able to afford one.

  879. 882
    ) Guilherme

    I would use the Nikon D7100 to take my photographies to another level and improve my techiques and shots.

  880. 883
    ) Chris Heltberg

    I work in the yachting industry and I would love to use this D7100 for photographing Yachts as I travel!

  881. 884
    ) Mr Farrell

    Will I have to pay for shipping?

  882. I’ll use the D7100 as a second camera in weddings. I love Photography Life, it’s in my daily news…

  883. 886
    ) Marius

    Would love to get this camera for my parents!

  884. 887
    ) Dave Weckwerth

    wildlife , landscape , and nature photography are my interests.

  885. 888
    ) Nawaz sp

    I will like to couple the d7100 with the d600 to achieve better wildlife pictures

  886. 889
    ) Sherwin Pucay

    Whooooa!!!D7100, this would be a great leap for my growing love of photography! I would love to have this camera to paint a picture of my ancestor’s mountain – the Mt. Pulag of Kabayan, Benguet(Philippines)…

  887. 890
    ) Muhammad Ihsan

    If i win Nikon D7100 , i will take a panoramic photograph, bird, insect, and so many more and i’ll improve my skill while i’m 15th now :)

  888. 892
    ) Ted

    Will used it to replace my D300s for birding.

  889. 893
    ) Chris Cueva

    If I win a D7100 I plan on using it to shoot weddings and keep my d5100 as a backup:D

  890. 894
    ) Jonathan

    I’m going to use this D7100 to replace my D5100 and take stunning photos!

  891. 895
    ) Alvin Ho

    Thank you for your giveaway!

    I’d take photos of cars.

  892. This camera will replace my D300s as my primary camera. I’m trying to start up a low cost, yet quality portrait service for those who can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on family portraits. And if I win it here, I hereby swear to give the D300s to a charity in need!

  893. 897
    ) Joseph

    I need to replace my D200 who’s shutter just “DIED”

  894. Great product and great event! Always looking for new sites that offer great photography tips and products!

  895. 899
    ) Ryan Quezon

    I plan to capture scenery and other memories from my tropical vacation this coming summer.

  896. 900
    ) Jacob Mariadas

    i always wanted to have a good dslr to take great pictures of nature, portraits and wildlife but never going have because of the big financial problem in my family. And the only camera i had was a sony hx100 was stolen few of months ago. Only if it seems fair, please offer me one.

  897. 901
    ) Zach Gray

    I want to use the D7100 to document the months leading up to my wedding and the first year of our marriage.

  898. 902
    ) Marc Antonik

    I plan on photographing my vacations this year.

  899. 903
    ) Rizawanto Kurniawan

    i will use it to make money

  900. 904
    ) Andy Aristiyanto

    I plan to make the D7100 as my second body in my wedding photography business. GBU!

  901. 905
    ) Nancy Delaney

    I am looking forward to getting brilliant close ups of my pets, plants and everything else! Thanks guys!!!

  902. 906
    ) Brian Randklev

    Im going take pictures of what ever!

  903. 907
    ) Com D7100 vou registrar tudo.

    Vai ficar muito melhor de registra a vida.

  904. 908
    ) Jim Jacovides

    for my wife!

  905. 909
    ) Greg

    thanks great prize

  906. 910
    ) Andrew C

    It will make a nice backup body!

  907. 911
    ) Brian Miller

    Great upgrade from my D90!

  908. 912
    ) Ramon

    I am planning to have my second camera.

  909. 913
    ) iolanda

    I am planning learn and improve my photography

  910. 914
    ) Piotr Sawczyk

    I will use it as a backup camera for shooting weddings.

  911. 915
    ) Florin

    Great giveaway guys, keep it up!

  912. 916
    ) Stephanie

    I am going to get a camera this year but funds are still too tight at the moment. Winning this would accelerate the process!

  913. 917
    ) Ronman

    I’ve been looking at getting a second camera body and have always liked the D7100. I will use this for event and travel photograghy, and for adding images and stories to my web-site.

  914. I would use it for the photos for my wife’s blog. Thanks for the info on your site!

  915. 919
    ) Mike Schneider

    Big game hunting! Perfect for nature photography!

  916. 920
    ) Armin Djumisic

    I would use it for landscape and nature photos of this beautiful world.

  917. 921
    ) Anatoli

    My dream is to shoot amazing portrets….

  918. 922
    ) Cory Kawa

    I’m planning to take really awesome pictures.

  919. 923
    ) Jennifer Jackson

    I would like to take amazing photos of my family.

  920. 924
    ) Jewell Davis

    I am plannig of taking pictures of my sisters new born baby.

  921. 925
    ) John

    I can’t wait to try it out and spring is coming!

  922. 926

    I’ve been saving up for a Nikon D800E, but the D7100 is eye-popping – compared to my old D200!
    I’d like to have them both – the d7100 for action! – and the D800E for landscapes and wildlife!

  923. 927
    ) Ben Thurow

    I’m going to take pictures of my daughter.

  924. 928
    ) Vasilije Ostroski

    It would be my first DSLR

  925. 929
    ) Reji Koottungal

    Hi Nasim & team,

    I thoroughly enjoy your reviews and tips for beginners. Great site and keep up the good work.



  926. 930
    ) Joseph Ornellas

    I would use this camera to replace my D60 and take way better indoor event pictures at my church.

  927. 931
    ) Marko Praskovic

    Great upgrade! My D60 will be retiring…

  928. I will rush to the next theater close to my home to try the performance in low light condition, as well as going out during a cold night for astrophotography shots.

  929. 933
    ) jeffrey

    The D7100 has some improvements even over the d600. i’d like to try it on landscapes and portraits

  930. 934
    ) Jazzman

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a D7100

  931. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  932. 936
    ) Jim

    I plan to take more pictures of the grand Kids :-)

  933. I am planning on using this camera for my business.
    Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  934. 938
    ) Venkat Bitra

    Looking forward to photograph the kids(closest we can get to God).

  935. 939
    ) Homer

    Crossing my fingers from now!! I wish this time I have gook luck!!!


  936. My close-to-5-year-old Nikon D80 has been compromised as of late, and I was thinking of upgrading when I saw this opportunity. God willing, I will make the most out of the D7100 by shooting landscapes and timelapses. Thank you. Praying for the best!

  937. Going for my BFA in photography next year at SCAD Savannah :) Much love.

  938. 942
    ) Melo

    fashion photography!

  939. 943
    ) LAJEAN


  940. 944
    ) dr pramo k sahu

    I very much eager to have it.I want it for bird photography

  941. 945
    ) Vincent

    I will use the D7100 as a backup camera.

  942. 946
    ) Steve Hammond

    I am certainly going to give a try of the D7100 at photo, but also at the video capture.

  943. 947
    ) Christian Brady

    I would take shots of landscapes and PSU soccer!

  944. 947
    ) Christian Brady

    I would take shots of landscapes and PSU soccer!

  945. 949
    ) Tec

    Tqvm for the wonderful blog…pls continue to share and keep up the great works. Appreciate it.

  946. 950
    ) Debra Dillabaugh

    13 grandkids, need I say more!!!! I need a great camera so I don’t miss any great shots!

  947. Thanks for the give-away!

    • Whoops, I posted this twice by accident, could you delete it? Thanks.

  948. Thanks for doing the give-away!

  949. 954
    ) Eng Lea Khoo

    As an addition to my d7000!

  950. 955
    ) Vijayakumar M

    I am planning to use this on long exposure shots. particularly night shots.

  951. I’ll be the happiest person in the universe! Time to retire my D3000.

  952. 957
    ) Elmer Abduhalim

    I plan to use this camera for events photography.

  953. 958
    ) Antonio Nucum

    I will use it to open a window in time to relive the moments that truly matter. I will create Images that will move you and bring you back somewhere in time.

  954. 959
    ) Barbie

    this would be my first DSLR. Thanks in advance!

  955. 960
    ) Richard Snyder

    I will document my life

  956. 961
    ) Adrian Fernandez

    I Will Be Using This Camera To Shoot My Sisters Wedding. I Would like To Also Start A Wedding Photography Business Next Year and My Sisters Wedding Will Be My First One And I Would Really Like If I Can Use This On Her Wedding Day.

  957. As an amateur photographer who continuously tries to improve both myself, my skill, and my gear, I’d use this camera to continue to capture the world as we know it, and share with others. I love taking photos of any and everything, it’s not about making a buck for me(which is probably why I could use this!). I’ve always loved photography so I’d love to use this camera to continue to capture the beautiful tropic scenery from here(Trinidad), the Flora, the Fauna, the birds, animals, and capture those special, picture perfect moments.

  958. 963
    ) Tomurai

    It will be an upgrade from my D7000 which I will then pass on to a friend who has a great love for photography, but sadly cannot afford a camera worthy of their natural artistic ability.

  959. 964
    ) Richard Barton

    Hi there, I would use it to shoot wildlife with the help of the crop factor and its promised extra sharpness without the sensor filter. Thanks for running this giveaway too.

  960. 965
    ) Azreen Azizan

    I am planning to photograph birds with this camera.

  961. 966
    ) Antonio Vega

    I hope to win this camera, I’ll use it to shoot ballet.

  962. 967
    ) Angela

    I will take beautiful pictures of my kids, and create memories of a lifetime.

  963. 968
    ) Lazuardi

    I’m planning to do my wedding photography with this camera

  964. 969
    ) Kirstin

    I would give this camera to my mom, she loves photography.

  965. 970
    ) Jenny Wren

    This is awesome :D

  966. 971
    ) Huang, Chu-Zen

    I wish to win this camera and take many great pictrures with it.

  967. 972
    ) Eric Calabros

    I will replace my D5100 :-)

  968. 973
    ) Cheryl Newman

    I just ordered the nikon 105 micro lens. So I plan on trying macro photography. The combination of the D7100 and that lens would be awsome.


  969. I am going to shoot loads of Panoramas with this dream camera!

  970. 975
    ) Dimitris Pikiokos

    Back off! It’s mine! :D kidding… :D

  971. 976
    ) Gabor

    This camera is perfect for wildlife photography, and would help me out in difficult situations.

  972. 977
    ) Robert Powell

    If I get this camera, it means I can put the money I’ve been saving towards a new wide angle lens for my street photography :)

  973. 978
    ) Ana Panada

    I will shooting people with this cam :)

  974. 979
    ) Richard R. Pureza

    I will use this D7100 specifically for all ambient light situations!

  975. 980
    ) Julianus

    …. my wife’s future camera…

  976. 981
    ) Theodorus Hendarto

    I would like to freeze the best time of my family life.

  977. 982
    ) Kevin Yeung

    The Nikon D7100 will give me memories around the world for a lifetime.

  978. 983
    ) Penny

    I love landscape photography.

  979. 984
    ) Gorica Cakic

    I will use it for flowers

  980. 985
    ) Vikas.B.Chavan

    I would definitely love to use it’s crop-in crop mode for bird photography.

  981. 986
    ) Vikas.B.Chavan

    I would definitely love to use it’s crop-in-crop mode for bird photography.

  982. 987
    ) Jassim

    nice oppurtonity , Thank you :)

  983. 988
    ) Katrina Miodek

    I will use the d7100 for portraits & travel photography.

