Think Tank Airport Navigator Rolling Camera Bag Review

The Think Tank Airport Navigator Rolling Camera bag is a wonderful mid-sized bag to haul your camera gear. It is extremely high quality and is the proper size for a carry on for domestic and international flights. It has both a front and a top opening to access gear quickly.

Think Tank Airport Navigator 1

1) Product Specifications

1.1) Features

  • International and U.S. airplane carry-on size
  • Rolling camera case with front and top openings for rapid access to gear
  • Dedicated pockets provide easy access to an iPad and most 15.4″ laptops
  • Extra long 41” retractable handle for easy rolling
  • The included, removable shoulder strap slips over the handle of a larger roller, so you can conveniently roll two bags with one hand

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New ONA Bags for the Summer Announced

Have you heard of ONA DSLR bags? ONA means “to feel” or “to believe” in Swahili and it sure made a believer out of me. As I am walking around with their Chesnut Brooklyn bag around, I constantly get compliments how chic it looks. Their products are handcrafted and produced with superior materials like full-grain cowhide leather, waxed cotton canvas, solid brass and closed cell foam. Does that mean I love it? Tune in next week to find out what I think about their Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, let’s see what’s up with ONA these days. From ONAs blog, it is evident that they have added quite a sophisticated and good looking line of camera bags to their collection. I haven’t had a chance to hold one of their new ones yet, but from the initial photos they look very stylish and versatile. Their bigger bags are designed to carry more than the camera and couple of lenses, but smaller bags are very good for small shootouts and portrait sessions, where you do not need to carry around whole a lot of gear.

While you can carry your gear in any thing that makes your life easier, ONA for sure caters for those of us who want to embrace the vibe of the vintage and shabby chic look.

Here are their new products:

The Bolton Street Backpack

Bolton looks very sleek and user friendly. It can fit a DSLR body and up to 5 lenses. It promises a very easy access to your gear from two pockets on each side.


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Think Tank Retrospective 30 Blue Slate Review

I was eagerly awaiting my Think Tank Retrospective 30 Shoulder Bag for an upcoming trip. I knew I HAD to have it for this trip to keep my gear securely organized and safe! While I am a big fan of Think Tank and already have their Airport Take Off and their waist system (to be reviewed in the future), I did not have any sort of professional shoulder bag for carrying my camera gear. Previously, I had taken a large purse and affixed some foam for protecting my camera and called that my camera shoulder bag. It was awful and I was in great need for a professional, durable, smart shoulder bag for my travels. Think Tank came to the rescue.

Think Tank Retrospective 30 Review3

1) Product Specifications

1.1) Features

- Minimalist outer appearance conceals expensive photo equipment
- Carries a pro size DSLR with standard zoom lens attached
- Wider size to fit a 70-200 f2.8 attached to DSLR facing sideways
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Oben CT-2410 Tripod Review

This is a review of the Oben CT 2410 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with BA-1 Ball Head. As photographers, a sharp photo usually means a steady camera. Regardless of what you photograph, I think every photographer will eventually need a tripod at some point. Personally, I don’t use a tripod for any of my portrait work, but I have found them to be useful when shooting wedding details inside of a dark reception hall. Additionally, I tend to use a tripod if I’m photographing any products or even occasionally when I’m shooting personal work around the city or in the mountains. Since I don’t use a tripod that often, I prefer a smaller, lighter tripod that’s easy to take with me and doesn’t take up much room. Sometimes the trade off for a small and light tripod is a lack of stability or durability. Would this tripod be able to deliver on both size and performance?

If you need help deciding how to purchase a tripod, consider reading How to Choose and Buy a Tripod.

