iPad 3 Wallpapers from Nikon D800

I decided to post a couple of iPad 3 (a.k.a. the “New iPad” or just “the iPad”) wallpapers taken by the Nikon D800 while I am working on the upcoming Nikon 85mm f/1.8G lens review. I am hoping to publish it within the next few days, so that I could start working on reviewing the Canon 5D Mark III and some high-end Canon lenses. These images were requested by our readers in higher resolution and since the new iPad has a whopping 2048×1536 pixel retina display, I thought it would be better to extract them in a bigger size. They should also work as wallpapers for the original iPad and iPad 2, but obviously the images are not going to be as detailed…

iPad 3 Wallpaper 1

1) Click here to download the wallpaper version in 2048×1536 resolution

iPad 3 Wallpaper 2

2) Click here to download the wallpaper version in 2048×1536 resolution

iPad 3 Wallpaper 3

3) Click here to download the wallpaper version in 2048×1536 resolution


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  1. Thx, first one is on my desktop already. ;)

  2. 2
    ) Jeff

    Very nice! I think the resolution for wallpaper is suppose to be 2048×2048 though.

    • Jeff, the wallpaper on iPad either goes vertical or horizontal – it does not rotate together with the icons, so the resolution is 2048×1536. If the resolution is 2048×2048, the image will have to be cropped either vertically or horizontally…

  3. 3
    ) Eric

    Yes, it should be 2048×2048, due to how the iPad handles portrait vs landscape.

    • Eric, please see my response to Jeff above :)

      • 7
        ) Eric

        Not sure if there’s a problem with yours, but mine certainly does rotate together with the icons, hence the 2048 x 2048 size. And yes, it will need to be cropped to work properly.

        • Eric, you are right, darn! Not sure if I can crop so much to be able to do 2048×2048. Will go back and later and give it a try. Sorry about that!

          • 13
            ) Che Ibarra

            One solution would be to go back in the field and re-shoot the shot with the idea of cropping square when you frame it in the viewfinder….come on Nasim you KNOW you want to go out and SHOOT again :)

  4. 8
    ) Kendell


    In this case you are mistaken. Think of it like this — the wallpaper remains in a fixed orientation and as the user rotates the ipad different parts of the image become visible. Unfortunately, this means that there are 4 corners of the full 2048×2048 image that will never show up when the image is used as a wallpaper. The user will either see a large horizontal slice or a large vertical slice. A quick google search will turn up a bunch of explanations, such as this one http://www.desktop4ipad.com/index.php/news/why-the-ipad-wallpaper-resolution-is-always-1024×1024/

    That article is for the old iPad, but if you double all the numbers the same thinking applies. At one point I had a nice diagram showing this, but I was unable to find it quickly. If I come across it I will comment again.

  5. 12
    ) Andy

    The wallpapers look great on the new iPad! I have a D7000; if I want the pictures I take to be optimized for the retina display, what settings should I use? (RAW, compression, quality, etc?) I already tried putting in a NEF file and it wasn’t that clear. Also, will you be posting any more pictures that can be used as wallpaper for the new iPad? thanks.

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