  984. 989
    ) David

    I am planning to take a lot of pictures of my sons.

  985. It would be great to have a Nikon D7100! B&H and Mansuvors are great too! I could took wonderfull pics for my blog, picture of the day! :)

  986. 991
    ) Heath

    I plan to take photos of my soon to be niece/nephew as well as for travel photography.

  987. Thank you for the great Giveaway!!!

  988. 993
    ) Priyank Gosalia

    D7100 would be a great addition to my Nikon collection :-)

  989. 994
    ) Douglas

    Fã de retratos!
    Vou tirar varias fotos com ela.

  990. 995
    ) Christoph Bamberger

    I’d love to take it on my next holiday trip to Italy to do some travel photography.

  991. 996
    ) James Tribble

    Time for an upgrade!

  992. 997
    ) Dino Ajan

    I’m going to record short movies.

  993. 998
    ) James Clugston

    This is an excellent sites not only for reviews, but also for general photography information

  994. 999
    ) Lisa RADIATEUR

    I’ll take pictures of my childs.

  995. 1000
    ) Bill Daniels

    Looking forward to taking photos of my new granddaughter!!

  996. 1001
    ) louis alex empeno jr.

    i’d love to photograph waterfalls in our city with this camera.

  997. 1002
    ) Leo Gribelyuk

    The photos in your reviews are excellent.

  998. 1003
    ) Harley Tan

    I love NIKON and wishing to have this camera.

  999. 1004
    ) liliane ventrone

    i plan on shooting self-portraits, portraits, and macro shots.

  1000. 1005
    ) Nat Intarakamhaeng

    I will take landscape with D7100.

  1001. 1006
    ) Silvia Mazzeo

    I’m gonna use my brand new Nikon D7100 to take shots during my honeymoon! Thank you!

  1002. 1007
    ) Steve Brown

    I will use my brand new Nikon D7100 to take shots of my newborn baby expected at the start of June!

  1003. 1008
    ) Adam

    I hope to get a D7100 to upgrade my Olympus set for birding.

  1004. 1009
    ) Lisa Smith

    Will use for general travel photography.

  1005. 1010
    ) Jonas Andrade

    I’m planning on taking awesome landscape pictures with this camera

  1006. 1011
    ) Johan De Leeuw

    Awesome reviews and interesting news each time, keep up this awesome work.
    I would use this D7100 to shoot cycling races with it, the extra 1,3 crop on top of the DX would help alot.

  1007. 1012
    ) Josh Evans

    I am planning to do some amazing landscapes on my trip to base camp of Mt Everest next year with my dad

  1008. 1013
    ) Vincent Rowell

    This is a camera I’d use mostly for landscape photography, with the appropriate lenses of course.

  1009. 1014
    ) Mike P.

    Plan to replace my D7000 and have better resolutions for those far reaching feathery friends when cropping is needed…

  1010. 1015
    ) AndreyL

    I would use it on my hiking trips.

  1011. 1016
    ) Oksana Lats

    This would be my main camera for family and friend pictures.

  1012. 1017
    ) Albert MCan

    I am a Nikon fan since the start…i would love the new 7100 as my primary camera and my 7000 as my 2nd camera.

  1013. 1018
    ) Balázs Kiss

    As a micro4/3 camera owner I’d like to do a long-term test to compare how a DSLR can perform against my equipment :)

  1014. 1019
    ) budaes claudiu

    i will use it for sports and travels.

  1015. 1020
    ) Krisztian Feczkó

    I would like to replace my D5100. I will use it for friends, my beautifull girlfriend and my naughty ferrets. :)

  1016. 1021
    ) mack

    Would be my first DSL. Would use it for some interesting images of comet Pan Starrs.

  1017. 1022
    ) stephane Pissavin

    It would be a good back up for my D800! and a good first DSLR for my wife :P

  1018. 1023
    ) Filipa

    I’ve been saving up to buy a camera… I’m a Biology student, passionate, passionate about wildlife and photography. It will be a dream come true if I have this chance (: Thank you.

  1019. My D90 is going strong but I would love to start shooting with the D7100!

  1020. This would make my start so much easier.

  1021. I would use the Nikon D7100 to improve my photography talents and abilities, hopefully adding to my freelance services as a graphic designer!

  1022. 1027
    ) Mike Scoggins

    The D7100 rocks. I am going to make images for my local high school cross country team.

  1023. 1028
    ) Laurie Zdyb

    I would like to win this camera because my husband is a professional photographer
    and I would like to join him on the early morning sunrises in the mountains taking photos as well
    With 2 kids in college and another one the way to college then a sophomore in high school
    I want to share more time with him

  1024. 1029
    ) Cindy

    I would love to use this camera to shoot for my “food” shots among other things on my website when I am ready to create it…super!

  1025. 1030
    ) Tim

    I would like to use this camera for landscape photography and long exposure shots. I’m sure this will more than do the job!

  1026. 1031
    ) Ramon Joson

    I’d love to use the D7100 to shoot sports and wildlife.

  1027. 1032
    ) Todd Aukerman

    Plan to shoot great photos of gymnastics, basketball, and baseball.

  1028. 1033
    ) chris thomson

    I would love to use it to shoot people

  1029. Great Blog! very very informative indeed! thank you for this d7100 giveaway promo!

    Im a fan – from philippines.

  1030. 1035
    ) Todd Rehm

    I think the upgraded autofocus will come in handy for bird photography, my passion, and political, my work.

  1031. 1036
    ) Austin Wasinger

    I am planning to take close-up photographs of nature.

  1032. 1037
    ) Betty Baez

    I plan on photographing my kids and landscapes if i win

  1033. 1038
    ) Tom Williams

    I will capture still images of life and non-life on Earth, the stars beyond our atmosphere, and, hopefully, nude photographs of beautiful, consenting adult women.

  1034. 1039
    ) Ashford Little

    I plan on taking family & sports pictures.

  1035. 1040
    ) Robert

    This is awesome! I have my first wedding gig coming this summer; win this and I won’t need to rent a second camera body!

  1036. 1041
    ) Donny Fukushima

    I plan to use it to advance my skills, and will pass my current camera on to some lucky soul!

  1037. 1042
    ) Geoff Kerr

    I am planning to photograph birds and other wildlife if I win this camera.

  1038. 1043
    ) Nawab Nashiruddullah

    After winning I will thank both “Mansurovs Photography” (Photography Life) and “B&H Photo Video” and buy the 35mm prime and 18-200mm zoom from B&H

  1039. 1044
    ) Joseph Richard L. Aguilar

    I will use this camera for stars and constellations…

  1040. 1045
    ) Morten Strøm

    I would love to have this camera on my next trip to north Norway, trying to capture the northern lights!

  1041. 1046
    ) Francisco J. Peralta Mateu

    I will use this great camera to complete my 365 project in “summa cum laude” mode ;-)

  1042. 1047
    ) Vincent

    the camera will enable me to take better concert photos in low light situations.

  1043. This looks like a fantastic camera!

  1044. 1049
    ) Donna Volkman

    I’d love to have this camera to take pictures of my husband at his 70.3 Ironman in June.

  1045. 1050
    ) Andrea Westein

    I will replace my d5000 and use it to continue to enhance my skills on friends, family, and nature photography.

  1046. 1051
    ) Dany Mathew

    Hi guys,

    I am going to use the camera for shooting wildlife and landscapes.

    Dany Mathew

  1047. 1052
    ) Jairo Vinasco

    I hope I get this camera, I love it!

  1048. 1053
    ) Ken Fortier

    Would be an enormous upgrade from my Coolpix 3100!

  1049. 1054
    ) Jairo Vinasco

    I’m planning to do landscapes with this camera

  1050. 1055
    ) Ken Fortier

    Wow! This would be an enormous upgrade from my Coolpix 3100!

  1051. 1056
    ) Rikhy Saragih

    looking forward to replace my old D40

  1052. 1057
    ) Maegan Hall

    Thanks Nasim and b&h!

  1053. 1058
    ) Christie Swentko

    Hello, thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I’ve been in the process of saving for a Nikon DSLR for over a year now and now that the Nikon D7100 is coming out I’m in the process of trying to save more money to afford this fantastic camera. I love photography, nature, hiking, family, friends, caves, you name it. I just absolutely love life and this camera would get great use from myself who is dying to one day become a professional photographer. I look at National Geographic and can only hope that one day I’ll maybe be as good as one of their photographers. If I won this giveaway you would be making so many of my dreams come true.
    Christie Swentko

  1054. 1059
    ) Daniel

    I am planning to photograph my son with this camera

  1055. 1060
    ) Rainer

    Great Website!

  1056. 1061
    ) Karthik

    This will be a good upgrade, will use for family, vacation photography

  1057. 1062
    ) rafavarium

    Planning to expand my art with this tool. Will mainly focus on everyday life of everyone around me.

  1058. 1063
    ) Adam Guppy

    This would be my first DSLR, which I would use it to photograph my family and our travels.
    Thanks for a great contest!

  1059. 1064
    ) srirangarajan

    Hopefully I would be the lucky one…

  1060. 1065
    ) Augusto Ferreira

    Hello from Portugal!
    I love sports, night and nature photography. Thinking on buying a macro lens to experiment this kind of photography to.
    Looking forward to upgrade from my D5000!

    A. Ferreira

  1061. 1066
    ) sutalee

    Thanks everyone, love your blogs, Nasim.

  1062. 1067
    ) Nenad Mihelcic

    An excelent site, with great reviews and photo equipment advices.

  1063. 1068
    ) Melody Anne Clamar

    Hopefully, this will be my first DSLR camera.

  1064. 1069
    ) Hazel Buensalida Tan

    I am planning to use it for my daughters school program and to start a new hobby.

  1065. 1070
    ) Lawrence Medina

    This will be a perfect camera for my wife.

  1066. 1071
    ) Michael Tandog

    I will shoot colorful birds and amazing wildlife of the Australian outback with this camera on our next adventure this year.

  1067. 1072
    ) Analie Benocilla

    I would used this camera to take pictures of my daughter.

  1068. 1073
    ) Adelle Janette Tandog

    This camera is perfect to preserve priceless memories forever.

  1069. 1074
    ) Mike Colgate

    This would used for nature and wildlife photography

  1070. 1075
    ) Rebecca

    I want to win this soooooo bad !

  1071. 1076
    ) Stephen J. Enecio

    This would be perfect for my adventure going and site seeings.

  1072. 1077
    ) Bill

    street photography and landscape.

  1073. 1078
    ) Rich Brown

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  1074. 1079
    ) Guilherme

    Landscape and macro photography.

  1075. 1080
    ) kelly elder

    I would love to win… my D-200 is getting very outdated…

  1076. 1081
    ) Vie 303

    I’m planning to take naked pictures of my other cameras.

  1077. 1082
    ) Robyn Simmons Harris

    Dejavu, this is my dream camera! Years ago I had a nice Canon 35mm set up but it wasn’t digital and after seeing a friends Nikon and taking a couple of pics with it I knew I was going to switch when I could afford to! I just love the Nikon lenses! I travel for work and take pictures while I’m on the road and now since I’m a single empty nester I have been looking to get fully involved in an old love of taking photos, but also need a better camera and this is the one I have been looking at. I have gone to B&H’s website many times to window-shop & love their website and all the information it offers. Thanks for doing this; whoever wins will really blessed!

