Trip to Utah – Part 1

The Sign

I have been putting off working the Utah images for a while and I have finally decided to finish working on them this weekend. I decided to divide the photos to two parts – the first part is primarily Arches National Park and the second part is Canyonlands National Park. Although we spent about three… read more »

Back from Utah

Looking down

I’m finally back from Utah after a 7 hour drive from Moab. To get home before midnight, Sergey and I left a little early and missed the last sunset. The weather sucked during the last two days (we had 3.5 days total), so we only had a day and a half of good shooting. Nevertheless,… read more »

Best of 2009 – Landscapes (Part 3)

Aged Colors

This is part three of the “Best of 2009 Landscapes” series. A couple of things that I wanted to mention here:

The “Double Rainbow” image is a little soft, because it was still raining when I took the picture
Although the composition is pretty much absent, I still went ahead and decided to post the “Fall” photograph… read more »