Dead Horse Point Panorama

Here is the promised panoramic version of the Dead Horse Point at sunrise. The full version is comprised of 8 vertical images, measuring approximately 32 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 2:1.

Dead Horse Point Panorama at Sunrise

All 8 shots were taken in Manual mode at f/8 and 1/10th of a second, ISO 200. Whenever you shoot panoramic images, always remember to switch to full manual mode to get identical exposure. You do not want your shutter speed or your aperture to change when you move from one point to another and shooting in manual will always yield consistent results for stitching software. Do not forget to disable Auto ISO as well – you want to keep your ISO at the lowest value for the best image quality. The above and other tips on panoramic photography can be found in my panoramic photography guide.

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is a professional photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. He is the author and founder of Photography Life, along with a number of other online resources. Read more about Nasim here.


  1. Excellent image and excellent stitching technique. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your feedback Avi! How are you liking your D700 so far?

      • Amazing camera, shooting at 1600 and 3200 and getting sharp images even with NR on is just wonderful. Also got the 16-35 a week ago and I am loving it so far but haven’t had the chance to put it through the pace.

        Waiting for the new 24mm 1.4 to be available as I am planing to get it.

        • Avi, I’m glad that you are enjoying the D700 with the 16-35!

          The Nikon 24mm f/1.4G ED is sitting on my desk right now :) Planning to do some shooting tomorrow and a full-blown test early next week, if everything goes as planned.

          • I will be eagerly waiting for this test! thanks!

  2. 6
    ) AH

    Beautiful shots nasim!

  3. 8
    ) Игонин Алексей

    Красивая панорама, спасибо. Интересно только, когда его (Nikon 24mm f/1.4G ED) уже продавать начнут, а то у меня заказ на Адораме так и висит. Обещали ведь в апреле:((( Но очень интересно посмотреть ваши сэмплы с Nikon 24mm f/1.4G ED.

    • Алексей, продавать уже начали – Вы скоро уже должны будете получить 24mm f/1.4G :) Сэмплы будут завтра!

      • 17
        ) Игонин Алексей

        Отлично, порадовали дважды:) Ох быстрее бы сэмплы:)))

  4. 9
    ) Dennis

    Breathtaking shot. Really amazing. Did you use any density filter?


    • Thank you Dennis! Yes, I used a 0.6 Graduated ND filter for this shot and dropped another -0.5 filter in Lightroom to bring out the clouds :)

      • Can you specify the brand and type of holder?


        • Avi, I use the Lee Filter Holder system + 77mm ring adapter, along with the ND Grad filters (you can get the filters separately).

          Hope this helps.

          • It helps, thanks. Is there a more basic/cheaper kit you would recommend for the 16-35 if this is my first entry to ND grads and non screw type filters?

            • Avi, since you are shooting on D700 (FX) and with an ultra-wide angle lens, I wouldn’t recommend a smaller filter system. You can also try to Cokin “Z” series, but I am not sure if those would be cheaper than Lee filters.

              If you do not want to purchase all three ND Grad filters, just start out with one – I would recommend getting the 0.9 ND grad filter (3 stops), since I use it the most.

              Hope this helps and good luck with your photography!

      • 18
        ) Dennis

        Thanks for the information. Graduated ND filter is something new to me. Got to get hold of one and experiment with it.

        • Dennis, one thing that I understood so far, is that an ND filter is almost required for landscape photography, especially for sunrise/sunset shots…

          • 28
            ) Dennis

            By using ND filter to reduce overall exposure so as to use slow shutter speeds to blur the action. Now it solved my mystery. I been wondering why this shot looks dynamic to me. I understand now. Is getting interesting.

            • Dennis, regular ND filters decrease overall exposure of the entire shot. Make sure to get Graduated ND filters that only decrease exposure on a certain part of the image.

  5. 10
    ) Pasquier

    Really beautiful photo Nasim – I very much look forward to reading a detailed piece on how this is done. The only Pano camera I have used is the Xpan, and it would be nice to have a digital equivalent.

    • Thank you Pasquier! It is actually a very simple technique. The tripod article is taking forever to write and I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow. Once I’m done with that, I will move on to the panorama article right away :)

  6. Beautiful panoramic of a location I hope to visit someday! The 16-35 VR is on my hit list to satisfy my wide angle needs as well.

    • 20
      ) Pasquier

      A lovely lens, Richard – can heartily recommend it.
      Just wish I had sujets at hand like Nasim has….

      • Pasquier, you should join me on my next trip! :)

    • Richard, just like Pasquier pointed out, the Nikon 16-35mm VR is excellent!

  7. 21
    ) Tom

    great shot –
    do you use anything for geotagging your photos? I know Nikon makes a GPS unit, it is pricey, is this the best or is there an alternative that you know of and might recommend? Thoughts? Thanks -

    • Tom, thank you! I would say that Nikon GP-1 is one of the best GPS units you can buy today. Dawntech also has a di-GPS unit that is very popular, but it is bigger and bulkier than GP-1.

  8. 30
    ) Dennis

    The Graduated ND filters are really handy. I see why you recommended it.

  9. 31
    ) Eduardo Siqueira

    Nasin, in landscape situations like this in your article ND Filter (3 stops) is enought to make the sky bluer? Is it necessary to use a Circular PL too? Which situations should I use de ND and the PL?

    Thanks, Eduardo.

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