  1078. 1083
    ) Mike Wilson

    Would love to own this camera. Would use for snowboarding and mountain bike photography

  1079. 1084
    ) Katrina Kaczynski

    I am a university student and would love to use this camera for travel photography as I will be studying in Europe and South America for 8 months next year!

  1080. 1085
    ) Jacki

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  1081. 1086
    ) fabio moreira loezer

    Take photos worldwide.

  1082. 1087
    ) Mel

    I want a D7100 to take pictures of my kids. thanks for the chance!

  1083. 1088
    ) Fred Masters

    Pictures of my grandchildren. I need a fast focusing camera like this one since they move at the speed of greased lightning!

  1084. 1089
    ) Suraj Rai

    I want to explore and Learn “Photography” more with Nikon 7100!

  1085. Hello! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love photography as a hobby. I would love to be a professional, but I need a lot more practice and a nice camera. Good luck to everyone!

  1086. 1091
    ) Carol St Aubrey

    I love the little smiley in the bottom left-hand corner of this website! But, more than that, I appreciate all the professional, helpful and state-of-the-art reviews and posts that add to my daily web diet.

    • 1092
      ) Carol St Aubrey

      … and, if I win the give-away, I’m planning to use the D7100 to improve my photography skills and give Trey Ratcliff a run for his money!

  1087. 1093
    ) Pierre Ukelo

    Hi Nasim and B&H,

    Thanks a zillion for this giveaway! I am a hobby photographer, and I would would use this camera to start working with studio gears,

    May the luck be with you!

  1088. 1094
    ) Marcelobtp

    I need that camera, because my d7000 broke yesterday, and i don’t have money to buy another camera until next month! Theres so much work to do!
    I don’t want to sell my lenses to buy an d3100!
    Thx for the give away, no better time than this!

  1089. 1095
    ) Gary Fultz

    I’m finishing up photography school, this would be a great camera to use. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  1090. I plan on using this camera to photograph life’s adventures and post them on my blog! :)

  1091. 1097
    ) Adrian

    I compared the camera with d600 to see which one to upgrade to from d3100 but for the money difference i think i will go with 7100 for now. Having the oportunity to win a free one will be even better. I hope i am the winner :). Thank you for the awesome information i found on the website and for the giveaway, keep up the good work.

  1092. 1098
    ) Peter Allinson

    I hope to win one of these to take underwater photos and pictures of Birds, the improved iso performance and megapixels are a plus over my D300s

  1093. 1099
    ) Terry Hurd

    If I win this camera, I will use it to take amazing shots of my grandchildren playing their favorite sports: hockey, soccer, basketball and horseback riding!

  1094. 1100
    ) Phil Soper

    I recently returned from a Kenyan safari shoot where I relied primarily on a D7000 with my trusty Nikkor 80-400mm telephoto. Lo and behold, Nikon welcomed me home with two important updates – the ground-breaking D7100 (more than a modest update, the camera is a resounding commitment by Nikon to the lean and powerful DX format DSLR) and a complete reworking of the long-in-the-tooth 80-400. A grand week indeed! I’m already looking forward to using the new technology on my next wildlife shoot.

  1095. 1101
    ) Sarah

    If I win this camera, I will use it to take pics of my adventurous almost 3 year old son!!

  1096. 1102
    ) Linda Plourde

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a Nikon D7100! I’m interested in nature photography and I LOVE Nikon products!

  1097. 1103
    ) F. Paulino

    i’d take a lot of pictures were i to win the giveaway!

  1098. 1104
    ) Carmelina Carra

    I want to upgrade to this camera Nikon 7100 and go out take lots of landscapes and nature photography!!!!

  1099. 1105
    ) Carol S.

    This is supposed to be such a fabulous camera – I’m excited about this giveaway!

  1100. 1106
    ) Che Ojang Abdul Rahman

    I bought my N 7000 2 years ago. It would be incredible if I could upgrade it to N 7100.

  1101. 1107
    ) Sam Chan

    It will complement my D600.

  1102. I will use it for sports

  1103. 1109
    ) Laurel

    I would love to have this camera to take photographs of my children. They are my favorite subjects to take pictures of!

  1104. I will use the New D7100 to photography people, places and things! It’s a HOT camera!!! Photographylife ROCKs!!!!

  1105. 1111
    ) Quang Hoang

    I am planning to use it with Nikon 300mm f4 and TC-14E

  1106. 1112
    ) Michael Salado

    Take pictures of my family

  1107. 1113
    ) Elsa Navales

    I want this cam because I love to take pictures and collect pictures.

  1108. 1114
    ) Kaweesak Boonyapornnad

    A perfect match with my D600

  1109. 1115
    ) Wendell Navales

    This will be perfect for my retirement as a hobby to take pictures of my grandchildren and preserve memories I will be leaving behind.

  1110. 1116
    ) Jacob Whitmire

    I’m really into photographing nature and im wanting to upgrade from my Nikon D50.

  1111. 1117
    ) Jacob Whitmire

    I’m really into photographing nature and im wanting to upgrade from my Nikon D50

    • 1118
      ) Jacob Whitmire

      Didn’t mean to post two comments. haha

  1112. 1119
    ) Satish Kumar

    I would travel the world and capture breath-taking photos..! :)

  1113. 1120
    ) Juha Pekkarinen

    Greetings from Finland! Thank you for providing superb information.

    D7100 would be a perfect replacement for my 5-year-old D40.

  1114. 1121
    ) Debasish Chattopadhyay

    This will add to my kit and join my Nikon D90!

  1115. 1122
    ) Dear Baskar

    I own a D7000, I would love to win this amazing camera, would love to capture every now & then happenings around me, thanks for the giveaway!

  1116. 1123
    ) Dabóczi Gergely

    I am planning to photograph weddings with this camera:)

  1117. 1124
    ) Raviteja Palanki

    I would Love to hone my creative skills, a level above with this fascinating tool – Nikon D7100.

  1118. I am planning to photograph a lot of new stuff and raplace my old camera :(

  1119. 1126
    ) Michael Vacca

    I am planning to photograph landscapes and family members.

  1120. 1127
    ) ryan kerwin

    i love this website. great information for all photographers

  1121. 1128
    ) Peter Gordon

    Fantastic prize, I would it for landscape photography.

  1122. hope i get the prize!
    meanwhile, feel free to visit my page ;)

  1123. 1130
    ) Helen Gordon

    I would photograph abandoned buildings.

  1124. 1131
    ) Amanda Carey

    I plan on taking photos of my child!

  1125. 1132
    ) Tom.T

    I’d love to get ones of these, i like taking pictures for references for my illustrations but i always enjoy taking photos of industrial subjects.

  1126. 1133
    ) Matteo Serpi

    I’m from Italy and I read several articles on your very interesting blog. I’m very passionate in portraits and sport photogrphy, and I really hope to win this fantastic nikon d7100! thank you Nasim!

  1127. 1134
    ) Ivan Ivancic

    I will shoot mostly landscapes with D7100

  1128. I will upgrade an old camera and use it to photograph the night sky, nature and use it for my business.

  1129. 1136
    ) Aleksander Bokov

    D7100 would make nice second camera!

  1130. 1137
    ) Aleksander Bokov

    Would love to win this D7100, it would make excellent second body!

    • 1139
      ) Aleksander Bokov

      sorry did not mean to post twice…. browser lag

  1131. 1138
    ) Thomas Waldenstedt

    I will shoot hundreds of photos of my grandchild Tuwa!!

  1132. I will use the Nikon D7100 to capture photos to post on my blog. See above.

  1133. 1141
    ) Vinay

    If i win, i will photograph portraits of all my family and friends ” for posterity’s sake “

  1134. 1142
    ) William

    I would be one happy camper if I had the honor of winning this! I would love to teach my kids photography with it so they can join in with Dad.

  1135. 1143
    ) Stuart Carey

    If I was to win the Nikon D7100, I would probably concentrate of landscape photography.

  1136. 1144
    ) Polly

    I would love to use this camera to take photos when I travel.

  1137. 1145
    ) Nick

    I am planning to finally travel to Yosemite and Yellowstone and hide for days with just one camera and one lens combo (D7100/16-85 VR). It will be light and efficient :)

  1138. I live on a island and what i would do is shoot landscape photography :)

  1139. 1147
    ) Shaul Boilov

    If I win this giveaway, I will take pictures of my old camera :)

  1140. 1148
    ) Robert

    I planning on using this camera to continue to grow as a photographer, capturing every moment possible. I also continue to enter every photography contest I see, using the D7100

  1141. 1149
    ) Jason Tubalado

    My first D-SLR is the D7000 and from the very first time I held it, it has never failed to amazed me with it’s overall performance. With the release of the D7100, I feel this has completed what the D7000 missed out a little. I can now express further my creativity with more focus points on the D7100 and enjoy it’s super high quality 24megapix sensor. Though it has been but a dream to get one as I still do not have the budget for the D7100, but with this promotion it seems that my dream could become a reality. With the D7000 and hopefully a second body which is the D7100, I can now move on to my next journey and pursue a career in wedding photography…..

  1142. 1150
    ) MG Montague

    This excellent camera will be used to photograph the Everglades were you can find Manatees , Dolphins, Gators, 100′s of various birds, insects, fish and plants.

  1143. 1151
    ) John Young

    I am looking forward to using this in my upcoming photography classes.

  1144. 1152
    ) Russell Tam

    Looking forward to using this to take family photos.

  1145. 1153
    ) Travis Faulkner

    Great giveaway

  1146. 1154
    ) T Nguyen

    I would use it for bird photography. Love the 1.3x mode.

  1147. I have visited many countries and still there is entire world to see… I hope to bring some joy to the people watching my photos from around the world. Maybe there is a time to do this with a help of Nikon 7100?

  1148. 1156
    ) Migraine Tinnitus

    I would use this camera for landscape photography.

  1149. 1157
    ) Kim Branco

    I would love to have this camera to take sports photos of my children.

  1150. 1158
    ) Georges Thenor-Louis

    I would use it for landscape and sports photography.

  1151. 1159
    ) Amit Bongale

    I would use it to photograph yosemite national park.

  1152. 1160
    ) Steve

    Wish me luck!

  1153. 1161
    ) SokRatha Oeung

    I could tast the Nikon DLSR if I won

  1154. 1162
    ) Steve Young

    I plan on using it to shoot weddings. I currently utilize a D3100 as a backup and I would turn my D7000 into my backup with the D7100 as my primary.

  1155. 1163
    ) Braden

    If I won the D7100 I would use it this summer as a perfect excuse to escape and get away from the dull desk job that seems to be taking away from all my photo-taking time!

  1156. 1164
    ) Keith Wong

    I would use it to shoot my family, and just about anything else as I play with and learn to use this new toy

  1157. 1165
    ) Henrik

    Is naaaaaaaaaayce!!!! But seriously, the new focusing setup has it all over my D7000 and the D600. I love my D700 for static images and loved the D7000 til it stopped focusing properly (it’s going to the shop. Hope they can fix it). I especially liked the video feature and U1/U2. Didn’t like the lack of a lock on the mode dial though. Hope I win this. I’ll trade in the D7000 for a lens or something.