Oben CT 2410 Tripod

1) Product Specifications

- 16.75 lb Load Capacity
- 63.9″ Maximum Height
- Extremely Lightweight at 3.2 lb
- Non-Rotating Twist-Lock Legs
- 6x Carbon Fiber Legs and Center Column
- Single-Lever Ball Head
- Dual Lock Mechanism for Quick Release
- Retractable Spikes in Feet

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Vello Nikon to Canon Lens Adapter Review

At some point, most of us Nikon or Canon users have probably wondered, “Why can’t I use my lenses on a different make of camera body?” Although there are many different reasons why lenses and bodies from different brands aren’t interchangeable, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. When I saw that Vello made a Nikon to Canon lens mount adapter, I was intrigued. I use Nikon and have plenty of lenses, but I know many people who shoot Canon who might want to try my lenses. Could it really be so simple? Read my review of the Vello Nikon to Canon Lens Mount Adapter to find out. You can also read a previous post about why you might want to use Nikon lenses on Canon DSLRs.

Vello Nikon to Canon Lens Adapter

1) Product Specifications

- Allows you to mount Nikon F-mount lenses to Canon EF-mount bodies
- Does not allow communication between lenses and bodies
- Easily removed

2) Packaging and Field Use

The lens mount adapter arrives in a simple little box. It’s not much bigger than a box a 52mm lens filter might arrive in. It comes with some simple instructions that show you how to put it on the lens and remove it from the lens. Keep the instructions! I had some trouble removing it from my lens the first time and had to refer to the instructions to get it off.

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Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Remote Review

This is a review of the Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote for Nikon. For some reason, Nikon’s small and inexpensive ML-L3 wireless remote doesn’t work with any of it’s professional DSLR bodies. If you own one of these incompatible bodies and want to use a remote shutter release, your choices can get expensive pretty quickly. I wanted a remote shutter that was wireless and did more than just trip the shutter when I pressed the button. I was surprised to find that Nikon doesn’t offer such a product. Fortunately, Vello does.

Vello Wireless Shutterboss Remote for Nikon

1) Product Specifications

The Vello Wireless ShutterBoss can be used as a remote release, a delayed shutter release, programmed as an intervalometer or to activate the bulb function on certain Nikon cameras. For those who may not be familiar with an intervalometer, it can be programmed to take a series of photos, with a preset length of exposure as well as time between exposures.

- 99 Possible Radio Channels
- Up to 250′ (80 m) Range
- Trigger Camera Wirelessly or Wired
- Can Work W/Dozens of Camera Models
- Dual-Function (Focus & Trigger) Release
- Delay Release Function
- Multi-Exposure Mode
- Interval Control
- Long Exposure Control
- LED Indicators–Pre-Focus & Exposure

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PocketWizard PlusX Transceiver Announced

Reputation for reliability and functionality has made PocketWizard the professional’s choice when it came to wireless flash triggers. However, being such a renown brand, there was always a price tag much too steep for many amateurs and hobbyists, especially when you consider buying several of them. For this reason those into strobe photography would often choose other manufacturers (Phottix in particular seems very competitive). Today, PocketWizard attempts to enter budget market as well with PlusX transceiver. While not exactly cheap at $100, it is sure to be within financial reach of most enthusiasts.

PocketWizard PlusX

The PlusX combines both a receiver and transmitter into one package and offers standard 10 channels for controlling your flashes. Simplicity seems to be PlusX’s main point, so a lot of features are automated – for example, it will choose between receiver or transmitter modes automatically. There isn’t any serious manual control available. However, PlusX is compatible with higher-end PocketWizards, which means they will still be useful once you upgrade. Flash sync speed is 1/250s for focal-plane shutters found in DSLRs and 1/500s when used with leaf-shutter cameras, such as Fujifilm X100s.
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Think Tank Airport Commuter Review

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to test and use the Airport Commuter backpack from Think Tank while taking it on trips as well as using it around town. In this review, I will look at the backpack in detail, go over its features and discuss how it has been serving my photography needs when I travel. As you may already know, I am a wildlife photographer, hence not many bags can accommodate my gear. I decided to get the Airport Commuter because it is one of the largest travel-safe backpacks offered by Think Tank, which can fit long, super telephoto lenses like 400mm f/2.8 or 500mm f/4.

