50% Off Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 at B&H!

If you were planning to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements – a lighter, less feature-packed version of Photoshop, very well suited for photographers not needing advanced image editing and drawing capabilities of its bigger brother – B&H has a special deal for you: for the next 22 hours or so you can get 50% off this great piece of software and purchase it for just $49.95. The price will go back to $94.95 tomorrow, May 24th.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can order it at B&H for both Windows and Mac for $49.95.

If you’re into both photography and videography, and need a feature-light, yet powerful piece of software for your video and photography work, get the Adobe Photoshop Elements + Adobe Premiere Elements package at B&H for just $69.95. The offer, too, ends tomorrow, don’t miss it!

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  1. Hi Roman – I mainly use Lightroom 4 for all of my image editing but also own Photoshop CS5 which I have a lot of trouble using but am trying to learn more about how to use it. I also own Photoshop Elements that I have never used or know what it is. Is this just an updated version of this Photoshop elements and something that would be useful to me?

    I guess you can see I am pretty confused here. Can you break it down just a little for my clarification? I mainly only do landscapes and then enlarge them quite a lot for framing. My work is mainly just cleaning up photos that I have and not making huge changes which to me means that I just didn’t capture what I was after and need to try it again.

    Always appreciate your help


  2. Also are they very many useful upgrades from Elements 9 to the new Elements 10 for someone like me that is strictly a landscape photographer? I really need to learn Photoshop at some time here in the future.

    It is just that Lightroom is so user friendly and easy to tweak my photos just a little. I am more of the mindset that if I cannot capture the photo and have to really depend on photoshop programs to make my photo work, then I have failed as a photographer . Then I need to go back and try to reshoot the photo.


    • You know what, Jack? I’ll work on an article to answer these questions. Probably something short, but it should be helpful.

  3. 3
    ) vie303

    Thanks for the post. I’ve just ordered the combo for the Premiere; I figure I’ll try out PhotoShop Element as well although I do more LR than PS.

    • It’s a very good match for LR, then, I’m sure you made a great choice, especially for that price!

  4. 6
    ) Bruce

    I don’t see that deal on B&H’s website?????

  5. 8
    ) Dewi

    im a new for photoshop..i am confused which one to buy, either
    Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 10 for Windows or Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 ..can u help me?

    • If you plan to do some video work (and edit video consequently), you should go for both. However, if your work is limited to photography, I see no point in buying Premiere Elements as you are unlikely to ever use it. :)

      Most modern cameras offer video functionality, so keep that in mind – you may find yourself shooting video even if you haven’t before.

  6. 10
    ) Dewi

    Thanks so much….I’ll keep it in mind :)

  7. 11
    ) Sandra

    I am new to any form of editing programs, which program would you recommend? Would mostly be just editing photography, already have a program for videos….thanks so much!!

    • That depends, Sandra, how advanced the editing would you do? Would it involve manipulation, or just regular tone/color/contrast adjustments? In the first case, Photoshop Elements is a great program to learn. In the other case, you may find Lightroom suitable as well, although it does work best with RAW file format.

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