  1158. 1166
    ) Urvashi

    I a’m planning to photograph scenery with D7100.

  1159. 1167
    ) Jimmy Arcade

    I really look forward to capturing the vast landscapes across the U.S. with my Nikon D7100. It would be my first venture into the world of Nikon, as I’m currently shooting with an outdated Canon XTi.

  1160. 1168
    ) Pradeep Kumar

    I am Planning to photograph The Taj Mahal with D7100.

  1161. 1169
    ) Pradeep Kumar

    I am planning to photograph The Taj Mahal with D7100

  1162. I would use this camera to pursue my love of photography!

  1163. Developing my phograph skills and a new camera would really come in handy :).
    I will mostly photograph portraits but also my trip to Arizona this summer :)

  1164. 1172
    ) Adria Cays

    I’m going to take massive amounts of pictures of my incredibly cute 2 year old twins with this camera!

  1165. 1173
    ) Santer

    I am planning to shoot magnificent videos with this camera.

  1166. 1174
    ) Alessandro Rivellini

    I love this camera!

  1167. 1175
    ) Michael Kimura

    Would love to win a D7100 . :)

  1168. 1176
    ) Sanjay Lalwani

    I’m planning on having a lot of fun with this camera!

  1169. 1177
    ) Sridharan

    I like landscape photography

  1170. 1178
    ) Dmitri Lukjanov

    One person will definitely get happier on April the 11! Hope it could be me but wish luck to everybody on this!

    Would 100% find a good usage of this camera!

  1171. 1179
    ) Quang Tran

    Thank you for setting up this great giveaway. I’m hopiing to get some more amazing potraits of my family. I have two young children and don’t want to miss any of those special moments.

  1172. 1180
    ) Thinley Namgyel

    Greetings from Bhutan. D7100 would be great. The built in 2x crop sounds like the ticket as long lenses are too expensive for me.

    • 1198
      ) Degial

      Hi Friend! It is so nice to see someone from Bhutan here! I have visited Bhutan two years ago and I am still under a deep impression this country has made upon me… Where are you from exactly? Take care, Friend!

  1173. 1181
    ) Diego Castillo

    I Want to Change my old D60 for thisone and take pictures from birds.

  1174. Hi and thanks for the giveaway.
    The D7100 would replace my D5000. Will use it for photography and for improving DslrDashboard with the D7100 new functions.

  1175. 1183
    ) Dave John Jugar

    planning to shoot great portraits with this camera

  1176. 1183
    ) Dave John Jugar

    planning to shoot great portraits with this camera

  1177. 1185
    ) Sarah Wamuhiu

    Planing to shoot more weddings with this camera

  1178. 1186
    ) flavio fernando chinellato

    vou fotografar.

  1179. 1188
    ) María Cedeño

    I love portrait, so I want it for photograph peoples faces and expresions

  1180. 1189
    ) María Cedeño

    I love portrait, so I want it for photograph peoples faces and expresions…

  1181. 1190
    ) David

    I would use the Nikon D7100 for the simple spontaneous photography in the city or in a hiking trip in the mountains. Actually to take a picture of everything that my curious eye see.
    Because for me the best picture it’s a spontaneous picture

  1182. 1191
    ) Ngoc Tran

    I don’t own any camera(except the one on MY phone). I’ve been interested in buying a Nikon and luckily stumbled upon your website and this post. I’d would use this camera to take photos of everything I see, to be honest. However I’m interested in wildlife, landscape and portrait photography.

    Thank you very much for this giveaway.

  1183. 1192
    ) Sush

    I will gift D7100 to my boyfriend.this year i didnt gift him anything on his birthday so wish to give this and want to make him happy.

  1184. 1193
    ) Mihail Kozhuharov

    This will be an upgrade to my trusty old Nikon D70s and I am planning to use it mainly for landscape and nature photography.

  1185. 1194
    ) Mckenzie Greene

    I would love to upgrade my camera to take photos of our family on our world travels.

  1186. 1195
    ) Mckenzie Greene

    I would use this camera to photograph trips that we do with our family and to create our annual family calendar.

  1187. 1196
    ) Joshua Kautz

    I would use this nice Camera to take pictures and videos of concerts of my sister and of my fathers watersport Windsurfing.

  1188. 1197
    ) Serg

    This would be a huge upgrade from my d3100!

  1189. 1199
    ) chiranjib

    I want to have a second camera body to use different lens at the same time without changing lenses.

  1190. 1200
    ) Wahyuddin Halim

    I have just sold my Nikon D90 to upgrade to D7000. Fortunately, while searching for a D7000 online stores which offer the best price and kit, Nikon announced the coming out of D7100 which has definitely much better specs than D7000. So I am really looking forward to the date when D7100 is available in the market and can’t wait to use it as a an advance-amateur photographer who have been a fanatic of Nikon camera since a teenager.

  1191. 1201
    ) juamacko

    Looking forward to better my still photography with this medium.

  1192. 1202
    ) E'Ne'Chie Otis

    I want a camera to take pictures. I had a camera but it doesn’t work and I gave it to someone in need I really need this camera.

  1193. 1203
    ) Jovie Mufarrohah

    I will give the D7100 to my husband as his birthday present since has been long expecting to upgrade his old Nikon digital camera but the budget won’t allow us to do so. I will be very grateful if I can get the camera and that will strengthen our love as wide and husband.

  1194. 1204
    ) Rodrigo Salazar

    I was thinking that’s time to start in the DSLR world, and this is a great opportunity.

  1195. 1205
    ) Liora Kogan

    Photography is my hobby… I desperately want to upgrade my old Nikon , maybe I’ll be the lucky one to win the D7100, so I will be able to take my photography skill one step further and enjoy exploring photography with an excellent camera in my hands :)

  1196. 1206
    ) Charles Hooker

    I would use this as my primary camera, buy a few Nikkor lenses from B&H, and spend several weeks in Yellowstone hiking, camping, and photographing one of the last great wild places in North America.

  1197. 1207
    ) Paulo Henrique

    Sonho meu, hehehehe’

  1198. 1208
    ) David Lara

    The improvements of the d7100 would make this a superb body to my work, not only in the photo realm but also to shoot more video.

  1199. 1209
    ) jeff

    If I win I would take pictures of nature

  1200. 1210
    ) darcy townson

    I plan on using this camera for sports photography and a backup to my D800

  1201. 1211
    ) gary

    …and oooh the D7100, who can’t use another good looking, solid ,weather resistant, 51 focal point, 24 mp sensitive, responsive nikon body in their hands.

    Its hard to keep my lens cap on just thinking about it AND I think I just increased to F-stops!

    • 1335
      ) Gary Lian

      This D7100 will be my first DSLR and I’ll carry it where I go.

  1202. 1212
    ) James Kosek

    Hi all.

    Love to use this camera to capture times with my family. Current camera is almost dead and really could use an upgraded body. Love what I’ve read about the 7100 so far. Might just actually get me away from Sony for a change (actually mine is minolta so gives you an idea of how old the gear is)

  1203. 1213
    ) Danny

    Pretty raw give away :o

    I would love to win a new camera, who wouldn’t? lol

    • 1215
      ) Danny

      And I would mainly be taking pictures of cars and filming drift events.

  1204. 1214
    ) Philip Bush

    I would use it as a back up for the d600

  1205. 1216
    ) Mark

    Can not wait to get my hands on this. Have hung on to my Nikon D50 for years and can still use the old (28-105 and 70-300) and new glass with it. Got the 50 mm 1.8 to use. Will be taking family pics, with upcoming graduations, new travel pics and now HD videos, and finally get my teenage son into the hobby. With the crop mode, the 300 mm turns into a 600 mm lens! High ISO will let me make the non VR lens still useful.

  1206. 1217
    ) Eric L

    This camera would definitely be a lovely upgrade for my school photography. The kind of firepower is unearthly.

  1207. 1218
    ) juan

    I would use the d7100 to keep shooting mountains.

  1208. 1219
    ) Brad

    I am taking a 14 day trip to hawaii this July. Would love to master a new camera before the trip.

  1209. 1220
    ) Hooi Fern Pee

    I am planning to photograph landscape with D7100 and also to replace my D5100.

  1210. 1221

    I am planning to photograph wild and landscape portrait with this camera.

  1211. Awesome Giveaway, Hope I will win the camera, Thanks to the great giveaway…

  1212. 1223
    ) kent charles torrino

    im planning to take portraits with this camera

  1213. 1224
    ) sanil

    I would use the d7100 to keep shooting Kids photography…

  1214. 1225
    ) Ali Mohammadi

    I would use the d7100 to shoot mountains, forts and wadis in my beautiful country :)

  1215. 1226
    ) Christopher Hogg

    I would use the Nikon D7100 as an upgrade from my current camera and to increase my skills in photography with the more advanced camera and i would photograph wildlife and animals in New Zealand.

  1216. 1227
    ) leeresh david

    I would use the Nikon D7100 for my studies in photography (specialising in food photography) whereby i can improve on the quality of my images.

  1217. 1228
    ) Gjergji

    Im planning to take general photography and child portraits with the awsome D7100.

  1218. 1229
    ) Andrea

    I just wanna have fun with this new jewel!!

  1219. 1230
    ) K.B.

    I would take the D7100 on landscape/wildlife trips all over the island.

  1220. I would like to photograph potraits and weddings with this camera.

  1221. 1232
    ) Dean

    I plan on having as much fun with it as possible while exploring the world around me!

  1222. 1233
    ) Mohammad Hafiz

    Nikon D7100 would be perfect for portrait of my newborn baby expected on August 2013.

  1223. 1234
    ) Paula

    I think the D7100 will be a joy to use for landscape, wildlife & bird photography! This looks like another awesome camera from Nikon…can’t wait for the reviews and pictures to show up on this new camera.

  1224. 1235
    ) Iskandar Sentosa

    Nasim , Thanks for the information from this website, and i hope my dream will come true by winning D7100.

  1225. 1236
    ) Bhupendra Singh

    I am Planning to photograph family portraits with this camera.

  1226. 1237
    ) Jeff

    I’ve been looking at the d7100 since I heard about it, and I’m thinking of getting one regardless. Still, free is better.

  1227. 1238
    ) Annette Sissom

    I am new to photography and recently bought the D5100 and am loving it, yet to win a new D7100 would be so very awesome, I love wildlife and plan to use it for that purpose mostly.

  1228. 1239
    ) Byron Dilkes

    The only way to truly curb my creative cravings would be by winning this wicked piece of equipment!

  1229. 1240
    ) Justin Vernon

    I’d be using the camera for landscape and nature photography. Really enjoy this site, and do most of my photography shopping via B&H anyway, so it’s a win-win!

  1230. 1241
    ) Thomas Wright

    Planning on getting back into “serious” photography as a hobby I haven’t had time for in a long time.

  1231. 1242
    ) Laura

    Great giveaway! I would put this to great use and use it to shoot portraits.

