Free Shipping with Nikon D800/D800E Pre-order at B&H

B&H Photo Video had a bug in their system last night when they opened up Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E pre-orders, where they were charging shipping fees for the placed orders. I have just gotten confirmation that B&H will NOT charge any shipping fees for all pre-orders.

If you have already placed and order and your order shows a shipping charge, please call B&H Sales at the following number: 1-800-606-6969, option 4 (or use the contact form on this page) and ask them to remove the shipping charges from your order – they will honor it.

DO NOT CANCEL AND REPLACE YOUR ORDER! If you do that, you will lose your place in the queue. Remember, B&H will ship the D800/D800E using their order queue. I know B&H and other retailers are selling the Nikon D800 like crazy, so do not lose your spot or you risk being in a waiting list for months.

This should save you additional $10-50 USD :)

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  1. 1
    ) Amit

    Handy tip! So which one did you get D800 or the D800E?

  2. 3
    ) JamesT

    Thanks Nasim…

    Called in and got my shipping knocked down by nearly $30. Still opted for 2 day shipping though. I also asked the B&H Rep when they expect to get the D800 in and they told me March 8th for the first shipment – good news if true, as I had heard 3/22 from other sources. Can’t wait!

    • 4
      ) Easty

      Thanks for the Tip saved some cash..

      James when did you order? I also went for an E at 7am est on the 7th.. be very interested to know if im int he top few.


      • 5
        ) JamesT

        Ordered mine from B&H on 2/6 at 23:16. Also ordered one from Amazon on 2/6 at 22:26 (got an email fro Amazon along with a lot of other folks that it was scheduled to ship on January 2013…go figure that out). Also placed an order with Roberts Camera the next morning.

        Hope I have time to cancel the other two when the first one ships, which is hopefully before 2013! :)

        • James, Amazon made a mistake with the date. It will ship in March, April latest…

      • Easty, you should be fine! I believe B&H will receive at least several thousand of those units…

  3. 8
    ) Pat

    Hi mr Nasim, im planning to buy this unit around oct-dec. You think this camera will still be made by that time? Do u remember when u bought ur d700 when it was released and nikkon stop producing those units?

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