Let the Shopping Begin: Nikon Rebates are Here!

Happy upcoming turkey day to all of our readers in the US! Before you put that tasty turkey into the oven, you might want to check out the long-awaited Nikon rebates that have just gone live. As you might remember from earlier this week, we posted lots of information on the upcoming deals, but those deals never went live due to a communication issue between Nikon and retailers. It was certainly a big fail on Nikon’s part, because their own Store had all those rebates live at the time. Some of our readers noticed that and let us know, so I called our trusted partner B&H Photo Video to find out why the rebates weren’t live yet, since Nikon’s own page showed otherwise. As we were talking on the phone, it turned out that a Nikon representative was also on the same line. Once it was discovered that Nikon indeed had a rebate page live already, the Nikon rep stated that the page would have to be taken down immediately. And within 30 minutes or so, all rebates were indeed taken down.

Nikon Black Friday Rebates

Needless to say, all the rebates were pushed to November 28, 2013, which is today. Since I have already written an extensive article on each available promotion (including my personal recommendations), I will not repeat them all here. So if you want to find out what each rebate looks like and what the best deals are, please see this page.

If you do not see all the lens choices yet, simply add the camera and lenses you want to the cart and the checkout screen will adjust all the prices automatically.

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more information on all the upcoming deals. Aside from these “buy together and save” rebates, there will be plenty more screaming deals with very limited availability (for example, the Nikon D7000 is already $699, which is a screaming deal!). We will stay on top of all the deals and will be posting updates throughout the day. Some of the deals will be literally limited to several hours, so we recommend that you check back often!

If you want to see all the current Black Friday deals listed at B&H, see this page.

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  1. 1
    ) prashant

    its live! its live! its live! :D

    • 2
      ) prashant

      btw the lense are visible on the second page itself ( ie once you select the camera , the second screen pop up shows all the lenses mentioned by you earlier available for the bundle offer )

  2. 3
    ) Alban

    Kind of disappointed. No rebate on the D800 camera body (the $200 instant savings have been there for weeks now) and not a single f2.8 lens covered by the offer… Half of the lenses advertised for a d800/lens bundle are DX lenses!!! It wasn’t really worth waiting.

    • 9
      ) Ricardo Vaz

      You are mistaken: 70-200mm 2.8 (-300), 24-70 2.8 (-200), 14-24 2.8 (-200), and a lot more lenses available with the d800 body.

      Put the body on your cart, go to your cart, click on Savings Available (click on one of the lenses below this sentence) and click on SLR Lenses, there will be a lot of lenses, including some higher end ones!

      Read more: http://photographylife.com/let-shopping-begin-nikon-rebates#ixzz2lx7mohRi

      • 10
        ) Alban

        Thanks Ricardo. You are right. But let’s admit that they could have done a better job on the main rebate page (The More You Buy The More You Save). When you select a body, the lenses that appear are in a limited number and are not the most appropriate for the body you picked up. From what I’ve read on different blogs, I am not the only one to get a little confused…
        Anyway, now, thanks to you, things are clear.

        • 12
          ) Ricardo Vaz

          I agree with you, they kind of messed up with the organization of the deals. All lenses should be shown in the main rebate page.

  3. 4
    ) Nick

    It looks like the list of lenses included in the sale are far fewer in number than those listed in the post a few days back. Let’s say I’m in the market for the 7100 – there are only 7 lenses available – a couple of super zooms, some kit lenses, the 24-85, and 70-300 (I have the latter and the others really don’t appeal to me) The earlier post suggested that the list of lenses would be far more extensive (Yes, one 85 f/1.8, please). OK, that’s FX, so I change the 7100 to a 610 or an 800. No luck. Sigh. Looked at Nikon’s website – no luck (although in fairness, maybe their Black Friday sale begins on Friday). Amazon had lots of stuff, but no discounted 1.8 85mm (I did find some discounted Nikon brand lens caps however, so not a total loss).

    The point of all of this is to determine if I’m missing something or if the scope of lenses on sale is different than that posted earlier in the week. Finally, if we’re talking about buying $1500 cameras and $500 lenses, we have much to be thankful for…. Happy Thanksgiving to all


    • 5
      ) Ricardo Vaz

      Indeed you are missing something. Put the body on your cart, go to your cart, click on Savings Available (click on one of the lenses below this sentence) and click on SLR Lenses, there will be a lot of lenses, including some higher end ones!

      • 8
        ) Nick


  4. 6
    ) Shyam

    Finally….. :D

  5. 7
    ) Dan

    I just contacted Amazon about adding a lens to my DF pre-order. Don’t want to lose my spot in line since it’s due for delivery on Monday. ;)

  6. 11
    ) Rituraj Singh

    I added D3200 bundle in B&H and then i added Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens but at the checkout i don’t see $20 rebate on the lens. Could you please advise.

    • 15
      ) Ricardo Vaz

      I think you guys should go in the webchat with the BH sellers, they will probably have a better answer than any of us!

    • Rituraj, all issues with rebates should be taken care of tonight at midnight – apparently B&H was told not to publish anything until Friday, so the above method of adding to the cart is basically a workaround…

  7. 13
    ) Vincent

    To bad Nikon isn’t offering rebates on lenses only like Canon is. I can’t see buying even a cheap old model camera in order to get a rebate on a lens. If I can’t sell the camera and recoup the money spent on it, then what good is a rebate? I would probably be buying 2 lenses if Nikon was offering rebates on just lenses. Oh well!!!

    • That’s why their stock has fallen so badly and then profits are terrible. Nikon needs to wake up and give some good incentives to its current user base. The DSLR purchase dependency is just silly, as no first timer will buy a D800 or a D4 with a lens.

  8. 14
    ) Subidiom

    Well, I’m getting a lot of pushback from B&H on the bundle deals. They’re telling me that the 70-200 f/4 is not eligible for the bundle, though when I add it to my cart with the D610 it shows the $300 discount. When I add to my existing Df preorder, no discount. Unfortunately, I can’t do the add to cart test with the Df, since it’s still in pre release status.

    • Subidiom, the deals are supposed to be fully live on B&H tonight, at midnight. You should be able to get the Df + lens then…

  9. 19
    ) Vince

    Hi Nasim,

    Do you think There will be a only lenses rebate (same as in September) later on December? Planning to buy 2 lenses but the current rebate doesn’t work for me.

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