  1232. 1243
    ) Jon

    Awesome giveaway!

  1233. 1244
    ) Eric Evensen

    I would use this DSLR to photograph birds , and other wildlife because this type of photography is my biggest passion! This will be my first DSLR. I would really appriciate this camera because i dont have enough money to buy one. this would be my BIGGEST dream come true. Even if i dont get this camera i want to thank Photography Life and B&H Photo for giving me this chance to win this awesome DSLR!

  1234. 1245
    ) Michelle

    Thanks for holding this giveaway, i’d like to use the Nikon D7100 for a better view of the world, to capture the moments forever, i want to use this DLSR to take pictures of landscape and views.
    Thanks for the consideration~

  1235. 1246
    ) Lemuel E. Orit

    I will sell my D7000 and use the D7100 for portrait and landscape photography.

  1236. 1247
    ) Joel Griffin

    I am a young enthusiast with a passion for photography. I am currently shooting with my Nikon D3100 and I am ready to upgrade so that I can take my photography further. my favorite camera that Nikon has made is the D7000 and now when they released the D7100 I was so excited. I will be using this camera for shooting basically everything, things like sport, portraits, lights and weddings but I am very passionate about light painting, landscapes, Parkour and wildlife.

  1237. I am planning to use my D7100 for landscape photography

  1238. 1249
    ) Esther Guhery

    I am getting married this summer and I want to create great memories to remember our special day! This camera would be an awesome asset to have! My hobby is photography and I am in need a serious update on my equipment. I currently have a D70s but have some great lenses. My dad got me started shooting when I was 14 and I really hope he can attend my wedding. Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  1239. 1250
    ) Whitney Mills

    It would be so awesome to win this! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    If I am lucky enough I will be using this for Children and Pet Photography!

  1240. 1251
    ) Laura Rodriguez

    wow this is a great giveaway!! if i win this camera i planning use for portraits :)

  1241. 1252
    ) Mark

    I would pass along my D200 to someone else and use the D7100 as my primary camera for family and kids and nature photography.

  1242. 1253
    ) Jorge

    Great giveaway!! My current camera is dead. I´d love to take pictures again!

  1243. 1254
    ) Elissa

    I’d love to get into landscape photography.

  1244. 1255
    ) Tammi Vaughn-Levitt

    I would love to have this camera! I’d use it to take photos of my son’s baseball team during games and photos of my little 5 month old niece.

  1245. 1256
    ) Theresa Michalik

    I would absolutely love to win this camera. I will need it when I win a trip to Disney World!!

  1246. 1257
    ) Lisa Dillon

    I would love to continue to challenge my creativity with new tools. Snapping shots of anything interesting and unusual would be awesome with this camera. This camera is perfect for getting shots to be really proud of.

  1247. 1258
    ) David

    This would make a really nice upgrade from my D40. :)

  1248. 1259
    ) shahadat

    can’t wait to use nikon d7100 with my d600.

  1249. 1260
    ) Andy L

    Looking to get a D7100 to switch to Nikon DSLRs.

  1250. 1261
    ) Sherry

    I am planning on using the d7100 to take photo’s of newborns.

  1251. 1262
    ) Christina Shook

    I am planning on building a photography portfolio.

  1252. 1263
    ) Vinicius

    im planning to take portraits with this camera

  1253. 1264
    ) GREGG

    I’m testing out all 920 shots on my first nikon body for maximum detail with that lovely low-pass filter gone.

  1254. 1265
    ) Kathleen A. LaCorte

    I would take beautiful pictures of lovely flowers spring, summer, and fall, and share them with my family and friends.

  1255. 1266
    ) chase hall

    I will be using this camera to help me start to do more photography jobs.

  1256. 1267
    ) Robert Lehman

    I would use the Nikon D7100 with its improved AF features to take beautiful, in-focus photos of our A-List Dance Center dancers during upcoming competitions!

  1257. 1268
    ) Michael Frazier

    D7100 would make a great backup camera for special projects and shoots.

  1258. 1269
    ) Annamalai Venkatraman

    I will use D7100 for bird and astrophotography

  1259. 1270
    ) Annamalai Venkatraman

    I will use D7100 for bird and astro photography

  1260. 1271
    ) elisabeth zarifopoulou

    it would be great!! taking pictures mostly of my son and family and landscapes. i can’t wait!!

  1261. 1272
    ) Becky griffin

    I will use D7100 to improve my photography skills, for portraits, kids birthday party’s, wildlife, landscapes, and if i named all the things i could use it for, i would be writing for a long time! :)

  1262. 1273
    ) raj chaudhary

    I am planning to photograph sunset landscape with this camera.

  1263. 1274
    ) Laura Evans

    I would use this camera for everything, mostly for portraits though.

  1264. 1275
    ) Laura Evans

    I would use this camera for everything, I have a passion for capturing life’s moments in a creative way. I would probably use it mostly for portraits though.

  1265. 1276
    ) Sbonelo

    I would win this camera so i could give it to my best and lifelong friend who currently has a D3100 and works wonders with it. He wants to make Photopraphy his career, and study photorgaphy and videography. So i would give him the camere free of charge because he is my best friend. It would be really nice to win it so he can pursue his career.

  1266. 1277
    ) jasper

    B-E-S-T Mid-Pro DSLR!!! (im an owner of ND7k)

  1267. 1278
    ) Amanda Brucker

    Hello! I am a Hungarian girl, nowadays I am using a Nikon D60 camera and I would like to update it to a better one. ;)

    I am planning to take photos in events and during my trips and holidays with this camera.

  1268. 1279
    ) Christine Gonsalves

    If i win the D7100 I am planning to photograph my new baby that is due in June :-)

  1269. 1280
    ) Surendra

    If i win i will take my passion of photography to the next level

  1270. 1281
    ) Ashraf Tawakkol

    I will use the Niko D7100 to continue my passion of shooting Architecture and Landscape scenes.

  1271. 1282
    ) Rick

    I’ve pre-ordered the D7100, but I would love to win this one also. Thanks

  1272. 1283
    ) Steven Decoodt

    If I won the D7100 I would go have some fun shooting the waterloo re-enactment, birds and other events with my father in law.
    All the time having some healthy competition between the Nikon D7100 and his new Canon 5D Mark3

  1273. 1284
    ) Lynn C

    I’m signing up for photography classes and need a DSLR camera. If I win the Nikon that is where I will start! Thank you.

  1274. 1285
    ) Matthew Hale

    I’m using it photography wildlife in Alaska, thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  1275. 1286
    ) Nuno

    Hi everyone ;)
    I love Nikon, i love photography and i want to win this camera!!!!

  1276. 1287
    ) Phoenix

    Since your first pre-review of the D7100 I’ve been excited about getting this camera. From portraits to nature and wildlife, this camera seems like it will help me take my photography to the next level. Thanks for this opportunity to win the this D7100.

  1277. 1288
    ) Jim Sack

    Now currently using the D300S, and having sold one already, I’m looking at my options, including the D7100! One for free would be awfully nice!

  1278. 1289
    ) Kathleen Curley

    Would love to win this to use for taking scenery and other photos.

  1279. 1290
    ) Urius Joseph

    I would love to win the Camera because I’m hoping to upgrade to a better camera. I have been shooting with my D5000 for about 5 years now and I have really improved in my work. And now I believe that it’s time to go to another level have much more possiblities with my camera and I believe that this camera will help me tremendously. THank so much for this give away I don’t have the camera yet but it’s an extra-ordinary chance for a young man like me, thank you!!!

  1280. 1291
    ) Chemy

    Con tantos fotógrafos en la familia, esta, aparte de ayudarme a mi, sería muy buena herramienta con la familia.

  1281. I have my normal digital camera, but I have great interest in Photography hope I will win this giveaway…

  1282. 1293
    ) Geo Tu

    I’d give it to my fiancee! =)

  1283. 1294
    ) alexandru boldea

    if i’ll win this camera i’ll stare at it in disbelief for about a week then i’ll take it for some dawn/dusk landscape photos, and when i’ll get back home i’ll probably stare at it in disbelief some more!

  1284. Awesome giveaway man, and I have great passion for Photography, if I win this, it would be the coolest thing happened to me.

  1285. 1296
    ) sahil

    I am not born photographer but like to capture moments of this life
    Hope I win this to fulfill my dreams

  1286. 1297
    ) Abhishek

    That’s an awesome giveaway :) this would be the coolest thing i own, if i win :D :)

  1287. 1298
    ) sonesh

    This is th most unique giveaway i found :)

    Hope to win this :)

  1288. I really want to buy new DSLR,hope this giveaway will save few bucks form my pocket

  1289. 1300
    ) Fahad

    This is the first giveaway that I’m entering for. I hope I win this unique giveaway!

  1290. 1301
    ) Alicia Richter

    I would use this camera to capture the spectacular memories of my family. I never stop taking photos of my one year old daughter. Also my husband enjoys competition rock crawling, which has some really great shots! such a joy and so much to learn.

  1291. OMG! It’s an awesome giveaway :)
    I will win then I will shoot my memories with old friends and colleagues :D

  1292. 1303
    ) Abhishek

    I am a animation student and photography is a part of it. If i win this it will help me a lot. looking forward to win this giveaway.

  1293. 1304
    ) Greg Dean

    I am planning to take photos of real estate listings with this camera. I will far surpass the capabilities of my Nikon D5100 that is getting worn out.

  1294. 1305
    ) Vivek R

    Terrific Giveaway Nasim,This giveaway will save me huge bucks and I am looking forward to the result of this giveaway.Thank you

  1295. 1306
    ) Krum Popov

    Great news :) I really relly love you :)

  1296. 1307
    ) Siddharth Syal

    I would use this camera to capture pics of my family and the nature.

  1297. 1308
    ) Christopher Lear

    Great Contest.

    I would use this camera to take street photos in Toronto. Also, would replace my old D90 :)

    Thanks for this!!!

  1298. 1309
    ) Murilo Gomes da Silva Rego Neto

    I’m planning to photograph portraits and landscapes with this camera.

  1299. Great site and awesome giveaway! I’d use the camera for wildlife and landscape photography!

  1300. This would make a worthy upgrade to my Nikon D3200 and I would use it to shoot some of the great Wildlife we have over here in South Africa.

  1301. 1312
    ) Chris Slagle

    Great opportunity to win a great camera, thanks for offering this. With this camera’s abilities and with so many megapixels, what couldn’t you photograph with this camera, …really.

  1302. 1313
    ) Lester Telesforo

    I plan on using this camera for portraits and as a backup.

  1303. 1314
    ) Sharon

    I would love to take cool shots with this baby.

  1304. 1315
    ) Stefan

    I just found this site (and the contest), and i allready love it :)

  1305. 1316
    ) Janett Lear

    I would so love this camera to take pictures of my 7 grandchildren!!!

  1306. 1317
    ) Naeim Asgary

    im going to get a macro lens and start taking closeup pictures of insects

  1307. I can’t stop being crazy to take pictures with this camera and I love to have it.

  1308. 1319
    ) Nazz

    Just a Man about to go away for college wanting to take pictures of it all :)

  1309. i’m planning to use for my blog and capture my beautiful city

  1310. 1321
    ) Nipun Somani

    nyc Camera…………….