Airport Commuter Backpack

1) General Information and Dimensions

1.1) Features

  1. Meets International and USA domestic airlines’ carry-on size requirements (check with your airline to confirm before traveling)
  2. Cable lock & locking YKK zipper sliders for added security
  3. Holds your laptop and iPad in a separate (lockable) zippered compartment
  4. Includes tripod/monopod mounting system
  5. Bottom hinge opens bag completely for quick and unencumbered access
  6. Light, comfortable and contoured harness system
  7. Top zippered pocket for boarding pass
  8. Removable waist belt for additional stability when walking, running, etc.
  9. Adapts to Pro Speed Belt for additional support
  10. Water bottle pocket
  11. Ultra-Stretch pockets on shoulder straps
  12. Robust handles on three sides
  13. Easily accessible front organizer pocket
  14. Seam sealed rain cover included
  15. YKK RC-Fuse zipper and highest quality materials throughout

1.2) Dimensions:

  1. External Dimensions: 12.5” W x 18.” H x 8.5” D (31.6 × 45.7 × 21.6cm)

  2. Internal Dimensions: 11.5” W x 16.3” H x 6.8” D (29.2 × 42.4 × 17.3cm)

  3. Laptop: 11” W x 16” H x 1.3” D (27 × 40 × 3.5cm)

  4. Weight: 3.5-4.2lbs (1.5-1.9kg)

1.3) What’s in the Bag?

Here is a photo of a partially loaded Think Tank Airport Commuter bag:
Packed Airport Commuter Bag with D4 and 300

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Think Tank Hydrophobia 300-600 v2.0 Review

If you don’t get out to take photos when it’s raining or snowing, then you are missing some great opportunities! In this review of the Think Tank Hydrophobia 300-600 v2.0, I will go over the features of this protective cover, talk about its use and how it helps me capture unique photographs of wildlife in the most difficult weather conditions.

Hydrophobia in snow

When it comes to protecting your gear in inclement weather, you can go the cheap route with a plastic bag, or if your gear fits, really “go big” with a plastic protector with cinch closure such as the Optech Rain sleeve – better than a plastic trash bag, but still not the best option. I have used the Optech Rain sleeve in the past and while it is light, takes up almost no room and is cheap, it isn’t very durable and isn’t as easy to use as the more expensive rain covers. For instance, one limitation is the single opening that your hand has to go up to control the camera. I tend to keep one of these available in a backpack if I am not planning on bad weather but want to be prepared just in case. They work in a pinch and for brief showers so they are good for the unexpected, but for real protection, you’ll want to invest in a dedicated rain cover that will allow you to fully operate the camera and still protect it from rain, snow, dirt or sand. If you are likely to run into bad weather or harsh conditions such as wind blown sand or dirt, consider a more complete system such as the Hydrophobia from Think Tank, a complete system that is built like its manufacturer’s name – a tank. To suit your needs there are 3 different sizes to choose from: one to fit a 70-200mm lens, one to fit a 70-200 with a flash mounted and lastly, the Hydrophobia 300-600 v2.0, designed to fit lenses from 300mm to 600mm f/4 and which we will review here.

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Zeikos D800 Battery Grip Review

Nikon received quite a backlash when it released the MB-D12 battery grip and priced it at a whopping $616. While Nikon users have long been willing to pay a premium for genuine Nikon products, it was pretty clear that a good percentage of D800 customers were not going to bite at the MB-D12 price.

Third party accessory providers saw a huge opportunity and wasted no time in exploiting it. The first wave of MB-D12 imitators started showing up for sale on the internet in June of this year, approximately 4 months after the announcement of the D800. There are now a number of third party MB-D12 suppliers. Pixel, Meike, Zeikos, Phottix, and Vello are among the more popular names you will find serving this market. Some no-name grips even sell for as low as $25 on eBay. And although Nikon’s website still lists the MB-D12 for $616, you can now find it selling for $389 at B&H.


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