Canon 6D Pre-Order Links

Usually, it takes Canon a while to start delivering some of their cameras. Hopefully, 6D will not take long to reach owners. Our most trusted reseller, B&H, is already taking pre-orders.

Canon EOS 6D front

Canon EOS 6D Pre-Order Information

  • Canon 6D body only from B&H ($2099)
  • Canon 6D + 24-105mm f/4 USM L lens from B&H ($2899)

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      ) David B

      Actually, usually Canon delivers very fast (in case on 5DM3 and many of their previos DSLRs, save 1D line). It is Nikon who had serious issues in delivering (D7000, then D800)….hopefully Nikon will come through with D600 this time.

      • I am being told that Nikon will have plenty of stock of the D600 this time. We’ll see how that goes in reality I guess :)

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