  1311. 1322
    ) Agus Mingtarja

    I would use the camera for my two sons and my new born daughter.

  1312. 1323
    ) john smith

    first thing i would do is SAVE MONEY on college, cuz im saving up for a DSLR

  1313. 1324
    ) jemma

    Ohhh I would love to win this little beauty. I used/borrowed one to assist a wedding and WOW I was blown away with the quality of image. It was fantastic and so easy to use, I fell In love.


  1314. 1325
    ) Pamela

    Love all your tips !!! Great site for photographers! Thanks !

  1315. 1326
    ) nasim

    we have the same name!

  1316. I would capture timeless masterpieces!

  1317. 1328
    ) Ifham khan

    Cool giveaway, hope to win :)

  1318. 1329
    ) Asterios

    Great giveaway! Let’s see what we get!

  1319. 1330
    ) Valeri Bobenkov

    I will photograph nice landscapes and portraits.

  1320. I am an aspiring amateur who is an avid reader of your website and thank you for holding this giveaway. I think this camera stacks up very well against the D600 I was considering but didnt get due to budget concerns. With the D7100 I hope to take more photographs of school events and street shots.

  1321. 1332
    ) Islam Aboueisa

    I am so excited to have Nikon D7100 as a giveaway :)

  1322. 1333
    ) Martin Richard

    I just had all my gear stolen. Was looking at the d5200 due to budget constraints, but of course would prefer something like this. I travel to africa a lot to document the work my family does there. I would use this camera for that purpose.

  1323. 1334
    ) Jason Chen

    I am planning on getting a D7100 for bird photography. The extra pixels and the x2 crop mode should help.

  1324. 1336
    ) Mark Price

    I want to get a dslr for photography. This is the coolest Nikon giveaway I have seen.

  1325. 1337
    ) Gary Lian

    This D7100 will be my first DSLR camera and I’ll carry it wherever I go.

  1326. 1338
    ) Marcus Tunnicliffe-Grundy

    Have tried competitor cameras but nothing beats Nikon for versatility, backward compatibility and quality.
    I love capturing landscapes so that would be my plan with the D7100 and the 12-24mm lens.

  1327. This is great camera and great give a way indeed for amatures like us.

    D7100 suits best for my landscape & portraits photography style. Spring warmness will be doubled with this gift.

  1328. 1340
    ) Mayank Verma

    I will shoot Wedding through Nikon D7100

  1329. 1341
    ) Lisa Bayne

    I would be thrilled to use the D7100 for landscape and travel photography.

  1330. 1342
    ) ali asgary

    take pictures of volcanic activity

  1331. Looks like a really great new camera. I use my camera for product photos for my business, but I also live opposite the George Washington Bridge and photograph the bridge in all different lights. Beautiful subject.

  1332. 1344
    ) gamini weeraratne

    I’m going to win my life, through with this winning tool…………

  1333. 1345
    ) denis

    I love Nikon !

  1334. Great giveaway! I should be participated now. Thanks for the Giveaway….Hope to Win this :)

  1335. 1347
    ) gamini weeraratne

    I’m going to win my life,through with this winning tool…….

  1336. This is a good camera. I want to capture my journey with this camera.

  1337. 1349
    ) Christina

    I would love to win this camera so I can finally stop researching them.

  1338. 1350
    ) Konnie Jo

    I am ready to move up a step in my camera and am loving what the new Nikon D7100 can offer. I love to take pictures of almost anything…my new passion!

  1339. 1351
    ) Vladimir Medvedev

    This D7100 will be my first DSLR and I’ll learn photography with it. When I’m planning to take photographs of my son (he is three now).

  1340. 1352
    ) Richard David

    If I win this DSLR I will use it to shoot images for my bachelor’s degree thesis on panoramic photography that I am working on right now.

  1341. 1353
    ) M.Talha Degirmenci

    It’s a good chance to upgrade my poit and shot camera to a nikon D7100

  1342. 1354
    ) Esra Nur Degirmenci

    I’m planning to take macro photos of butterflies with this Nikon D7100

  1343. 1355
    ) giedre drumstiene

    I am planning to photograph my family and landscape with this camera

  1344. 1356
    ) Art

    The D7100 looks like a can do camera for my action, adventure…and corgi pics!

  1345. 1357
    ) Venu Gopal

    I would love to use it as my main camera after donating my current D7000 camera to a charity.

  1346. Awesome Giveaway !! Hope I win This!!

  1347. I would put this camera to work, improving tourism here in the virgin islands, by posting beautiful photographs on

  1348. 1360
    ) Vivek

    Im not a photographer but for sure have hope to win this giveaway so that i can start photography soon :P

  1349. 1361
    ) Katelyn

    Oh, I would love to win this!

  1350. 1362
    ) Lori Akers

    This would be a great addition. I like taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife… that includes my kids :P

  1351. 1363
    ) Doug

    Would use the D7100 to shoot everything

    • 1401
      ) Stephen Zettel

      I’d use the D7100 for landscape and wildlife photography. I’ve had very good dealings with B&H in the past, and Mr. Mansurov’s website is a treasure trove of superb articles, reviews and advice. Should make it possible to enter contests though without having to use Facebook, IMHO.


      Steve Z

    • 1421
      ) Judith Barton

      My son is getting married in July to a wonderful young lady and she has asked me to take pictures….so that is what I would do with your fantastic Nikon D7100….take pictures of my son and his beautiful wife. :)

    • 1487
      ) Wesner Almin Jr

      I will use this camera to capture every single moment I spend with my wife and son. All our photos will be my son’s treasures to show to his own family.

    • 1501
      ) Juliette Cagnolatti

      I would use it to shot the birth of our grandchild, etc.

    • 1511
      ) Dr. A. Eldarrat

      Owning a Nikon D7100 would be a dream come true. I would fit it with a full set of lenses as recommended by my absolute favorite Photography Life blog and buy them from my favorite photography equipment provider B&H. Then I will go out to get my dream photograph of a bald eagle in flight in the Delmarve wildlife region where I live.

    • 1513
      ) A. Engvik

      I would use this Nikon D7100 to replace my present AK-47 and shoot everything without getting arrested. LOL.

  1352. 1364
    ) Fakhrossadat Emami

    I would use it to photograph my kids. I don’t have a Nikon yet.

  1353. 1365
    ) mell

    I am planning to use it to take vacation photos.

  1354. 1366
    ) khamid

    Well, since my D50 is mighty dead, this would come handy :)

  1355. 1367
    ) Bartonick M

    help me to record live as I see it

  1356. 1368
    ) Shlomi Uziel

    I’ll use the D7100 to upgrade my old D80 as my 40th birthday…

  1357. I’m Daily take Sunset Photo with my mobile camera . I’ii use Nikon D7100 for best sunset photo .My Mobile sunset photo

  1358. 1370
    ) Jeff LeGrange

    I am planning to continue my photography education with this camera, which would be my first DSLR.

  1359. 1371
    ) Theresa Michalik

    I would this camera to take pictures of my son and our 4 cats.

  1360. 1372
    ) Mandy

    I’m planning to use it as a backup camera for the weddings I shoot..

  1361. 1373
    ) vibin

    Awesome giveaway.I will b really lucky to own this.Thank you PHOTOGRAPHY LIFE and B&H.

  1362. 1374
    ) Vinay

    Thank you for the all giveaways, it helps more and more people to be interested to try out photography.


  1363. 1375
    ) Keri L O

    I would love to have a DSLR camera to shoot landscape photography, I would prefer a full frame camera but I cannot afford it. The only problem with winning this camera would be affording the lenses that compliment it… I guess if it’s free I could afford the lenses!! This would be my first DSLR, graduating from a 35mm nikon. I’ve played around with the new DSLRs in store and would love to be able to shoot without worrying about film! Please Please Please award me with this camera!

  1364. 1376
    ) Anup Kumar Bisoyi

    I want to use it for macro and wildlife photography

  1365. 1377
    ) Alejandro C. Cosme

    A better partner for my D7000. I am planning to immerse myself in photography by using both of them.

  1366. Will be using it for wildlife / nature photography

  1367. 1379
    ) Gabriel Kuon

    i will use this as my secondary camera for video capabilities, with my amazing line of Nikkor lenses.

  1368. 1380
    ) Marian

    I will use the D7100 to shoot street photography.

  1369. 1381
    ) Richard Lemke

    i will use this upgrade to expand my wildlife/nature photography. I am soon to retire and want to spend more time developing my skills and learning. I have learned a great deal from this site already.

  1370. 1382
    ) Jenn Turnage

    I’d use this camera for Nature Photography

  1371. 1383
    ) Necula Petrisor Daniel

    Of course … many, many photo , hunting human nature!

  1372. 1384
    ) Tom Jarrett

    I would use the D7100 on a trip to Yellowstone in May for landscapes and wildlife.

  1373. I would use this camera for landscape photography.

  1374. 1386
    ) Sumit

    I would use this camera to take pics of nature :)

  1375. 1387
    ) Satish

    I need this because I dnt have a good Cam :)

  1376. I am football blogger. If i won this camera, there is no doubt that i will attend every match of football and click photos. In this modern age, football fans really love photographs from matches. I will click photos for them and distribute those photo online for free. I always interview many footballers from Asia but i have to click their photos with my digicam, it dosent look much better, with this camera i will click proffesional photographs of the players too. It can be an earning for me :)

  1377. 1389
    ) Erica Grecco

    I would use this camera to take pictures of my family, most importantly my children and events they are in.

  1378. 1390
    ) Anna Katerina F. Ubaldo

    I would use this camera to grow in photography.

  1379. 1391
    ) Britto Antonysamy

    I would like use this camera for sports photography

  1380. 1392
    ) Lam Cai Wah

    I will use this awesome camera to snapshot all the precious moment i have.

  1381. 1393
    ) Deepesh

    Well I am not a bad Photographer Just started my Photography career but the main problem is that I am shooting with my Nokia 5233. So If i got this one , then I could Explore more in Photography.
    Thanks for this giveaway. Hope I win.

  1382. Nice Giveway. Just Enter into this contest. Hope I WIN it

  1383. I would use it to do music photojournalism. I love shooting live concerts, and as a journalism student, it’s something I adore doing.

  1384. 1396
    ) Randall Sly

    I Plan on photographing my family, nature, and life as we all know it.

  1385. 1397
    ) Tom Bartel

    I’m going to use it to photograph my world travels.

  1386. 1398
    ) Abegail Balagot

    I will use this camera to apply the things I learned in my basic photography classes here in Sharjah, UAE. Thanks! :)

  1387. 1399
    ) Abdelrahman Yehia

    Hope I win :)

  1388. 1400
    ) Sanjeev Gopal Acharya

    I would use this camera to elevate my skills.

  1389. 1402
    ) Jim McArthur

    Would love a new camera to shoot at the family reunion.

  1390. 1403
    ) Larry Carr

    I would use the D7100 to replace my D90 to shoot Maine wildlife.

