Great Falls in Winter

Mukhsim and I spent the second day of my trip in Great Falls National Park (Maryland side). Although the falls are magnificent, the scene does not look so pretty in winter. Leafless trees, dirty snow and pale rocks, in addition to a windy and cloudy day did not present good opportunities for photography. We hiked for about a mile back and forth and finally went back, because I just could not see anything worth taking a picture of. Mukhsim said that the Virginia side looked prettier, but I bet it looks about the same at this time of the year…

Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

Great Falls National Park

Great Falls National Park #2

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    ) sm

    Nice pics. Much better than mine which I took a month back while in that area (without a tripod). It was different because of more snow.

    • sm, thank you! I’m sure the falls look much better in spring/summer and especially beautiful in spring when the trees change colors…

  2. I love the first shot. It perfectly captures the movement of the water.

    • Mimi, thank you! I need a real ND filter for stopping water…I had to use a crazy aperture of f/22 + 3 stop ND filter and even then it was way too bright :(

  3. Love the pics!
    Do you have images from Mount Vernon?
    How did they come out?

    • Muhs, the pics from Mount Vernon came out pretty shitty…I guess it wasn’t my day :(

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