  1391. Hi… I would take all new pictures with the D7100 in HD for my on line shop which I have created so that I can work from home and spend every spare moment with my beautiful Dobermanns and film them…. very exciting at this time as we have ten new born pups two of which are Blues…. with bright blue eyes that are crying out for HD.

  1392. 1405
    ) Amelita C. Balagot

    I am enrolled in photography class and this Nikon D7100 DSLR will be of very good use for me in honing my skills in photography…Thank you for this contest…

  1393. 1406
    ) Joan Moore

    I am retiring in 10 weeks and would like to photograph birds and landscapes.

  1394. 1407
    ) Miguel Castro

    I would use this camera to not only capture moments at various events at our library programs, but also to record and capture photos of my family, friends and various little reptile pets that currently scramble around my home :)

  1395. 1408
    ) Steve M

    I’ll use the D 7100 on what ever catches my eye…

  1396. 1409
    ) Shelby

    I would use this camera to replace my D90 to document the missions trips I go on and the volunteer and nonprofit work that I do. I love to use my photography skills to give people a voice and tell their stories.

  1397. 1410
    ) Trung

    I would use every bit of the D7100 to improve a variety of photography types such as sports, wildlife, portraiture, and landscapes!

  1398. 1411
    ) Jorge Bengochea

    I’m gonna use it to expand my capability. As I’m using a entry level camera, a Pro one would bring me much more fun!!

  1399. 1412
    ) Julie Uccelli

    I would use the D7100 to document my adventures.

  1400. 1413
    ) Steve

    I’ll be using the D7100 to create memories of my kids as they grow. A few travel, wildlife and landscapes will definitely be added to collection.

  1401. 1414
    ) MB

    Would be nice upgrade from my D7000.

  1402. 1415
    ) Saulo Kutner

    I would use the D7100 for sports (rugby and water polo), theatre (amateur groups), family and travel photos.
    I expect the higher fps count and 1,3x extra crop would be specially helpful for sports!

  1403. 1416
    ) Alexandru Butea

    If I’d win a D7100 I would definitely start my own photography business!

  1404. 1417
    ) Antas Ališauskas

    I would use this to upgrade my gear from very very old Pentax and to shoot everything :)

  1405. 1418
    ) Sofija

    I would use this bad boy for taking pictures of my nude boyfriend

  1406. 1419
    ) Sofija

    I would use this bad boy for taking pictures of my boyfriend

  1407. 1420
    ) Johanna Emmanuelli

    I would use it for movies.

  1408. 1422
    ) marcelo zangrilli

    I hope I win it, i will use the D7100 to shoot everything since i don’t have any other jaja

  1409. 1423
    ) Irena Ališauskienė

    I would use this camera to take pictures of my growing up kids and so much more :)

  1410. 1424
    ) Laurence Gretsch Sevilla

    I will use the D7100 to take pictures of insects to share with my students.

  1411. 1425
    ) Ajith

    I would be very happy to own a DSLR to improve my photography skills by taking the pictures of kids landscape flowers

  1412. 1426
    ) DawnHanner

    Looking forward to using this camera to photograph my grandchildren

  1413. 1427
    ) e. bargados

    i want one!!

  1414. 1428
    ) chris

    I would love to get the Nikon D7100. I accidentally dropped my Nikon D50 and it no longer works. I really need a camera to continue taking photos of my little girls!!!!

  1415. 1429
    ) israel monterroso

    im a really enthusiast about photography but since my d3100 broke down this will be an awesome camera to replace my 3100

  1416. 1430
    ) Josie Thomas

    Capturing Life Moments is the only visionary images that we all seek,other then the mind.And I Love doing this for all.So upgrading from my Nikon D60 Series would be a remarkable honor to be able to give Forever Images.Thank You

  1417. 1431
    ) Aixa Ardin

    I would use it to make some videos to share what I have learned with others.

  1418. 1432
    ) Enrique D'Souza

    Superb DSLR. Love the fact that its weather proof and has a great dynamic range. I would use it for wildlife, nature and people photos.

  1419. 1433
    ) Jorge Bernadas

    I would use a D7100 to shoot autocross events and my baby’s first steps.

  1420. 1434
    ) Laura W

    Would LOVE to win this! Wanting to jump into the world of portrait photography and this camera would be great to use =]

  1421. 1435
    ) Nicoleta Panait

    I would use this camera for nature photography.

  1422. I would use this camera to practise photographing food and recipes for my blog :)

  1423. 1437
    ) Boris Arevshatyan

    I would use a D7100 as backup body for my D600 to shoot architecture and landscapes.

  1424. 1438
    ) Peter-Paul Binnewerg

    If I’ll win this D7100 I would carry it to all my favorite places to do time lapse videos and I could finally enjoy taking real telephotographies. If I won’t carry it around I would at least give it a hug each day!

  1425. 1439
    ) Rechelle de leon

    Love to shoot. I would like to develop my ability in photography. I owned the super old cam (Nikon D3100) . Please give it me. hahaha

  1426. 1440
    ) Salis Syed

    Will use D7100 for videography

  1427. 1441
    ) Manish Pai

    I would use this camera to take photos of my new born baby.

  1428. 1442
    ) George Straub

    I would use the D7100 to learn and expand on my photography hobby. B&H has been a huge help in my education.

  1429. 1443
    ) Cliff

    This Nikon D7100 is good to use for sports photography?

  1430. 1444
    ) Hafzel

    I’m planning to start-up a professional photography business.

  1431. 1445
    ) Simon Lodge

    I would use the D7100 for panoramic landscape and wildlife photography. Would also use it for sport given it has an advanced autofocus system.

  1432. 1446
    ) Connie Wilson

    I have owned Nikon cameras for years. I am an all around photographer, love to shoot all and anything. I am starting up a photography club in our small community in hopes of getting young and old interested. I would love to own the Nikon 7100 to be able to continue my adventure in photography.

  1433. I would like to use this for Wildlife photography and and also I’m going to shoot a Shortfilm so its 1080P Full HD video (24Fps) will help me to get the excellent output ! .

  1434. 1448
    ) Cedric Siu

    I am planning to photograph landscapes with this camera.

  1435. 1449
    ) wing yan wong

    my last SLR was an FE-2. that was ages ago. i’d like to rekindle my love of shooting with an SLR. this time, with a digital one.

  1436. 1450
    ) Jock McDonald

    I would use the Nikon 7100 to make movies of my kids on the soccer field and in the swimming pool. I love the HD quality of this DSLR. And for myself, I’d take it out in the woods for winter landscapes.

  1437. I would like to use this for Trael Photoraphy and for shooting Videos..

  1438. 1452
    ) Alexis Nicole

    I would use it for everything…family, sports, and wildlife. This site has offered so much information. I have it bookmarked on my phone, tablet, and laptop….never without it!

  1439. 1453
    ) Pradeep Jain

    I would like to use Nikon D7100 for wildlife photography. All the features of this camera are perfect for the job except the buffer.

  1440. 1454
    ) Daniel Nadasan

    I would like to destroy this camera but i won’t. I would use it for street photography

  1441. 1455
    ) Barry Moskowitz

    Just found your website and read one of the reviews comparing Nikon D600 and D7100 thought it was very interesting and had great points. Will visit again.

  1442. 1456
    ) prasad r

    i would use nikon d7100 to shoot life as it passess by

  1443. 1457
    ) Paul Legato

    I would like to receive this camera to replace my dying Nikon D70. It has served me well, however, the noise in my low light shots has become unbearable. I have been saving, however, we just got hit with a huge tax bill which washed my camera savings away with it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  1444. 1458
    ) Luvi Rian Hidayat

    Hi photography is my passion. I need to improve my skills. I did only use camera when i’m at work.I really need help for camera,this one too expensive for me. I have no my own camera so far.

  1445. 1459
    ) faraz mahboob

    I would us the camera so I could finally fulfil my dream of taking proper photos on my own camera, I have always loved taking photos of everything I see, to the point where I’ll rent a camera or nick my brothers dSLR for the weekend, ending up with me filling me memory cards while the time flies by. I just love that feeling of creating a well composed shot, makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And now I want to have the ability to own one for myself and not have to beg my brother for his 5diii while he’s not on a shoot.

  1446. 1460
    ) Shu-Hsien Wang

    I am planning to photograph the world around me with this camera.

  1447. 1461
    ) Josh

    I would use the camera to shoot all sorts of things, nature, landscapes people ect. It would be my main camera.

  1448. 1462
    ) Luis Arias

    I would use this camera to capture my perception of the people’s essence into meaningful portraits.

  1449. This would be a hefty upgrade for me, and I’d shoot everything with it for which I currently use my existing Nikon setup – mostly children, some wildlife, some product photography.

  1450. 1464
    ) Griffin Siadak

    I would love the upgrade, and the sports photos I would make would look amazing!

  1451. 1465
    ) Tran Bao Thanh

    I will use this camera with a small sum of investment from my own saving to become a freelance/ part-time photographer and try to earn some extras for living since my full-time job is interesting but not well-paid, and I myself enthusiastic in photography but also believe that the D7100 is enough to take up this part-time job. Thank you!

  1452. 1466
    ) StefanQ

    You guys, are great
    Respect for you, that you are givinig a brand new camera

  1453. 1467
    ) Iris

    I’ll gave it to my BF as a big surprise :D

  1454. 1468
    ) Mike Emery

    I just upgraded my body to a D7000 from a D50 and am amazed at the difference. Being able to take more advantage of the enhancements on the D7100 would be that much more icing on the cake. Thanks.

  1455. 1469
    ) Heyde

    Time to replace the old trusty D80

  1456. 1470
    ) Dom Leong

    I’m planning to surprise my beautiful wife on our 5 year anniversary when we travel to Banff National Park this summer and take amazing landscape images. It’s a surprise trip so shhhhh ;-)

    Kind Regards

  1457. 1471
    ) Lucky Ali

    Being a sports man, would love to capture the best moments of most of the sports activities during our university competitions

  1458. I’m a big fan of Photography Life — but not of Facebook. To bad I don’t qualify for such a nice offer. If I did, I’d use the D7100 on a trip to Kruger NP in August — what a step up that would be from my D90!!!

  1459. 1473
    ) ian

    if i win ill invest my money in good glass :-)

  1460. 1474
    ) Amy

    I plan to use a D7100 for wildlife photography and for weddings and special occasions.

  1461. 1475
    ) V

    The D7100: Worth it versus The D7000?????….

  1462. 1476
    ) Gavin Wolfe Murray

    I would love to take fabulous photos of my family and friends as well as some of the beautiful places to be found all over Scotland

  1463. 1477
    ) Riana Liebenberg

    I bought the D7000 a month ago and thought I was buying the GRRRRRREATEST Nikon camera before I retire and was especially impressed with the sub-dial function. I am going on pension shortly and won’t be able to afford the D7100 upgrade, although I will continue to dream about owning one! :)

  1464. What a fantastic site! I have gained so much knowledge through the use of this site and now it’s giving away a new Nikon D7100! Wow.

    I recently got into photography, however, through the use of resources via the internet and books I have taught myself a lifetime of valuable information about photography. I have always had somewhat of a keen eye but never gave photography a serious look when considering it as a possible career. Why? Who knows… I was young, I guess.

    Now I am older and am kicking myself in the head for not having educated myself through school in order to achieve a degree that would lead me into a thriving career in photography.

    You know all of the mistakes one makes during the beginning of one’s career? Well, I fear I may have made a huge one. I researched a good amount before purchasing my first semi-pro DSLR but ended up buying the Nikon D7000. I want to shoot weddings. In fact, I want to be a legendary wedding photographer. It wasn’t too long and over $4,700 in pro glass and other equipment that I realized I had made a mistake by not purchasing a full framed body. Oops. Weddings = low light = need for DSLR with stellar high ISO capabilities.

    It’s too late to change – at least until I can earn the money via photography. Here’s hoping that the low light performance of the D7100 is better than the performance of the D7000…

    And here’s hoping that I might just find a D7100 in the mail one day soon, won OR bought.

    - Michael

  1465. 1479
    ) Nathan Barrett

    I would continue to take photos, nothing like being working with a subject – a D7100 would make it that much better!

  1466. 1480
    ) steven lam

    i would take very awesome tasty food photos!!!

  1467. 1481
    ) Nadine Binnewerg

    If I win the D7100 I could finally take photos of my dogs. Furthermore there would be the opportunity to level up from D3200 and gain some extra benefit in using a (for my needs) professional DSLR. You would definitely make me very happy.

  1468. 1482
    ) Quel

    Thanks for this amazing oppertunity. I think that my d80 is coming to it’s end. Would be to wina camera to replace it.

  1469. 1483
    ) Vinicios de Moura

    I would take to Brazil, where I am moving in 40 days time and go from south to up north photographing the amazing country.

  1470. 1484
    ) Max Hefti

    I would use it to shoot my best friend’s wedding!

  1471. 1485
    ) AP Gouge

    I would use the camera to upgrade my HDR work.

  1472. 1486
    ) Nicholas Hait

    I would use it to hone my skills in landscape photography

  1473. 1488
    ) Zoran Krnjajic

    I would use D7100 as my main camera for landscape and street photography.

  1474. 1489
    ) Vlad Georgescu

    I would use the camera for taking architecture related shots as I am studying architecture, as well as for wildlife and landscape photography. Owning this camera would be a dream come true and also a huge step forward from my current Nikon equipment.

  1475. 1490
    ) Iuliana Silvi

    The D7100 would be my first ever DSLR for which I’ve been wishing for quite a while now so I would use it for different types of photography but mainly landscape and portrait.

  1476. 1491
    ) David Lewandowski

    I would use the D7100 to capture the images I love creating for others of themselves, family members and pets!

  1477. 1492
    ) Bob Llewellyn

    I ‘ve been shooting with a Nikon D80 for several years and would really like to see how the D7100 improves my shots. I mostly shot landscapes.

  1478. 1493
    ) Bob Llewellyn

    I ‘ve been shooting with a Nikon D80 for several years and would really like to see how the D7100 improves my shots. I mostly shoot landscapes.

  1479. 1494
    ) marcelo zangrilli

    I would use the D7100 to shoot everything

  1480. 1495
    ) georgia

    Would use to photograph everything! This camera can handle it all!

  1481. 1496
    ) Stephen Berger

    I would use the D7100 to try and make images that reflect how I see and feel the world around me.

  1482. 1497
    ) Kevin

    Thanks so much

  1483. 1498
    ) João Pedro Pereira

    If I win the D7100 i will use it for astrophotography, landscaping, wild life photos and some creative photos.

  1484. 1499
    ) Tod

    If I win, I would use the D7100 for portraits and editorial work.


  1485. 1500
    ) Blessie Nelson

    This would be a dream to win! Thank you so much for the chance! I would use this to capture all our family moments!

  1486. 1502
    ) gabriele

    I would use it to photograph landscape and sports

  1487. 1503
    ) Naveen kumar

    i would use it for portraits,landscape,macro and myself.

  1488. 1504
    ) Ramanathan Sundaram

    D7100 will join its predecessor D7000 in shooting the world with awesome pictures

  1489. I’m planning to use the new D7100 to capture the incredible landscapes from my region, since my D90 is close to its life.

  1490. 1506
    ) Dr. Himadri Samanta

    I will be thrilled to use Nikon D7100 for landscape imaging.

  1491. If I win Nikon D7100, I will use it to take fucking girls pictures

  1492. I am a strong supporter of non-profits in my community and do as much volunteer work as I can.
    Photos for childens hospital / Fun Days and Animal rescue are some of my favorite events.
    Another camera would be a big help.

  1493. 1509
    ) Kenenth

    Would be a great upgrade from my d3200! its time for me to move from a beginner to a serious enthusiast! The d7100 would be the perfect tool for that!

  1494. 1510
    ) Brian C

    I would use the D7100 to take photos of my family

  1495. 1512
    ) Thomas Brege

    I’m going to take wonderful pictures while climbing the highest mountain in Sweden.

  1496. 1514
    ) Venkatesh Ramasamy

    I wish to Nikon 7100 to Shoot Macros and TelePhoto.

  1497. 1515
    ) Zach Miller

    I would take this camera to africa and take photos of the beautiful smiles of the ethiopian children.

  1498. 1516
    ) Michael G

    I would use it to take pictures of our next trip to Italy.

  1499. 1517
    ) Petruta Diana

    I would love to use D7100 because it would give me a better chance to capture special moments of life and the beauty of the nature.

  1500. 1518
    ) wish

    nice DSLR camera!

  1501. 1519
    ) Eduard

    I’d use the D7100 for landscape photography and long exposure

  1502. 1520
    ) Xtraordinaire

    I was actually planning on buying this camera but I’d rather a free one ; )
    I will use it for everyday photography, trips to landscapes and shoot video as I am a musician and producer and videographer as well. This camera will not get rest!!!!!!!

  1503. 1521
    ) Matt Photodocumentarian

    I would use the D7100 to photograph events.

  1504. 1522
    ) Rebekah Holland

    I am planning on giving this to my photographer boyfriend for his 50th birthday ~ It would be an awesome gift :-)

  1505. 1523
    ) Christophe

    My great passion is Macro Photography, and I am bursting to move on to the next level – shooting high-resolution videos of the microcosmos! That camera would be a perfect successor for my Nikon D80, and it would literally catapult my photographic experience into a whole new realm of possibilities.

  1506. I mainly shoot still digital and film, but I’ve been looking forward to experimenting with video. I would really love to have a DSLR with HD video capability to go with all the Nikon pro lenses I own.

  1507. 1525
    ) Wendy Holt

    Friends say I take a fine landscape, with the D71 fine could turn into great and improve the portrait shots. Being a novice with photography, a great camera is the first hurdle to cross.

  1508. I would use the D7100 to take pictures of exotic fruits in Brazil.

  1509. 1527
    ) Pete Jones

    I would take awesome landscapes

  1510. 1528
    ) Dawn

    I am a canon person. However, I am willing to try Nikon.

  1511. 1529
    ) Pieter Lourens

    I will use the Nikon D7100 fir closeup photos of wild birds at my bird feeders.

  1512. 1530
    ) Pieter Lourens

    I will use the Nikon D7100 for closeup photos of wild birds at my bird feeders.

  1513. 1531
    ) Elyse Yerrapathruni

    I would use the D7100 to document my children’s lives. They are in constant motion, and I need to update my camera to keep up!

  1514. 1532
    ) Brooke

    I will use it to chronicle my life and locations as I will be traveling for work over the net few years.

  1515. 1533
    ) Tom

    Would use it for portraits

  1516. 1534
    ) Mauricio Marsenall

    I will use the camera to photography landscape

  1517. 1535
    ) Richard Wagner

    I will be using this incredible camera mostly for Super Macro photography and artistic Bokeh.

  1518. After gladly removing my aging D3000 from the camera bag, I will be shooting landscapes, seascapes with much better IQ, and getting superb shots of my kids’ athletics & football …..AND the icing on the cake will be that I will finally be able to shoot night-time netball and get decent shots for the first time .

  1519. 1537
    ) Julia

    I plan to photograph southeast Asia and the east Asia Pacific region with this camera during my travels.

  1520. 1538
    ) David Levin

    I heard that the Nikon D7100 is better than the Nikon D300S. I’d love to own the D7100 to replace my D300S.

  1521. 1539
    ) Glenn Sapp

    Preparing to graduate college and start scheduling photoshoots of fellow students. As a photographer on a budget this will definitely improve my portrait shots!

  1522. Dear Nasim,

    I have been retrenched due to the world economy and haven’t found a job since . I have a wife and two boys age 14 and 8. I am passionate about photography and I am trying really hard to make a living from photography.

    This camera will be a tool to help me not only feed my family but to love my dream of being a successful photographer.

    This camera will help me capture spectacular moments locked in time. For the past year I have done nothing but study the art of photography from the morning I open my eyes to very late the next morning when I cant keep my eyes open any longer.

    Your website has certainly pushed me in the right direction and I thank you for that.

    Warm Regards

    Deon Zeelie

  1523. 1541
    ) Ananya

    I would love to get the D7100 ,because i love the art of photograph..!! I ain’t capable a buying such a dslr buy myself… :’)

  1524. 1542
    ) Leif-Harald Nesheim

    Im gonna use this for underwater photography

  1525. 1543
    ) Anton Alexandru

    this would be a great upgrade from my d90!! i love it!!

  1526. 1544
    ) Vincent Paul Amistad

    I can’t find the I AM FAN…I already hit like on BH and Photographylife…

  1527. 1545
    ) Andrew Hermsen

    I will use this camera to take photo’s of the demilitarized zone and the cities and landscapes, as well as the people and cultural sights during my upcoming trip to South Korea and after that I will continue to use it for similar things both at home and abroad.

  1528. 1546
    ) Devendra singh lodhi

    I am planning to photograph butterfly with this camera

  1529. 1547
    ) Florentin Dragan

    Hope I will win it! :)

  1530. 1548
    ) Alexandra Ion

    I will used for wildlife with my brand new 70-300 nikkor lens

  1531. 1549
    ) Radu Stegarescu

    I am planning to take photos of landscapes and also do some street and event photography!

  1532. The Nikon D7100 with a 24MP CMOS DX sensor, 6 frames per second, no anti-alias filter, 51 point autofocus, and an OLED data display in the finder just has to be used for wildlife photography, particularly birds with the 1.3 DX crop factor extending Nikkor lenses reach, and for fast moving objects too, I just can’t wait!

    • 1552
      ) Richard

      The D7100 is a 1.5 crop factor not a 1.3 :)

  1533. 1551
    ) george catalin belea

    I will used to take aerian phots and wildlife photography.

  1534. 1553
    ) Mark Good

    I would us the Nikon D7100 to photograph Animals, both at the Zoo and in the wild. I also love taking scenic shots and would Love to take family photos of my kids and grandchildren with a great camera.

  1535. I would LOVE the D7100 as I have the D70S would like the upgrade to take portraits, landscapes, and my children’s active lives in marching band, band, soccer, FBLA, my son’s h.s. graduation in a couple months. The HiDef video will come in extremely handy in all the above. I would like to make photography my line of work/business. I am furthering my knowledge with photography classes & my photographs would be excellent with such an excellent camera. Thank you!